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Champions of Celestia: A Reference Guide



(This entry contains information about the "Champions of Celestia" roleplay. If you're not interested in this RP, just ignore it.)


1. Attributes

You have 4 attributes:

Strength - your physical strength and constitution. Used for moving and carrying heavy objects, bucking, resisting some physical conditions etc. In combat used to damage the enemy.

Agility - your reflexes, and the speed and coordination of your moves. Used in situations where a fast reaction or skillful motion is required. In combat used to avoid enemy attacks.

Intellect - your knowledge and reasoning ability. Used in intellectually challenging situations, and for some spells.

Charm - the ability to influence others, and to resist being influenced. Also used for mind-affecting spells.

Starting values (Strength-Agility-Intellect-Charm):

Earth Pony 4-3-3-4
Pegasus    3-4-3-4
Unicorn    3-3-4-4

You have 2 points to increase the attributes when creating a character, and 1 point per level up. The maximum value of an attribute is 10.


2. Energy

These two stats have a maximum and current value. Between adventures you go back to the max values. They can be also recovered during an adventure, for example by resting.

Stamina - your physical energy. Max value is Strength+Agility. Can be lost in combat or due to fatigue or other harmful physical effects. If it reaches 0, you are unconscious.

Willpower - your mental energy. Max value is Intellect+Charm. Can be lost due to mental influence of hostile beings. If it reaches 0, you are "under their spell".


3. Skills

You start with 3 skills, and you can have up to 6 of them. The first skill depends on your race (but if you really want to create a character that doesn't have it, for example a pegasus that can't fly, like Scootaloo, then it can be replaced with another skill). The second skill is your Cutie Mark talent. The third one, and the ones you learn later, are "extra skills". The extra skills can't have higher values than the cutie mark skill.

Racial skills:

Earth Pony - Inner Strength (the ability to quickly recover from negative conditions and other bad situations)
Pegasus - Flight
Unicorn - Telekinesis (the ability to move things at a distance)

Some examples you can use as cutie mark talents or extra skills (taken from the Tails of Equestria manual):

Creative skills: Baking, Comedy, Drama, Fashion, Music, Painting, Sculpting etc.
Knowledge: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History, Law, Magic, Math, Physics etc.
Physical skills: Bucking, Climbing, Dancing, Juggling, Jumping, Running, Sneaking etc.
Unicorn spells: Forcefield, Locate, Stun Ray, Teleport etc.
Cloud Wrangling (pegasi only)
Pony Sense (like Pinkie sense)
Speak with Animals
The Stare

You're not limited to these skills, you can invent your own ones. It can be anything you want, within reason of course. Also keep in mind that it's medieval times, so skills related to advanced technology won't be useful here.

The starting value for racial and cutie mark skills is 4, and for the extra skills it's 3. On level up, you have 2 points that you can use to increase existing skills or (if you have fewer than 6) learn new ones. Max value is 10, the same as with attributes.


4. Tests

Tests are how you use your attributes and skills in practice. They are performed by rolling a die with a number of sides equal to the value of the attribute or skill in question. Sometimes you will roll both an attribute and a skill, and use the better result of the two. Your degree of success depends on the result of your roll and the difficulty of the test. I will roll the dice for you (not physical dice, I'm using this page for it), when the situation calls for it, and post the results and their consequences.


(This manual will be updated when needed.)

Edited by PawelS


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