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Royal Metal Covers by the Princesses

Princess Celestia


This is the very first entry in the royal princesses musical blog. I think we can have fun in many different musical styles. Both serious music, and just plain fun songs. Today the theme is METAL and hey, the princesses where completely crazy about this idea.

I hope you think this is as fun as I had making this. Don't take it too serious, it's just for the fun of it :ithastolookpretty:

First out is Luna with a cover of Dio, Don't Talk To Strangers.


Celestia don't want to be left behind by her little sister, so here she goes all in in a cover of, yes you guessed it right: Dio



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4 minutes ago, Lawyer Slip said:

Holy crap this stuff goes hard B)

The Princesses have sides they hardly shows for a "normal" audience *giggle*

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I would say both songs are about bad relations, for sure It's discussed endlessly somewhere on the Web. The first song is probably the darkest, and perfect reason for turning Luna into Nightmare Moon. If the Princesses experienced any bad relations to get them in the mood? Who knows? *giggle*

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