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  • [closed/finished] Casting Call: Shoeshine And The Khaki Maniac

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    Author: FanOfMostEverything
    Genre: comedy, adventure, slice of life

    Story brief:

    It all started so simply. An offhoof comment from Strawberry Sunrise, a moment of righteous indignation, an effort to protect her livelihood...

    Then Shoeshine ran into an unexpected extra mare in Princess Twilight's castle, and everything went off the rails.


    Hi everyone! With the buffer relatively filled, I decided it might be a good time to give some of the bigger stories in my GOL to-do list a try. One of them is FoME's "Shoeshine And The Khaki Maniac", a story of a bunch of characters - in multiple senses of the word - going off to raid an ancient ruin for a pair of horseshoes.

    And yeah, I would love to have extra voices in the mix. It's quite a silly story.

    There's a few characters to cover - feel free to pick as many as you'd like. I'll go with a general first-come-first-serve kinda deal, but if anyone really wants a particular voice, I'm sure we can work something out. And don't worry too much if you're male and want to play a female role, or vice versa - I'm aiming a lot more for variety and fun than authenticity.


    Le cast! Click the pictures for YouTube clips of their speaking roles {but again, don't worry too much about emulating them perfectly - just do you}

    1313746.png  Narrator:Generally light tone, a bit of excitement in the actiony bits, ranging from general descriptions to snarkiness.

    "With that, she kicked at the door. She might have kicked it in, had it not opened ahead of her. Instead, she found herself on only two hooves atop arctic ice, and only a quick flap of her wings kept her from landing on her belly."

    Reference! Shoeshine: The eponymous character. Actually seems to have least lines in the main cast.

    "I, uh, it's because I'm the town farrier that I spoke up when you mentioned Mimic's horseshoes. I mean, you hear legends about that sort of thing. Hoofed down from master to student."

    thumb.png Daring Do: Organizer of this little escapade. No-nonsense, in charge, confident... usually.

    "That's not how it works in dynamic archeology. Surprise, suprise, the study of ancient civilizations is slow to adopt new inventions. The honor of discovery goes to whoever first returns with some physical artifact from the site."

    thumb.jpg Cherry Berry: The pilot. Practical, coordinated, but overall rather encouraging.

    "I'm an earth pony in aeronautics. I've had to develop a thick skin." Cherry chuckled. "That and I've ferried the Gold Horseshoe Gals to and from Las Pegasus for the past eight years. It takes a lot to be more terrifying than an hours-long balloon ride with four old mares who don't have an ounce of shame between them."

    thumb.png The Great and Powerful Trixie: The Great and Powerful Trixie.

    "Trixie just prefers to be known by her stage persona. Even with that royal pardon in the books."

    Supporting characters:

    thumb.png  Strawberry Surprise: Kinda whiny and entitled. Mainly rambles on to herself while getting fitted.

    "Just last moon, in comes that other Rarity babbling on about all kinds of ridiculous things from her crazy monkey dimension. And not galoshes or flameproof boots or something practical. No, it's these absurd lacy things that you'd need two sets of teeth and the neck of a giraffe to tie properly, or brightly colored rubber with holes in it! Ponies walking around like they're changelings who can't decide if they're reformed or not!"

    thumb.pngTwilight Sparkle: Frazzled, preoccupied.

    I only have twenty-four hours per day right now, and speaking from experience, Celestia doesn't appreciate it when you ask her for more."

    thumb.png Conductor: One line, really.

    "Lady, if there weren't a royal decree making me drag this eyesore to the Empire, you'd be flying it there yourself. Now get in and stop making me consider treason!"

    thumb.png Ahuizotl: Mostly frostbittenm really. A touch of Khan later on.

    "They are g-g-gone, if they w-w-were ever here. Y-y-you merely guessed, D-d-daring Do. And g-g-guessed wrong."

    thumb.png Rarity: Conversational, just a little bit snarky.

    "You're a friend, Strawberry, make no mistake, but it's not like I've ever saved the world with you."

    thumb.png Ahuizotl's Minion: Some generic stallion. Kind of scared-sounding.

    "Shall I dispose of it, my lord?"


    I... think that's everybody. Anyhow, I don't really have a due date for this - while I can get started on assembling the whole thing as soon as material becomes available, it will probably be a month or two until I lock it up and start filling in any gaps that might be left. If you have any questions or anything you'd like to bring up, hit up the comments below.

    Finally - actually, make that penultimately - here is a handy-dandy PDF file with color-coded lines for each character. There might be an error or two, if you spot any, please let me know and I'll fix them.

    Oh, and thanks - not just if you decide you want to help out with this, but just for taking enough interest to read down to this point. I appreciate it.

    - Quinch

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