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What happened to celestianism.com?

This is the story about the happenings behind Celestianism , my character @Princess Celestia, and a little about the future of it.


What really happened to celestianism.com?

The page no longer exists, here is a small update on me and on what happened and what did not happen.


A little backstorry

I have been in the pony fandom for a very long time, actually longer than G4. The word Brony hadn't even come up back then. Then it was G3 and it was mostly small meetings where you showed your custom ponies, sold merchandise and generally had fun around the MLP theme.


Time passed and I got away from it all a bit. Remember at one point I saw the all new generation of MLP G4 in a toy store. I couldn't quite get the design, they were very different from their predecessors, with round heads and small mouse ears. Didn't think much more about it and time passed, without any interest from me.


At one point a colleague at my work showed cute pony pictures on the computer, we laughed and started sending pictures to each other. Mostly to tease other colleagues who thought we were incredibly childish. The ponies would appear on presentations or other material on work, It was really crazy I would say. For others not involved in it, it must have been a bit disturbing. Others asked if we where Bronies. Bronies? I had no idea of what that was at that time in my country. We had fun, do we need a name for it? Obviously, we must have been bronys and pegas, without even knowing it.


The thing is that it grew, there were more of us at work who thought this was great fun, a way to make work easier, we had so much fun. It became pony T-shirts, pony music at full volume, to the delight of other misunderstanding co-workers.


For me, the interest grew very strong, a lot more than for my workmates because I have real ponies to care for too. In other words, the horses and ponies has a big place in my life. Then why not go all in and also love the cartoon ponies with their cute stories?


Started going to local meetups with like minded people and it was a crazy fun time. We even had voice actors from our country who got involved in these little get-togethers. We were maybe only 10-15 ponies that showed up. It even went so far that one guy changed his last name to Fluttershy, I know he's still keeped that name today *lol*. How crazy is that? Unfortunately, this subsided quite early. Interest quickly waned for many in my country. There were slightly longer trips to meet others at conventions. But with less time and so on, it didn't happen that often.


confession time

-I've been here in the forums before of course (don't want to reveal myself) *smirk*

But happy to be back again anyway.


I've had many OCs over the years, in fact I don't even remember the earliest ones. That there have been many different OCs is mostly due to the different "friends" who have come and gone during this period. I've been very into the pony music genre, with collaborations and all that that entails, for better or for worse. But many times collaborations have started that took a lot of time, but never materialized. Much fun has been had, however, and much of the pony music is still out there.

Some music friends together started SombrasEmpire, a site we posted Pony music on. It had a weird ending, but that's a whole other story.


Back to Celestianism

There were already early parody pages created for Celestianism, where a religion mostly originating from Christianity was invented. None of the people who started this are probably still in the pony fandom as far as I know.


That's when I, together with Fireking, agreed to continue this journey. He had rewritten the "bible" for a pony convention, where he was father Fireking, blessing and marrying ponies in a silly, fun way during the convention. He even had the Bible in book form to buy. How crazy is that?


I joined the MLPforums as CelestiAlicorn and connected with a whole bunch of nice people who run this place. I was kindly offered to have my name Princess Celestia by the amazingly kind founder @Twilight Sparkle , for which I am extremely grateful. I will bear the responsibility and behave like the name I have been given to bear. It is not something you do without reverence. Celestia has both funny and serious sides, and I will take it upon myself to make conversation, as befits a royal Princess.


Together with some online friends and one of my close colleagues from my job. We launched the site Celestianism, exactly what we were going to fill it with and the purpose, was perhaps a little secondary, at that time. He was in charge of the server and I and a few others then built on the whole thing with stories and other things. @Ice Princess Silky joined as admin and we thought it would pick up interest.


Unfortunately, we had to remove the small mini-forum we had early because data storage laws and other stupid things, which my colleague did not want to take legal responsibility for.
When this happened, I lost contact with the others who had joined from the web. My time was also not enough to motivate others and make it a fun page that others wanted to follow. I know @Ice Princess Silky had other big commitments and a lot of other things was going on in her life, so really didn't want to nag or be inconvenient.


Final end of Celestianism.com

One day when I came to my job, my boss came in to see me. He looks serious and quietly sits down.
- I have to inform you that one of your former colleagues you worked with before has unfortunately passed away.
I went completely numb, I could guess even before he said it.
I had changed department and we worked in different places now, but at the same company. We didn't meet daily anymore.

My friend HoofWing had died at home that weekend of probably something with the heart. I know he struggled with his health before. But that it would end like this?
I couldn't believe it, my only remaining pony friend IRL where I live.

I decided I was done with all things cartoon ponies. Carrying on alone without being able to look at each other and smile, not seeing him in his silly t-shirts, it hurt too much.

So the payment for the site was not renewed, and it disappeared six months later.


Why back again?

Well I got an email from a friendly pony here @Ice Princess Silky
I can say I was skeptical to jump on MLP again, simply because I have a hard time to keep up and find time for it. But friendship always wins!
So glad you all wanted me back here again in the MLPForums!


What will happen now with Celestianism?

The idea is that it should not be based on any other religion, it is its own. Making a mock religion themed to resemble other religions is just stupid. It's just about, Friendship = Celestianism

Stories about friendship, about the joy of having each other as support. That we are all equally valuable, no matter where we come from or live.
That's what our princesses wanted all along, isn't it?


Friendship = Celestianism


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You know I recall seeing Celestianism before on my old account (a year ago or so, maybe longer?) and someone telling me that it was a cult that spun off of Christianity. They told me that the followers of the religion genuinely thought that Celestia was the second coming of Christ and that they believed that they were the "chosen ones". 

Thank you for sharing your story and I am sorry to hear the passing of your friend. I had some personal things that went on IRL and I left the forums last year, but friendship always wins and I found myself back here again.

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@StarlightNyars Thank you, and nice to have you back! Friendship always wins, I hope.

There have certainly been several reincarnations of Celestianism in various versions. The main thing is the friendship, religion or not, we should have fun in the name of the Princesses.

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1 hour ago, Princess Celestia said:

@StarlightNyars Thank you, and nice to have you back! Friendship always wins, I hope.

There have certainly been several reincarnations of Celestianism in various versions. The main thing is the friendship, religion or not, we should have fun in the name of the Princesses.

Thanks. I had no idea that there were several reincarnations of it. I agree, Friendship is wonderful.

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Am sorry for what happen to your friend, It looks like all of this Celestianism meant a lot to you because I remember I saw that myself, I thought it was something similar to Celestislam or something like a mock religion but correct me if am wrong I actually see it as a philosphy more than a religion but am sure new things will come and something may be awating, something that can change your mind but who knows?

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@Rethajni Hi and thanks my friend! It still means a lot. I really miss him a lot, but have slowly accepted what happened. Well it is meant to continue, but not as a parody of any religion, but as you say more of a philosophy. It is better if those of us who are interested can develop something together. Basing it on an already existing religion is perhaps just a way to scare off interested parties. You should be able to have "your" religion, without feeling mocked around by some pony parody. But still have the pony philosophy in your life.

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My short description of Celestianism, for newbies.

Celestianism is a philosophy based on the principles of harmony, friendship, and kindness as embodied by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. It teaches followers to strive for personal growth, self-improvement, and the pursuit of truth and enlightenment. Its central tenets include promoting love, understanding, and empathy towards all beings, and fostering a strong connection to nature and the universe. Celestianism encourages individuals to live a virtuous and fulfilling life in accordance with the teachings of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, aiming to create a more harmonious and peaceful world for all.

Sincerely, your beloved princess Celestia


It doesn't have to be more complicated than that. Hope it brings joy to your lives. and strengthens you all for a better existence in the days to come.

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