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Et Tu Twilight?!



So this was a rather silly event, I noticed Celestia had feelings for Rocket Raccoon, she needed a push to go confess so she went and tried to impress Rocket Raccoon to win him over, unfortunately before Celestia could even answer, Twilight interrupted and ruined the proposal by confessing her own love for the Raccoon vigilante bounty hunter, Rocket ultimately chose Twilight! Twilight, I suspect you are going to end up on the moon for this.


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I only came to this blog for French title.

Ended up reading some random ship.

Pfft, it's cause of Tomodachi Life, I just thought it was funny initially that Celestia wanted to go out with Rocket but then I bust a guy when Twilight of all people actually interrupted, my island has the max 100 mii's on it so the chances of that happening were staggering, but it still happened.

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