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About Season 4.



I'm laughing at all the people that said season 3 sucked and left, because season 4 is shaping up to the be the best season. We've got to-notch animation all the way through, good writing, good humor, and what appears to be an actual story arc instead of scattered one-shot episodes.


Honestly, it's been a while since I enjoyed an episode quite as much as I've enjoyed the start of Season 4.

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I laugh at all the people who say season 3 sucked, period. It wasn't  as strong as 1 or 2, sure, but it certainly didn't suck - and certainly not enough to prompt any rationally minded person to outright leave the fandom.


And for the one or two people out there who actually are bitching about the new episodes...well, their butthurt is music to my ears. :squee:

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