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December 2023 Art Prompts!



The Prompt of the Month is: Elements! Create one new pony friend for the Mane 6, or new friends every week!
Weekly prompts:

1) Element of Fairness

2) Element of Temperance

3) Element of Order

4) Element of Holiday Spirit :oneheckofahat:

5) Element of Faith

Share your finished work in the comments of this post!
Prompts will end on January 1st, 2024

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Posted (edited)

Happy New Year to everypony! :squee:
I was so busy this December, that I either didn't have a chance to draw ponies, or I've been so exhausted that I got art blocks :please: But here are the ponies that I did manage to slap together ^_^
The Elements of Fairness, Temperance, Order, (Holiday) Spirit, and Faith
Bases credit to SelenaEde on DA
Although it says prompts will end in January, anypony is more than welcome to continue to contribute :proud: Happy 2024! :mlp_smug:

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