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Love/hate relationships I had with?




Love- When My teams do well specially win a trophy, Manchester United, England National team and pro trophies I like

Hate- When things haven’t gone too well, FIFA & UEFA, bad experience from schools, college & church acitives, & my teams’ rivals and not good at football, want to play football but may not be good with team, players, coach, etc, not much fit & skilled. People that p**** me off in football talk - like in social network about football I did a blog someone comment saying ‘It’s a football site, not Manchester United’ when I know aready and in a forum someone post what ‘fans’ and ‘plastic supporters’ is it was after my post in a football thread, I know she on about me, like she know me.

Manchester United:

Love- When things goes right specially winning trophies, history and some players

Hate- Some fans, when things goes wrong and some players.

Video games:

Love- Games & Games character I like, playing video games and Playstation

Hate- Struggling when playing video games, games & game characters I dislike and Xbox/Mircosoft.

Leeds City Centre:

Love- Landmarks & shops I like, cinema, and foods

Hate- Most people, how crowded it get, former work places, places that turn me down a job and bad memories

Neighbourhood/Living area:

Love- My home, my cats, cats I met and Local landmarks I like

Hate- Most people (include some of neighbours, mischief kids, guy at Sorting Office) and bad memories.


Love- Anime/manga I like, characters I like, Gurren Lagann Mecha, and Main Gundem Wing mecha

Hate- Girls abuse guys for no reason/silly reason/end up in room where guy getting change, Horror genre, romance genre, things that sad/depressing, cats/dogs/animal abuse scene, bully scene, anime/manga I dislike and characters I dislike.

The Sims 4:

Love- Playing it, my sim (me), female sims (ones I like/my sim wives & girlfriends), my sim daughters, and the worlds and items I like and memorable soundtracks

Hate- When one of my sim wives/girlfriends push me when try to kiss her, sim stand there when you tell them to do something, frozed, loading/saving slow, sims get tried/hungry too quickly, days/night goes quickly, sims toddler refuse hug sometimes, the sim child sometime refuse hug, sims sometime don’t do as they told, get stuck on camera/selfie mode, leave item like tablet on the floor instead of put it in inventory, sim does thing that you cancel, farts and sometime hard to make relationship.


Convestions (like Comic Con or Anime Con):

Love- Cosplayers and Items to buy and geeky paradise and good memories

Hate- Some people, get stress at times, unable to find cosplayers you want to met sometimes and sometime unable to find sometimes,  get crowded and bad memories

My home:

Love- It’s my home and it’s where my stuffs is and my cats

Hate- Sometime I get stress specially from my famliy members.

My dad:

Love- He’s my dad

Hate- He can be a diffcult person and do have bad memories/expericnce.

My famliy:

Love- It’s my famliy and my cats-they part of the famliy right?

Hate- One of them really annoyed me, my niece (from my older half sister) & nepthew (from my younger half sister) when get together with their famliy they like playing together instead with me & my brother when we’re young in my own house I tag along with them they give in my face word as I believe they giving me a hard time I decided to walk, also my four nephews from my young half sister when we young they were mischief and few relatives in Philippines critzited me and my brother on what kind of kids we are as they think of kids from the west active and talkactive. My half sister in law criticing my hometown.

Can’t stand when mum cry and my brother being annoying.


Love- Koalas, Platypus, Sea Turtles, Barbecue

Hate- Cricket, Rugby League, Rugby Union & football national teams, most people (include my exchange teacher, V Gan booty,) and some animals.

Doctor Who:

Love- Daleks, Cybermen, Tardis, excting adventure

Hate- Sometime not fun, SJW, Wrong people been being saved/alive.

Traveling/Going places:

Love- I love going and travling places. And sight seeing.

Hate- There can be down side and never been aboard & airport on my own fear getting lost or losing things/baggages and struggle.

My Old Neighbourhood/Living area:

Love- My home, My cats, few friendly cats, a old church, Taj takeaway, some take away/fast food shops, Tesco near by and smell of curry.

Hate- It not a great place to live/be, most people (most in around my streets, workers at Shai Nan Kebab, also there some mischefs kids and people). And bad memories.


Love- Well to me I’m kind have interest in it. My Political party

Hate- It can be annoying and stupid. And I hate most politicans.

Fandoms I part of:

Love-People with same interests and most people are creatives

Hate-Some people give fandom a bad name and some fan arts/fictions/videos.

Genshin Impact:

Love- Characters I like include Hu Tao, it’s can be fun, adventure, exploring, theme track

Hate- When get diffcult, unable to get a characters you want, trying to leveled up characters and weapons, monsters/enermies are too powerful/strong, Not sure what to do, can be addicitive, need more on stories, Aether seem over used than Lumine in most trailers as choosen one, some characters are a**.

Internet/Social Media/Youtube:

Love- It things to do, it one of the things I do, one of my hobbies, exporling alot

Hate- It sometimes not fun, untrust worthy people, trolls, negative comments/messages, bad/negative things on it, bad memories. 

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