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2016, My blog in Year.



2016 been a diffcult year, maybe it just life but when you see/have many negetives in a year you think of that year your worst. in 2016 been working in other place for 6 months cos of floodling (Lucky it didn’t happen again), we back to old place on I think June, did miss the place abit. But still thing it not what I expect. Also we sold other house that used to be our main house, had since I was born, and other house now our one and only house. have mixed feeling cos we had that house since I was born but glad cos I perfer the house we are in now, do visited the old place for few times and it did give depressing momories cos we had it for long time. As for other things I leave it here, telling for what positive and negative of 2016.


Holiday in Kent (part of my 7 days off in October), stay in travelodge hotel in Ashford, it’s a lovely town that has nice tank moumont, lovely church, lovely windmill and met a friendly cat. Saturday went to Cantenbury to vist a Cathedral then to Rochester to visit cathedral and castle, Sunday? well I leave that on negative, even some bit in Monday, as there few bits that nearly ruin my day but visited White Cliff of Dover & Dover castle which make me feel better.


Holiday in Midland England (part of my 6 days off in September), stay in travelodge in Birmingham, it also good to visited Britain’s second biggest city, seen most of Birmingham include Bullring, Town Hall, Museum and few geeky shops, Sunday visited Warwick to see Britain’s Ulitmate Castle, Monday, visited Shakespeare’s town Strafford Upon Avon, of course to see Shapespeare’s Birthplace & Church where his grave is. On Tuesday, went to Winchester (Which is not in Midland but in the South) to visit Cathedral and statue of king Alfred.


In first hoilday (week off), Visited Lincoln to visited Cathedral and Castle, and other day Nottiingham, visit Robin Hood statue and Notteringham, would of have something to eat & drink in Cat cafe.


Visited Britain’s famous stream train, Flying Scotman in National Railway Museum, also visted another famous train, Millard (had speed record that never beaten), good time in the museum & nice gift shop and had cake in cafe. Also in York, visited my first Windmill (Yes Windmill in York).


Went to York again, but to catch a bus to Hemlsey, they got path or van that take you to Rievaulx Abbey (always wanted to visit), but visited Hemlsey first before abbey, which was beautiful.


On Easter holiday, visted Ely, to see Cathedral.


United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. I’m a proud Brexiter.


Manchester United won FA Cup, and Commmuity Sheild.


Listening to some scary stories in Youtube.


Seen Batman Vs Superman, Deadpool, Captain America; Civil War and Doctor Strange.


Starlight Glimour


Passing our beloved Stray cat, Felix, brother to Ozzy & Gremiln & son to mum cat. I feel really sad and seeing him laying there. It really upset me and visited his grave to say Merry Christmas & Happy Boxing day. RIP Felix always remeber along other cats that no longer with us. He was in bad state and dirty. Be good if we kept him and take him to vet.


England knockout of Euro 2016 & beaten Iceland. Always wanted them to win it and prove dounters wrong. It hit me hard when they got beaten by Iceland, team noone think will beat England. It piss me off when it happen. Really don’t understand football.


Football, don’t understand football Manchester United not what they use to be, Manchester City appiont Pep Guardiola as their manager that make me lost faith in football. Even new season we got new manager, start off good then went down hill. (But went back up and winning strike.


I can’t stand these EU remoaners, and that cow who put Brexit in high court and three wing-wearing wankers who block Brexit. And these EU loving politicians & Celebraties.


Also these Anti-Trump wankers are crazy, not doing America any flavor, destorying everything, burning the flag and attacking Trump Supporters. Brunch of crazy animals.


Owner of Really British Shop, being called racists by left wing wankers and accuse of making it up for wanting customers by f***ing trolls (on the internet).


FIFA being ass again, telling England, Scotland, and Wales not to have poppy on their shirt or be fine, so they ignore them and fine. One of FIFA is a bitch.


Did have money problem (have more money), cos before September, bought two train ticket and when booked a hotel room but block and need to go to the bank (booked again and no need to go to bank again). Check after my first stay in hotel holiday, my money was down. Even October during my Birthday I was over £600 so my holiday in kent, carefull with how much I spend.


Unable to visit Bodiam Castle, Chesterton Windmill and Penshaw Mounment. And Leeds Castle


Did get to see much of hastings cos I was unable to visit Bodiam Castle, (Hopefully in 2017),


When going to Dover, have to get to first 6 carriages of the trains as it like two trains contected together (12 carriages) but when try to get to first 6 coaches it set off. So pissed with trains staffs for not realert driver that some people getting on the other carriage.


After Dover, visited Deal and was disaapointed, and was fun with Castle, not happy with town specially seeing teenagers on bike and kids going home from school. And my tablet run out of battery.


On Saturday, on September, was in Bullring, and it was heavy rain, hanging out in Bullring with heavy backpack and heavy bag and alot of people in shopping centre, arrived there on 10am and my check-in 3pm.


Seeing a video in Youtube which scared me:


The rake Vs Dogman Part 2:

did listen to part 1, but in part 2 stop at Kitten part cos it upsetting, hate hearing stories with animal cruelty. Enjoyed listening to creepy/scary stories but not with animal crutly in it. Now won't listen to next part of this


Passing of one of two Ronnies (All of them pass away now).


Negative of Batman Vs Superman, sure people don’t need to like it it up to them. I enjoyed it. but annoyed that some people other people to stop watching sure some want to know if it worth it but they should see it themsleve.


Bus services, alot of canceling, taking too much of their time and showing bad customer services/arogant. Don’t understand them. hate some of them.


My dad having problem in stomach, also he get us problem he moan, critics us. He being this and that, but can’t stand him when he start saying things that stress me or my famliy.


Eurovision crap every year.


About 2017
I used to feel good that another year be started but this time I wasn’t much cos not sure what will expect like work and home. But there some flims, tv shows and places to go, to look forward to. I do feel positive but do sometimes feel negative.


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