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About this blog

I was asked this in a status update. After the first part, I realized it would probably fit better here, so here is my first attempt at a blog and first attempt to fully answer this question, to the best of my ability.

If you have a question or if I explained something poorly or somewhat skipped it, let me know in the comments or in some way and I will try to answer or fix it.

I will apologize for any grammar and spelling mistakes, I'm currently the "night shift" of the farm, meaning this is usually being written between 1 and 4 AM. I am hoping this comes off more like a conversation than a report.

Entries in this blog

How Do You Market Agriculture?

As in PR, Public Relations. Marketing, as in selling products will come later, probably when we sell something as things are constantly changing.    This entry was inspired by a "Applejack the background character" post, which here's what I wrote and then decided it fit better here as...well...we're kinda in the same spot, how do you market your industry, your life, to a market which knows very little about modern agriculture?   The post: And well what is being done to

Northern Star

Northern Star in PR

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