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  1. GabharTheGamer

    Gaming A pony Tactic game...?

    Final fantasy tactics is DEFINITELY something i want to try but fire emblem seems more realistic.In terms of tools and resources(I have a shite laptop and playsation requires a buckload of memory to emulate,let alone edit) I'm gonna go and poke around some Fire emblem editing and i'l get back to you guys if you'r still interested. Alright,i poked about everything i could find for fire emblem. For starters, an artist is something i will need,it doesn't have to be a great artist. In fact the opposite of great might be good too,as long as they can something good with only 16 different co
  2. GabharTheGamer

    Gaming A pony Tactic game...?

    Same here,mods for GBA games just arent good unless you go around and ask people what they think thorough the project.Many mods i've seen were huge flops just because the website they were posted on just didn't like it.
  3. GabharTheGamer

    Gaming A pony Tactic game...?

    Ponymon exist pal,i tough about it but heck...Someone was 20% faster! http://ponymondawndusk.wikia.com/wiki/Ponymon_Dawn/Dusk_Wiki I had no idea it existed but good thing i google each of the idea i have,in case somepony thinks about it before i do.
  4. GabharTheGamer

    Gaming A pony Tactic game...?

    I've been thinking of making a mod for Fire emblem actualy! I love the Checker/Chess stylle it has. And i have plenty of spare time considering my life style
  5. Alright,i aint sure i put this in the right section but anyways i just wanted some oppinions. I've been thinking about starting some sort of fan game but i kinda wanted to know if anyone would be interested about tactical based games like Fire emblem or Final fantasy tactics,stuff like that. I'm not asking for anything here,just sorta a headcount/poll thingy of ponies who likes tactical games. I made a poll on ponysquare but here i got more chances of an answer y`know.
  6. 3DS FriendCode:4854-6462-0975 Here's the list of games i can play multi! Fire Emblem:Shadow Dragon DS Pokemon Gen4(Platinium&Soul Silver) Pokemon Gen5(Black) I cant find the rest of my cartridges but drop me a line whenever you wanna play with me at those!
  7. Buck yeah for Derpy Hooves!
  8. Dia duit! Gabhar here,Gabhar Steinbock!If you know some bit of old videogames,you and i are going to get along just fine...Since i'm completely clueless about anything earlier than the wii! I'm very eager to learn all about the NES and the playstation!And i'm just hectic about Pony.fm,so i tough i'd just join along for the ride!
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