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  1. I would have said i could voice something but it seems a few people beat me to it X3 How many voices do you need?
  2. Rin Kagamine. Can you stop being so damn hot. Thank you.

  3. HEY I'M ALIVE! Anyway, Who isn't in a crew in GTA 5 and would like to join one?

  4. I think I might have to join you, chaps :3
  5. My girlfriend better not have given me her fuckin flu... >.<

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    2. Caitlin Spark

      Caitlin Spark

      Oh god no. I love her to bits :3 I would never do anything like that :c

    3. Fubz


      Hahahahaahhh I'm just joking sir.

    4. Caitlin Spark

      Caitlin Spark

      Hehe, I guessed :P


  7. Thanks for the add a couple days ago :3

    1. Hate9


      You're welcome!


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    2. Le Kvlt Dawn

      Le Kvlt Dawn

      Venom is good though.

    3. Twiliscael


      Symphonic death metal is good.

    4. Le Kvlt Dawn

      Le Kvlt Dawn

      I hate how people can't tell the difference between death metal and screamo, and I like both.

  9. Me and The girl who drew my avatar :3
  10. So i start college in 2 days... I'm awake at 5:25am making pasta.. WHAT IS MY LIFE!

    1. Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Makin' pasta..? All of my wut?

  11. Why am i so tired ;-;

  12. Okay, let's do this Bullet For my Valentine - Ashes of The Innocent (10/10) Bullet For my Valentine - Waking The Demon (10/10) Bullet For my Valentine - Scream Aim Fire (10/10) Bullet For my Valentine - Your Betrayal (10/10) Bullet For my Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire (10/10) This has never happened before XD but a badass playlist anyway (10/10)
  13. I haven't slept in 31 hours

  14. Caitlin Spark

    Post your Desktop

    My desktop is clean as always, I just installed rainmeter too so i thought i would post again :3 (Suicide Silence FTW)
  15. Guess what I got today pones, A 41cm RAINBOW DASH PLUSHIE THAT'S WHAT!

  16. On the forums here its happened a few times due to the fact I act like a girl and also refer to myself as one (also it says female on my profile XD) it's also happened a couple times IRL due to the fact that I almost ALWAYS have long hair XD
  17. Well i'm off to bed. Night pones!

    1. hellocat
    2. Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Hush now, quiet now. Time to lay your sleepy head.

    3. Caitlin Spark

      Caitlin Spark

      IT TURNS OUT I'M NOT SLEEPING! Stupid fucking brain...

  18. I'm impatient so anything that takes a long time kind of annoys me. The one thing I really hate? Losing. The worst way to lose? At the last second. Makes me feel like shit >.<
  19. Well i may have been gone for a while. But i'm back! and on the one year anniversary of me joining the site! I've missed this place i really have. If any of you want to talk to me, feel free. I don't bite... Hard. XD

  20. Hey, Are you a hobo?

    1. AmarisNsane


      NO!! I don't know what you're talking about.


      ... <_<...>_>

    2. Batbrony
  21. Ello there :P here have a welcome hug *hugs* :3

  22. http://mylittlefacewhen.com/f/226/ >my face when I get served, I don't look 18. I look about 14 XD
  23. Next up on my list of characters for fallout, Deadshot Calamity :3

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