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Matrix Twang

Matrix Twang
  • WIP: No

Species: Unicorn Pony
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Residence: Manehattan
Hometown: Ponyville
Occupation: Spa Owner



Key Backstory

Age 3: Her mother's gift shop gets closed down.

Age 5: Her family moves to Manehattan when her father secures a job.

Age 7: From eavesdropping on a conversation between her father and mother, Matrix learns that they are Umbra. She looks through a book and finds the race's history. She hones in on the texts related to Sombra, the rest being forgotten. This makes her hate the race.

Age 10: She murders her parents for being Umbra. It occurs to her she's alone after. A friend comes over, sees it, and she gets sent to juvy.

Age 13: She's allowed to leave the juvie on the condition she gets a job. So she begins to work at a local spa.

Age 14: Matrix develops obvious racist tendencies, specifically towards the royals who visited on an occasion. This further made her spiteful towards others.

Age 16: After she lets an insult slip towards a Changeling visitor, she is fired from her position. Not wishing to be jobless, she murders the owner and takes over the business.

Age 18: A thought occurs to her: She wants to form the world how she likes. She'll dispose of the "mud" - mainly the other Umbra. She also wished to get rid of all the royal alicorns, having a hatred of authority from her arrest. She saw nothing wrong with killing her parents still, seeing their history.

Age 20: She continues to run her spa while slowly scoping out her bigger targets and their locations.

Age 23: Finally, a plan has come to fruition. Her first target is none other than Princesses Cadence and Flurry Heart...

{Can you tell I write grimdark? LOL. If too dark tell me plz! I'd prefer not to lose the writing...}


While she has an aura of self-entitlement, she is not prissy. She hates the prissy, wealthy ponies that constantly buy services from her.

She's a great actor, pretending to be "normal" when around a target or anypony in general.

She tends to ramble, often leaving unintelligible statements.

Has a shoplifting/stealing tendency when she's bored.

She hates any/all authoritative figures.

Physical Description:

She is about a foot taller than an average pony.


Likes: Caesar salad
Dislikes: Chocolate, any kind.
Government authorities(such as guards and police)
Prissy B*tches
Anyone who isn't a Unicorn, Pegasus, or Earth Pony
Key Moments:

Probably won't use this. Most RPs are separate universes, so...


Magic Spells: Light, Lullaby, Levitation
Friends: Storm Button
Rivals: Any/All Alicorns
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