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Silverspark adventures into the Everfree Forest




a small filly was just about head into the Everfree Forest today, she had a plan to visit the castle of the two sisters and maybe help Silky stock up on her herbs and what ever crazy plant she finds. Though one time she found one weird plant with what looked like a tulip and it has a tendency of kissing its holder, oh boy imagine that pegasus face when she brought a bouquet  of these things home!

Another were those moon plants Silky likes using for her potions and all kinds other "what will I find today and what creature should mess with Silverspark the bravest filly of equestria?"

She asked and soon she entered it avoiding the poison joke as she flies over them and lands on a large rock on the other side, she skipped across the rock ways then she stopped and helped a dragon snapping turtle up onto his legs seeing it was on its back "there you go you be careful now!"

She said smiling before coming to a river she used the rocks to get across and then she sang "Silky she is the pony you would meet she is fun like Pinkie pie kind like Fluttershy ....Loyal like Rainbow Dash ....she will be there for you and me in a flash....  she love her potions  ....always in motion" as she sang like any little kid  as she leaped from tree to tree and rock to rock avoiding dangerous plants and picking ones that she knows Silky will love she even found one that flutters like a butterfly "hehehehe oh wow she will love this one oh I better put this in a special box that are meant for plants

"she said again which she pulled out of her saddlebag and wrapped it up in a small purple and yellow bow the resembles the mane of the pegasus  that helped her so much she as soon she reached the castle she went inside to look around some of the trap doors she would avoid and some seem fun to explore she played in the throne room pretending she was a princess only if no pony was watching she even  had her own crown "as the new ruler of equestria I will hire Silky as my royal alchemist and my friend @Shiny Silvermoon as my royal enchantress! Her magic will be of great use for this kingdom! "she said out since no pony is really there listening unless there is some pony following her she didn’t notice, then she would feel embarrassed but right now she was busy with her speech!

"and as my first decree as a princess all orphans will be allowed to live in here in the castle there is plenty of food shelter the maids and butlers will give them what they need toys games books maybe help me hire a tutor for the minds of the children that lost their families till find the right ponies to adopt you ponies that cared ponies that will love and guide you no orphan ponies will be without love no more heart aches and help you let go of your past though the past is part of how you got you where you are now but ad long you remember how much love and support you were given and a second chance at life being an orphan myself I know the pain and sorrow of no pony to raise me when my parents passed had to survive with my own whits and skills using gems for money to buy food and water learn to build a fire to cook my food "as she spoke the spirit of her mother was watching with proud eyes from afar.

Edited by Silverspark184
Hey lovely! Edited some grammatical errors and spacing for visibility of content.


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