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Inner Self

Tech Reel


Tech sat quietly in his room, browsing the internet on his computer. Meanwhile, inside his mind he was banging furiously on the inner walls of his imagination. Throwing any fictitious item he could think of as tears poured down his face. Destroying nearly every fiber of hope that was left after years of mental exhaustion caused by loss and failure. Every once in a while he'd stop and look through the files of his memory, causing thoughts of old friends to flood. Friends who left a mark on his soul and a permanent tattoo on his subconscious. Knowing there was nothing he could do to cease any of this from happening, he continued browsing. Distracting himself from the horrors of his mind for a short while, hoping it would help him to forget for a day or so. Even for an hour would be sufficient. He dreamt of a day where he could finally relax his thoughts, subdue them. A day where his worries and fears would be less prominent. Such a day would feel like heaven for him, if only it would come.


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