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Take a seat, pour yourself some coffee, and get ready for a ride down mah blog!

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Iced_Coffee Nerd

In 5 days from now, it will be about 7 months since of my grandfather's passing. He died by a heart-attack at the age of possibly 78 on September 25th, 2016..



It all started to when I was in school. My teacher's phone rang, and my teacher said my parents came to pick me up early. I went to get my stuff and got to the school office, to where my dad, brother, and mother had been waiting for me. They were silent. Once we got in the van, we went home and my parents had something to say. Once my mom said that my grandfather died, my dad started tearing up. Me and my brother told him it was okay. My mom also told me that we were going to the funeral in North Carolina. And so off we went..



Day one in my hometown

A couple hours later, we finally got in North Carolina. Then we made our way to our grandmother's home. We knocked and I was surprised to see a bunch of my family members sitting around her. My grandmother said hi and gave me a pat on the back. A couple minutes later, we got food. And boy did I sure eat a ton of baby Lima beans! I also got to interact with some of my family members. And I got to know my gay ones too. One of them was my uncle, and his LEGS THOUGH. Then my mom said that the funeral was going to be tomorrow. So then at night, my family members went home and I got some sleep..


The saddest day of my life

The next day, I woke up to see a bunch of my family members again. I got my morning clothes on and then got me some breakfast. My mom said that a huge bus was going to take us to the funeral home. And in 3 hours, the huge bus arrived. I got to sit with one of my aunts, surprisingly. Then, we finally got to the funeral home. I went in and found out that it was pretty small. I gazed off at the coffee machine. My mom said to get some coffee and meet us in the room, and I did. When I entered, it was so huge. I seen the coffin of my grandfather, I looked and saw him. He was wearing a blue button-up shirt with his Nascar hat on. Then, I looked up and saw a tribute to him. After I looked at that for a couple of minutes, I sat down with my great, great, GREAT aunt something. I talked to her and she told me that I got my cat loving gene from my grandma Linda. (She's another one of my grandmas who is dead.) I told her that I never got to see her and she told me how she died. A couple minutes had flown by and the funeral started, the priest went up and talked. My grandma was tearing up, and after an hour, we finally got to go home. And the next day, before we went home, my grandma waved us goodbye and gave us a really good bag of chips. Then, we got to take our cousin with us back to Ohio.


So yeah, that's all. I hope that I get positive feedback. I hope that my grandpa is peacefully in heaven, watching Nascar... :)  


Iced_Coffee Nerd

Season 7 Episode 1..

Hello everybody! Today I'll be reviewing Celestial Advice. Sit back, grab some coffee, and watch me review stuff.. (WARNING: SPLIT COFFEE AHEAD! AKA, SPOILERS!)


So we start off the episode pretty quickly, the intro hasn't changed but I'm not bothered. I love the fact that Discord makes an appearance, even in the promos! Also, the heart necklaces give a minor resemblance to Cadance's cutie-mark, just slap some blue and you got yourself some Princess Cadance necklaces! Later on in the episode, we see that Twilight has no clue on what to give her, and asks the one and only Celestia for help. Turns out, they discovered possible outcomes of where to send Starlight. From the Changeling Hive to even the dragon lands! After that, they went and checked out some of the bad things that could've happened. The funniest one was when Starlight thought the Changelings were bugs. That was a knee-slapper! Finally, Twilight decides to give Starlight a mirror and she stays..




Overall, the episode was a 9/10. It was good, but it wasn't really that good. I hope that season 7 can do better and make an epic finale!


Next time on Iced Reviews, I'll be reviewing... (All reviews aren't in order of the episodes..)


. . . .




Anyways, thanks for reading even though it was short!

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