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  • Sun Fire

    Early Sunsets

    • Age: 24

      Gender: Female

      Species: Pegasus

      Appearance: <p> See picture. </p>

      Cutie Mark: <p> Sun Fire's cutie mark, a microphone, symbolizes her love for music, specifically singing. Satou taught Sun Fire how to sing, and Sun Fire will always be grateful for everything Satou did for her. Her cutie mark is a constant reminder of one of her closest friends, and the pain of losing that friend. </p>

      Personality: <p> Sun Fire is a pegasus with one of the best singing voices in Equestria. She has a strong personality and is known to be quite outgoing, though she also worries a lot about small things and suffers from depression. She needs someone, like Zephyr, to keep her grounded when she begins to worry too much about the large number of small problems that seem to overwhelm her. She likes to plan for the long term, so when she hits a road bump, it can put her back quite a bit and discourage her from her goals. Sun Fire is loud, though not obnoxious, and can have trouble controlling and expressing some of her emotions. </p> <p> Sun Fire’s amazing singing voice and talent for music theory allows her to be arguably the best musician in Equestria. She writes most of the songs she and Zephyr perform, and she sells recordings on vinyl records. Sun Fire gets invited to sing at events all over Equestria. Zephyr isn’t always invited to play or accompany her, so while enjoyable, these trips can be stressful for the both of them. </p> <p> Satou gave Sunfire her nickname (Nuri) when she was a kid. Sun Fire and Zephyr only use their nicknames with each other, their family, and close friends. </p>

      Backstory: <p> (The backstory for Sun Fire, Zephyr, and Borea could contain sensitive content for some people, such as death of a family member, borderline domestic abuse, depression, and attempted suicide.) </p> <p> Sun Fire lives in her home in Ponyville that she shares with her twin brother (Zephyr, a unicorn). The majority of the first floor is dedicated to Zephyr's instrument repair and supply shop, with the rest being Sun Fire's recording studio. The second floor is their living space. Their backstory, while full of pain and suffering, made them into the wonderful ponies they are today. </p> <p> Sun Fire grew up in a small town just outside of Seaward Shoals with Zephyr, her older brother (Borea, an earth pony), her mother (Midnight Glimmer, a pegasus), and Midnight's closest childhood friend from a foreign nation (Satou). Sun Fire's father (Magna, a unicorn), who was a crew member on one of the ships in Seaward Shoals, died in an accident when Sun Fire was only three. The ship Magna was on ran aground on rocks while ferrying cargo, and nearly half the crew was lost to sea. After this tragedy, Satou moved in with Midnight to help her raise her three foals. When Midnight was at work, Satou kept them entertained, raised them, gave them nicknames from her home country, and taught them about music. While Sun Fire and Zephyr loved these music lessons, Borea didn't care much for them, preferring to learn about the seas. He already had his cutie mark by this time, a swordfish. Midnight had to work hard to support four ponies, so she was rarely home. As soon as the foals were asleep, Satou went out to help earn as much money as she could as a night guard. </p> <p> Sun Fire and Zephyr quickly discovered their deep passion for music. When they finally got their cutie marks, Sun Fire's was a microphone and Zephyr's was a treble clef. As Sun Fire's singing voice developed, so did her bond with Satou. They became so close that Satou was almost like a second mother to Sun Fire. </p> <p> Satou's earnings as a night guard were meager. She put nearly all of her time and money towards Sun Fire and her brothers, leaving nothing left for herself. This lead to Satou's physical decline, to the point where she collapsed after years of exhaustion, and never got back up. At this point, Zephyr and Sun Fire were eleven, and Borea was fifteen. Sun Fire was devastated by this, almost as much as Midnight was. Sun Fire developed depression and stopped singing because of this, and Midnight's resulting poor performance at her job caused her wages to decrease. She had to work longer hours because of this, which resulted in increasing amounts of stress and only contributed to her worsening depression. She became more bitter and angry over time, and took much of her pain out on young Borea. In time, he became fed up with the abuse, and left home at the age of sixteen. This, combined with the pleas from Sun Fire and Zephyr, was enough to make Midnight realize what kind of pony she had turned into. </p> <p> Sun Fire and Zephyr were able to help Midnight reform herself over the course of several years. By the time Midnight was almost back to her old self, they were struggling to make ends meet, and they were almost to the point of bankruptcy. To keep their mother from hitting rock bottom, Sun Fire and Zephyr decided it was time to move on. They said their goodbyes to Midnight (Zephyr cried, despite whatever he tells you) and moved to Hooflyn in Manehattan at the age of fifteen. For a while, Sun Fire struggled to find a job she could do well in. No matter what she did, she just couldn't meet the requirements for any job she tried. After losing a job that had seemed promising, she went home crying one night, and Zephyr helped her collect her emotions. After some lengthy discussion, Zephyr convinced her to pick up singing again, since she was good at it and enjoyed it. Sun Fire had trouble getting into it because she was reminded of Satou every time she sang, but with Zephyr's help, she regained her confidence and passion for singing. </p> <p> Sun Fire began singing at restaurants and events in Manehattan. Before long, she attracted the attention of Songbird Serenade, who invited Sunfire to be one of her back-up singers. After months of practice, she performed with Songbird at a concert, and the audience loved her. Songbird immediately gave her a full-time contract, and she became Songbird's main back-up singer. She started going on tours with Songbird and quickly became one of the most popular singers in Equestria. After one of her tours when she arrived home, Sun Fire found Zephyr in bed mumbling to himself and crying. She was able to get him to tell her what was wrong, but he was still far gone from reality, so Sun Fire sent a letter to Songbird telling her she wouldn't be able to go into work for a few days. Sun fire got Zephyr to calm down, and was able to bring him back to normal after a couple of days. She convinced him to focus on performing instruments instead of repairing them for the time being, and he was able to start earning money again. </p> <p> Over the next few years as Sun Fire and Zephyr became more popular, they were apart from each other more often. Sun Fire's tours, which were increasing in frequency and length, took a larger toll on her mental health the longer she worked with Songbird. While Zephyr had other ponies to keep him emotionally healthy, Sun Fire was not so lucky. While she was friends with Songbird, Sun Fire rarely got to spend time with her since most of their interactions were during practice and concerts. Songbird's other back-up singers became jealous of Sun Fire, and during a planned three month tour, they decided to try and get Songbird to kick Sun Fire out of the group. Over the course of the tour, they did things like subtly bump into her during performances, ruin her outfits, damage equipment while making it look like Sun Fire's fault, and direct harassment and cruelty towards Sun Fire. Sun Fire knew what was going on, but nobody else witnessed the group purposefully sabotaging her, so Songbird didn't believe Sunfire's side of the stories. Since nobody was there to keep Sun Fire's emotions under control, all she could do was wallow in her negative emotions, to the point where it was more than she could bear. </p> <p> Sun Fire went through one more performance, hoping that she could regain her will to live. However; it was just another empty performance that seemed to sap all of her energy. After the performance and more targeted harassment, Sun Fire went to her dressing room and locked the door behind her. With her negative emotions entirely consuming her, she plunged a knife into her stomach, collapsing from blood loss soon after. As she faded out of consciousness, her last thoughts were of Satou and Zephyr. </p> <p> Sun Fire woke up in a hospital a couple of days later. Zephyr was already by her bed, and she immediately started crying as they embraced. Sun Fire told him about everything that had happened, and he listened through the entire story of the past two months. They decided it was necessary for Sun Fire to find a better environment to be in, and Zephyr was willing to go with her wherever she went. After Sun Fire was discharged from the hospital, she and Zephyr travelled back to Manehattan. While Zephyr went to say his goodbyes and pass on his business, Sunfire went to see Songbird and thank her for everything she did for her. As it turns out, the group who was harassing Sun Fire confessed to sabotaging her career, and they were kicked off the team. Songbird offered her a spot back in her group, but Sun Fire politely declined. They said their final goodbyes, and Sun Fire went back to her apartment to pack up her belongings. She was planning to move to Ponyville with Zephyr, where she would ideally perform casually and make a livable wage. Sun Fire and Zephyr stopped by Seaward Shores on their way to Ponyville to visit Midnight and pay their respects to Magna and Satou. Midnight had become the loving and kind pony Sun Fire and Zephyr remembered from their early childhood, and their reunion was very emotional (Zephyr undoubtedly cried this time). After staying for a week and telling Midnight all about their journey over the past nine years, they visited Magna's grave and Satou's grave before leaving for Ponyville at the age of twenty-four to happily live together. </p> <p> Sun Fire now performs during events at Ponyville, and occasionally throughout Equestria when she is invited to large events, though Zephyr usually accompanies her on these trips. She began composing music for her and Zephyr to perform, and she records and sells her music on vinyl records. To this day, Sun Fire and Zephyr have not heard from Borea since he ran away. </p>

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