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  1. What has been the high point in your relationship?
  2. Good day Miss Chaser, I'm in a rush so I'm afraid I must keep this short. How would you like to come over to Las Pegasus to act in an action-adventure movie? (all expenses paid of course.) Also, do you have any requests for another pony (or other creature) to join you and who will antagonize you in said movie? If you are hesitant, I would like to add that I have been told that you like the Daring Do fiction series and we are proud to announce that the future actrice for Daring Do in the live-action movies will also be coming over. On behalf of the Square Equis corporation in Fillywood, Las Pegasus thank you for considering and hope to see you in our studio soon. *hands over a business card* Oh! How rude of me, I haven't taken the time to introduce myself yet. Nakama "Starstream" Heartlocke, representative of Square Equis corp. Anyway, should you accept, we will have plenty of time to talk afterwards. For now I must leave to notify the other potential actors. I bid you farewell Miss Chaser. (Wait, did I just write a letter or speak to her in person? I'm confused.)