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Deep emotions from a very quiet pony


He is not only bass singer of The Pony Tones, he stands on his own hooves sometimes.

Tonight we have a very quiet ponyality here to express their deepest thoughts. His emotional inner life is like a blooming garden. We are so glad that he wanted to share these nice thoughts with us. It was hard to get him to even want to record these songs, as he doesn't think it matters that much. But he has so much to give, so after much nagging we finally got a short little evening with him. His ballads about true love and unexpected fatherhood will bring tears to many eyes.

At the piano this evening for "Love Song", we have Princess Celestia herself with scores from Theddy.




If this really happened or if it's just Big Mac speculating, we will never know? Sugar Belle is Big Mac's special somepony, that much we know. And that they had a little colt together. 


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