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Some old remixes...

Princess Celestia


Unearthed some fun good music from my old music archive. These remixes were made by me as OC "Random Changeling"

I do love the voice from Polish singer Truss, she and Yellow Tune/174 UDSI really did a great work, and I'm so happy to have played together with them.

All these years with my beloved ponies and friends. I feel a certain loss now that it is becoming more and more forgotten. But the memories and friendship will always be in my heart.

The wild German dance parties with MLP theme are etched in my heart, so much fun we had!

Germans are SO perfect, stiff as corpses, but give them some beer and flashing party lights along with a real floorstomper. Then you will make friends for life! No one gets too drunk and everything is just super nice. Cheers Pony Germans, you guys/girls are so much fun!

I LOVE you all pony fans!

There are download links in the video descriptions, from Pony.fm of course.


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