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Trotcon Donations, Project Horizons, and Jurassic Pony Voice Acting

Scorch P


Figure now would be a good time to start a blog.


First off I have started production on two audio adaptions of certain fanfictions. One would be my very own Jurassic Pony, and if you are at all interested in trying out for that, check out this link:


The second fanfiction I'm adapting is a little tougher. Its a little fanfiction by the name of Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons. Auditions are still going because I have a large cast of characters that need filled. At the moment with those I have casted we have a teaser trailer done. If you wanna watch that, or get any more info on trying out, check out the two links here:






Please note Scotch Tape, Rampage, Psychoshy, and Morning glory are casted.


And finally those who are working with me on Project Horizons decided that come July we're gonna take us a trip to a convention called Trotcon in Columbus Ohio, and we could really use your help getting there. I have a donation page set up for us, and every little donation helps big time.


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