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My Ponysona: Cinnamon Saddles

Julia The Pony Lover



Name: Cinnamon Saddles

Backstory: She’s a Pegasus from Appaloosa. Born and raised there by her grandparents she has a sister, which is also Pegasus. She works on a farm with her family. Earlier in her life, she lived with her parents, although she didn’t have the best relationship with them. And some traumatic event happened, causing her to move in with her grandparents. But now, she’s living happily on the farm with a few close friends.

Hobbies and likes: 

She loves music

She takes a lot of flies around town

She loves to study

She actually enjoys school



Rude ponies

Loud noises

People that don’t make sense

Lazy ponies

Further information: 

She’s bisexual

She is transgender MTF



Closing statements: 

I hope you like it! Feedback would be much appreciated, especially on the backstory! Tell me what you think In the comments! And have a nice whatever time it is for you! (PS This is the link to where I made the OC: https://picrew.me/ja/image_maker/841049/complete?cd=DLWfCWk6sl )




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