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Fluttershy February!


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This event began 2024-02-01 and repeats every year forever

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Celebrating the month of Kindness and Love. Whether that love be for that of a friendship, pet, family member or hobby - this is the month to show appreciation and love of all kinds! Let us welcome Spring, warmth and things that makes us feel as fuzzy as the pink color in Fluttershy's hair!


Our Events Team will be cooking up some ideas in honor of this premise. Stay tuned and enjoy your lovely February!

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Fluttershy was always my favorite.  So I'm going to love any events featuring her. 

If there was a kindness achievement or Fluttershy related trophy I'm all over it like Dash on Cider. 


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I love her so much, how have I never heard of this! It is perfect. I can't wait to spend Valentine's day with her this year, like we did last year. I have always loved Fluttershy and she's been my waifu for over a decade now. I have a few gifts to give her this month. :yay:

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She has been and will forever be my favourite of the G4 Mane 6. There was much about her character that resonated with me so much, thus making her pretty relatable.

Also, I was very obsessed with this song that she sung in Season 4 that I just had to create an organ cover of it as soon as I could. This version is a newer version of the one that I've released 4 years ago. This newer version can also be found on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Enjoy. :)


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