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  1. Star hesitantly watches the yellow pony. She nodded. "Give me one minute." She entered the house and looked around for a while. In one of the rooms she found a mare laying motionlessly in front of an uncharred pile of cinder wood. She took her weather pony jacket off and wrapped it around the mare's corpse. She carefully lifted the mare onto her back and headed back out to her son. Outside she tried to give Soulfire a somewhat compassionate smile. "Okay, n-now I'm ready. Just one q-question, I-Is there... any p-place she'd want to be... b-buried?"
  2. Star thought deeply for a while, trying to think of someone, anyone, who she knows who could shed some light on the situation, but to no avail. "I d-don't have many connections outside of... the v-village a-and C-Cloudsdale, and the situation in Cloudsdale was e-even worse last time I ch-checked." She shook her head and sighed. A little cloud of vapor formed before her face as she did so. "For now l-let's just get out of here. I-Is there a-anyone else with you in th-there?"
  3. "S-S-Starstream H-heartlocke... I'm-m With the P-Ponyville weather team. We were passing out ration packs t-t-to villagers and I had some l-left." She couldn't stop shivering as she spoke. "I was out here l-looking f-for my c-colleagues, but... it seems I got d-disoriented. h-how far off of Ponyville am I?"
  4. She stared back at him and tried to smile, shivering under the harsh cold. Before her stood a somewhat famished looking yellow pegasus. She tried to see if there was anyone else in the house along with him but she couldn't look past him. She stood there, staring awkwardly for a good minute or so, before getting an idea. She rummaged in her bags for a few seconds and took out one of the few fruit packs she had left, showing it to him.
  5. Star couldn't find any of her colleagues anywhere in town. She suspected they might have gone off to the families living just outside the village. She headed for the cottage nearest to where she was at the moment. As she neared Soulfire's house a chilling sensation washed over her like a bucket of cold water. "S-S-Sweet Celestia! It-t-t's even w-worse over h-here!" She placed her hoodie over her head and rushed to the house, banging on one of the windows. "H-Hey, is anyone in here?"
  6. Star sighed. She lowered her hoof and placed the apple back in the bag. She couldn't bring herself to eat while there was still work to be done. Star took a deep breath and got off of the park bench. She decided to go look for the other head weather ponies to discuss what they could do about the weather for now. Not sure where to start her search, she just walked ahead, hoping she'd run into one of them eventually as she worked her way through the village. As she walked she silently thought to herself, "We should have really organized this better."
  7. I'm sorry for the confusion. The 'cast by character' list is there to easily keep track if the characters involved in the story and read up on their character pages, which I personally do a lot. The 'cast by player' list I added for you guys to easily be able to tell who you'll be playing, just look for your own name on there and the two characters next to it are who you'll be playing. The 'cast by player' list also serves as an easy way to check who's online at the moment.
  8. Yes, that is the plan for the time being. We're just getting some stuff established before possible confusion sets in.
  9. @@Snowy Storm @@Fluttering High @@Ampharos The RP topic has been started, and the character division has been added to the original post. I hope you'll all enjoy, and if any problem arises, don't be afraid to give me a yelp.
  10. Link to OOC thread As noon sets in over the land of Equestria the streets of the cities on the ground as well as those in the skies start to show their population, a population the size seemingly no city was built for. All across the country moans and groans of hunger and irritation could be heard. Big cities were rampant with theft and small villages were banding together to share whatever food was left among the way too large population. Throughout the skies of Ponyville flew a uniform clad group of pegasi. One light brown pony in particular flew around barking orders at the others, instructing them as they went about distributing small bags of fruits to the villagers. After a good while she flew down to the park and took her own bag out of her pocket. She sighed as she looked at the halved apple and the single cherry she was allotted. She rested the bag next to her and stared off into the sky where her colleagues were all still very active. A shiver ran down her spine as she noticed the clouds drifting over the village. Clouds that were not planned to be there according to the weather forecast for today. She groaned, annoyed at the prospect of even more work to do. As she opened her bag she muttered to herself, "ugh... It's like the whole village has suddenly become the Everfree forest! Well... minus the plants anyway..."
  11. I'm currently assigning everyone a second character, I'll edit the original post as soon as I'm done.
  12. Would you guys still be interested? If so we could try with just the three of us and if anyone would be interested they can join as stuff goes along.
  13. @ @@Snowy Storm Okay, you guys are both in, but I think we'll need a few more people for this to work. If you know anyone who might be interested, if you could ask them that would be a blessing. Also, Snowy Storm, what time zone are you in?
  14. Link to RP thread Plot Equestria is in a state of cosmic disarray. The natural, as well as the magical ecosystems are out of whack and it seems that the population of the country has mysteriously increased. Famine is rampant, the rulers of the land have disappeared, and as a result anarchy is steadily spreading. A small number of ponies has taken it to themselves to find out what's going on and solve the problem, the catch being that elsewhere, identically named ponies who look exactly like these first ponies have chosen to do the same. Concept Huzzah for gimmicky roleplays~ The idea here is that every applied character will be in the RP twice, once played by their creator (well, duh~ ), and once played by a random other roleplayer. This also means that everybody will have to pull double duty, roleplaying as two different characters. It's more for the fun of finding out how someone else will roleplay your character with just the information on your character page, and roleplaying how your characters would react to "themselves" than anything else. If you know anything to make this idea more interesting, please tell me so~ General rules Keep the Language as clean as possible, swearing is allowed but only at a bare minimum. No killing player characters. No godmodding. No weapons. Be respectful of your fellow roleplayers. Proper grammar and spelling are required. OOC discussion either in this thread or in PM form, no exceptions. RP specific rules Be especially respectful towards the character you're roleplaying that isn't your own. That is to say, if you're doing anything extreme with someone else's character you'd better have a damn good explanation as to why you'd think they would act in such a manner that the creator can agree to. Try to balance out usage of both characters so you don't use one way more than the other. The two characters you play are not allowed to interact with each other unless absolutely necessary. Colour code both characters so it's easy to tell which one you're roleplaying at the time. Character application format Name: [name] Link: [link to the character page] Time: [the time you'll roughly be available, preferably in 24h GMT (so you can find a roleplaying partner who will be active at roughly the same time)] [space] [anything else] Cast by character Blaze Finder - ( Ampharos | Fluttering High ) Kingfisher - ( Cinderscribe | Starstream ) Nuclear Neurotic - ( Nuclear Neur?tic | Cinderscribe ) Regal - ( Snowy Storm | SkyeRibbonPwny ) Skye Ribbon - ( SkyeRibbonPwny | Ampharos ) Soulfire - ( Fluttering High | Nuclear Neur?tic ) Starstream Heartlocke - ( Starstream | Snowy Storm ) Cast by player @Ampharos - ( Blaze Finder | Skye Ribbon ) - ( Kingfisher | Nuclear Neurotic ) @Fluttering High - ( Soulfire | Blaze Finder ) - ( Nuclear Neurotic | Soulfire ) @SkyeRibbonPwny - ( Skye Ribbon | Regal ) @Snowy Storm - ( Regal | Starstream Heartlocke ) @Starstream - ( Starstream Heartlocke | Kingfisher )
  15. Starstream Heartlocke
  16. Back and ready for action~!

  17. Hey Honeypops, how about I cut you a break and voice myself for you? Saves you the pain of finding someone for Star.
  18. What does SOL mean?

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      Slice Of Life.

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      Or Spanish

  19. I still have a 30 day free trial code for Playstation Plus that I can't use. Any suggestions as to what I could do with it?

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      Give it to me. :P JK

      Hold a contest for it

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      What kind of contest?

  20. Does anyone know where I can watch the Greek dub of FIM?

  21. Does anyone here play Soul sacrifice?

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      That sounds familiar...

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      If you have a PS Vita and check the store frequently you've probably seen the demo at some point.


  22. Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! Woke up this morning with 150 youtube subscribers. Thank you EQD!

  23. My heart just exploded... thrice...

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  24. Yay~ Bronycurious and Digibrony left positive comments on my video. *fluttersquee*