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About this blog

I was asked this in a status update. After the first part, I realized it would probably fit better here, so here is my first attempt at a blog and first attempt to fully answer this question, to the best of my ability.

If you have a question or if I explained something poorly or somewhat skipped it, let me know in the comments or in some way and I will try to answer or fix it.

I will apologize for any grammar and spelling mistakes, I'm currently the "night shift" of the farm, meaning this is usually being written between 1 and 4 AM. I am hoping this comes off more like a conversation than a report.

Entries in this blog

Farm Bill Introduction

If naming bills by what most of their budget is spent on, the farm bill should be called the "Food Stamp Bill" as most of its spending is on the food stamp program and similar supplemental nutrition programs and programs like school lunches. Ever wonder why school lunches only cost a few dollars growing up? This is why. Locally the school lunches are about $6 with milk and fruit. The food itself costs alot more than that. It is generally agreed that no matter who writes it, it is never good

Northern Star

Northern Star in Paperwork

Paperwork Introduction

Today's farming requires a lot of paperwork. In this category I will try to cover most of the paperwork required and solve some common misconceptions. Included here, but not limited to: The Farm Bill Banking Insurance  Farm Programs  FSA Programs NRCS Programs And  more.

Northern Star

Northern Star in Paperwork

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