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Toy Story 4



Putting this in a blog since status updates are much easier to be missed and forgotten (and hard to find).


Finally saw Toy Story 4. 4 years after, so not too bad. I jokingly protested watching it since I considered the 3rd to be the "final movie" of the Toy Story arc (I procrastinate watching movies), but sincerely the 3rd did "satisfy" me from watching another sequel. Yet.

If the first three movies are like a well-written letter, the 4th is a very well-written "PS".

-I liked how we got an answer about Bo Peep and her whereabouts. She basically became an action figure.

-Forky's obsession with trash never got old thankfully and I liked how he was able to evolve from a simple desire to a loyal toy like Woody (albeit pretty quickly, though he also didn't have very much fleshed out to begin with, so... law of primacy).

-That unicorn is out for blood, as are the plushies.

-Very sweet story arc regarding Gabby Gabby. She was obviously nefarious in the beginning, but I felt for her seeking belonging from a kid. It was half-funny, half-sad (well for me, 3/4 sad) to have Harmony just shrug her off and leave her... all that buildup.... and still nothing. How I feel for her rejection.... almost abritrary, it didn't have to be this way! Only question was... what if Woody said no? It's likely she would've tried to force the voicebox out anyways (she had the power to do so), but we're lead to believe her actions are sincere and stem from self-perseverance. Still glad she found someone to love her in the end and clearly she's mostly good-natured (besides the whole attempting to rip out someone's body part! Though yeah, Woody still would've been alive although it's like losing part of your identity).

-I entered the movie with a spoiler, so the ending wasn't too surprising to see Woody stay with Bo Peep, but it wasn't super-impactful either. It was on the wall; somehow Bonnie was no longer playing with him*. He could go back to Bonnie who will just leave him in the closet.... or he could go with Bo Peep. He didn't budge with his argument with her earlier on; his loyalty to his kid was unquestionable.... but it was time for him to move on knowing he would be happier being off-child and with Bo Peep who may not ever see him again, and maybe that wouldn't feel as satisfying for her or the viewers.


*This does reek of "somehow Palpatine returned", I know! Wasn't he her favorite in Toy Story 3? Oh well. Buzz was Andy's favorite after a while too and maybe Bonnie will miss him later.

I hear a 5th is coming out... uhh... none of the movies ever disappointed. I hope they can do the same with this one too.

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