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The 5 most WTF videos i ever watched #9 - Commercials

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Scary and freaky stuff is flowing and share with you some of the best material is my duty to keep youon the edge of your seat. Commercials, they exists to offer us a service or a product, some of them are very fun and entertaining and some are annoying that you are just waiting to they remove them. However in this case in our theme i will include the darkest section of them, the ones that were removed from the tv not for the product itself but for the content of the commercial. I will not include Little Baby's Ice cream ad, it's too famous, also i wont include the scary highway comercial because it goes aganist my politics to not involve any screamers in the videos i share, now you tell me, Would you purchase their products after watching these ads? let me know in the comments, i prepared a special list with the most unknown ads for maximum inconfort. take a sit, grabs some snacks ands sodas, gather your friends and abandon the idea of sleeping tonight. Enjoy!

1) Afri Cola

Africola was a soda drink from Germany, the comercial with the actors doing strange things and the music makes this ad a weird and bizarre experience, Cheers!

2) Pickle Surprice

The company of Hellmanns make a special edition of mayonaise specially for sandwiches. The commercial is old as you can see and it actuallly helps to the creepy feelings, Rumor says that the comercial has subliminal messages, i personally don't know but the sensation i had is chilling. 

3) Gainomax

Gainomax is a drink made with a curious purpose none the less, "stop eating bananas for monkeys" whoever that makes the commercials or the product itself surely has a deep love for animals. This place has 2 entries, both of them with monkeys, first one is not necesary creepy but "curious" nonetheless, second one well the reference is obvious but is kinda weird first time you see it, take a look



4) Stolen Cellphones Campaign

We go to Colombia to see a campaign that goes aganist the purchase of stolen cellphones for being much cheaper instead of purchasing on authorized stores. This comercial tells us that whenever we have a stolen cellphone, is like having a dead man's phone, the performance is great yet creepy 

5) Doritos

Doritos are one of my personal snacks, the flavors and presentations are awesome and original, and this originality arrived even on it's ads. This Commercial from México is the proof of it



Yup this entry has a subcategory, i divided the comercials from Japan of the rest of the world simply because they are so original and so unique that they deserve their own category, these are another 5 videos with creepy and weird content


1) Consome Panchi

Something that is remarkable of the Japanese, is that they are radical in everything, and whenever they want to impersonate a anthropomorfic animal, they do it amazingly. however looking a anthro animal is not always cute. And this compilation of comercials of biscuits is proof of it

2) Chocoballs

Chocoballs are a candy made of chocolate (duh!) and the product was known for the comercials 

3) Creepy McDonald ads

This is a compilation of McDonald ads in japan, whoever who did those videos didn't know how to make a friendly comercial of a fast food franchise, and the fact that the star is the clown Ronald McDonald doesn't help it

4) Cursed Kleenex ad

This entry is special, whoever who love horror stuff like me surely have heard of this material, in the 80s Kleenex did a comercial in japan where we see a japanese girl and what it seems to be a baby ogre or goblin. The music is sweet but it playing it with the comercial surely gives chills. Also, there's a Rumor that if you watch this ad exactly at 00:00 strange things will happen, some says that you'll be cursed and bad things will happen to you, or even death in a near future, this of course is false but, do you dare to watch it at 00:00?

As an extra. the user Shrouded Hand recreate the myth and it all seemed so perfect that i wanted to share it with you


5) All Arnold Schwarzenegger comercials

Finally we end this entry with a compilation of japanese videos starring with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the comercials are not creppy or weird but curious indeed 


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