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  1. qqq
    Enjoy this quiz. Please do not just search the answers as you will only be cheating yourself.
    1. Other than give you up, name 3 things Rick Astley will never do.
    2. What's the capital of Azerbaijan?
    3. When was the Habeas Corpus Act introduced?
    4. What's similar between a cordless drill and the English Premier League?
    5. Other than the USA or UK, name 3 countries with nuclear warheads.
    6. Idday ouyay ranslatetay histay entencesay intoay Englishay? Ifay osay, riteway "Ineapplepay".
    7.Name 3 re-occurring characters in Viz comics.
    TIE BREAKER: IN LESS THAN 20 WORDS, FINISH THIS SENTENCE: The best guild in Ravnica is...
  2. qqq
    According to school, I am gay. I was unaware of this fact until people pointed out the signs that showed my homosexuality like a huge beacon. For example, did you know:
    · I'm gay because I don't find Nicki Minaj attractive
    · I'm gay because I prefer Kasabian to One Direction
    · I'm "super gay" because I prefer RPGs to Call of Duty.
    · I'm gay because I play Magic the Gathering
    · I'm gay because I used to play Yu-gi-oh.
    · I'm gay because I used to play Pokémon TCG
    · I'm gay because I play Pokémon
    · I'm gay for still playing on my PS2
    · I'm gay because I've never had a relationship
    · I'm gay because I stood up for a male friend
    · I'm gay because I don't have a Facebook account
    And most crucially:
    · I'm gay because I know of transparent fishing wire
    So thanks people at school! I now 12 reasons why I am gay.
  3. qqq
    I have a serious case of tonsilitis. It's so hard-core, I've been prescribed an equally hard-core anti-biotic (Clarithromycin 250mg) after penicillin did nothing to combat it. It all seemed fine, until I looked at the list of side-effects:

    Breathing difficulties and facial swelling
    Severe diarrhoea with blood and/or mucus
    Mouth, lip and skin ulcers
    Stomach problems (vomiting, pain, indigestion)
    Pins and needles
    Joint pain
    Muscle pain or loss of muscle tissue
    Inflammation of the tounge or mouth
    Discolouration of the tounge or mouth
    Thrush (should be fine here)
    Changes in sense of taste and smell
    Tooth discolouration
    Difficulty sleeping
    Ringing in the ears of hearing loss
    Liver problems (eg. hepatitis and jaundice)

    How lovely. Now for the possible mental side-effects!
    Loss of bearings
    Change in sense of reality

    Fainting as a result of low blood sugar
    Kidney problems (eg.protein in urine or kidney faillure)
    Pancreas inflammation
    Reduction of white blood cells in the body which increase chances of infection (like HIV)
    Reduction in blood platlet levels which increases the risk of brusing and bleeding (like haemophilia)

    Even better, there's two "super rare" side-effects:
    Inflammation of the eye
    Changes in heart rhythm

  4. qqq
    For those not familiar with "Don't forget the lyrics", you must merely sing (or in this case write) the next line after what you are given: <Searching for the answers is just cheating yourself.>
    Round 1: Farewell to the fairground (White Lies)
    "The light's still in our eyes,
    We're living this whole fairground behind,
    It's a dream that's going cold.
    The circus never dies,
    ___ ___ _______ ______ _____ _____." (What's this line?)
    Round 2: The Bad Touch (The Bloodhound Gang)
    "Ha-ha! Well now, we call this the act of mating,
    But there are several other very important differences,
    Between human beings and animals that you should know about.
    Sweat baby sweat baby sex is a Texas drop to me ,
    Me and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about.
    So put your hands down my pants and I bet you'll feel nuts,
    ___ __ ______, ___ __ _____ ___ _____ _______ ___ ______ __."
    Round 3: Joker and the Theif (Wolfmother)
    "I said the joker is a wanted man,
    He makes his way across the land.
    See him sifting through the sand,
    And I'll tell you all the story about the joker and the thief in the night.
    Always laughing in the midst of power,
    Always living in the final hour.
    ____ __ ______ _____ __ ___ ____"
  5. qqq
    The Dwindling Pool. Pretty cool name eh. By "Dwindling Pool", I'm referring to something that I get a lot at school. The ever decreasing amount of topics I hear being discussed. Three things now dominate the in-school discussion.
    1. Call of Duty
    Ah. Call of Duty. Copy paste games that keep fans coming back for more every new game with little or nothing added. I walk round school and I hear barrages of "I did a no scope!" or "LOL! You're s***! I once got a two hunter killer swarms in one match!" Then, when I get dragged into conversations about games I couldn't care less about, I suddenly become a "Pussy Gayboy" when I said I preferred RPGs and Puzzle games. Around the time of Call of Duty 2, the campaign was a challenging test of skill. The minute Black Ops and beyond rears its ugly head, the campaign becomes a piece of cake and everyone goes crazy for a game-mode that few at school realise had been created in World at War, Nazi Zombies. It takes the proverbial biscuit.
    2. Girlfriends... sort of
    Number two is girlfriends. It seems that now we are all 13 or 14, it has become a requirement that you have at least one girlfriend (yes, someone once had 3 at once). I don't because I don't want one as I don't feel I need one. And of course, using school logic, this makes the "gayest person ever". Yeah. You got that right. Apparently, being gay is not as gay as being single. I don't get it either. The thing is, most people who insult the single ones are usually the people who see these as the most important thing in a woman:
    · Cup Size (32C or GTFO)
    · A big butt
    · Willingness for reaching 2nd/3rd base
    Girlfriends as an object for feeling and fondling are fine to them. Kind, intelligent girls with the common sense not to get drunk are turned away and in some cases ridiculed. The talk of girlfriends is a non-stop bombardment, but not to the extent of the next.
    3. Homework
    Homework has always been a topic but it now overshadows everything. Absolutely nothing wrong with discussing the task so you gain an understanding the hilarious inept teachers didn't give you but one question, one short question gets asked over 3 times a day:
    "Have you done the X homework?"
    People ask it to undermine confidence if you haven't done it, find a kindred spirit if they haven't done it or just ask it as part of a routine. It just drags the atmosphere down as well. If I've just come out of having a particular fun game of Magic the Gathering, my emotions set to full happiness, someone has to pop the question and bring me back to the reality that I've got two more years of infuriating, monotonous discussion to survive.
    Thanks for reading. Comments on what angers you at the constant discussion would be most appreciated.
  6. qqq
    (For those who haven't read the previous blog entry, I refer to telling people about your love for ponies as a "jump". If you're desperate to know why, just read the previous entry.)
    The Chronicles of Sir Loin: Sibling Secret
    Today, I finally mustered the courage to tell my first family member about me being a Brony. The lucky person I chose was none other than my brother, "Bobidge". I thought this would be a good first person. After all, he watches shows like Adventure Time and The Regular Show so I believed he would be accepting of my love for a cartoon show aimed at people younger than me.
    He's 19 and watches cartoons, he surely won't have a bad reaction.
    He did. Turns out he'd seen the show before. And he thought it was rubbish. In my traditional style, I present a transcript of our conversation:
    Jump 5: Sibling Secret
    "Hey, Bobidge. I want to tell you something.
    <What is it?>
    "Can you keep a secret?" (Remember this?)
    "I'm a Brony." (I knew he would know. He is a Lord of the Internet)
    <Oh for F*** sake!>
    "This went well..."
    [ Then, when all seemed lost, he said a phrase that I will remember. ]
    <Some of my friends watch that show and I spent the two hours I was made to watch it for the the piss out of the show.>
    And here's where things get tricky. "Some of my friends watch that show." I now know that I have a chance of meeting Bronies in real life. At that same time, my brother's disposition towards me took a sharp drop.
    So I put it to you. Was this "jump" as bad as I thought? Was this a time for happiness at the knowledge of fellow Bronies or a bad time in which a sibling relationship took a dent? Answers in the comments and the poll please.
    Thanks for reading, double thanks if you read the other entry and who knows? Maybe I'll soon tell my mum, dad or go for broke and tell the world.
    Keep on going people.
  7. qqq
    Maria and the Children once said:
    "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start."
    To that I say "Nah." Recently I hit a milestone in my life. I told 5 people that I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In a period of time lacking anything exciting in my life, this was a big step forward. Stick around and see just what happened in the wondrous tale of...
    The Chronicles of Sir. Loin: The First Few Jumps!
    Ahem. Many people say that jumping out of a plane is addictive. That first jump is the hardest but get it out of the way and the fear goes down. For me, this is how I felt telling people I was a Brony. To make it easier, my first person I told is one of the most understanding people I met. Here's what happened.
    Jump One: Getting rolling:
    "Hey Adam, can you keep a secret?"
    <Go for it.>
    "On Memebase, have you ever heard of the Brony Fandom?"
    "I'm now part of it."
    "Yes. Really"
    <Cool story, bro.>
    So that was it. The moment I was so worked up over was gone. That first jump was completed and I was ready to take on the world. Sort of. I decided that the next person I should tell would be one of my life-long friends, Joshua. He was less understanding than Adam but we both joked about each other and what we like (Choices in football teams, who is best at Rainbow 6, how useful knowing almost every plane is in day to day life etc.) One other thing helped. Adam was next to us when I told Josh so I had a mark of initial success to spur me on.
    Jump 2: Keeping the Pace:
    "Josh, can you keep a secret?" (Sound familiar?)
    <I'll try.>
    "You must keep this one, others will know when I tell them."
    <Tell them what?>
    "You know Memebase? Have you seen any bits about Bronies?" (Yeah, 2 Memebasers.)
    "I am one."
    That was the second person and it only boosted my confidence further. Not only did I now have two people in the know and who would joke and talk about ponies, but I also became able to listen to Brony and Show Music in the IT suite at school (through headphones) without my two friends finding out I like MLP without me being honest and open.
    Jump 3 came a few weeks later. At school, a large group of us got together after school and played Open Arena with one of the teachers who had managed to get it put on the "school shared drive" with only a few able to see it. Everyone named their character and started repeatedly firing and launching rockets at each other. Most people picked fairly un-original names such as Your Mum but I decided to go for broke. I choose to use Doctor Whooves. Risky? Definitely. When I finally killed someone, the words "Your Mum ate Doctor Whooves' rocket." flashed on screen. The person I killed asked the group "Who is Doctor Whooves?" I put my hand up and said me. Unbeknownst to me, Jump 3 was on.
    Jump 3: Double Whammy.
    <Who is Doctor Whooves?>
    "That would be me"
    <Oh cool. Are you a Brony?>
    [i've heard of them.] (Quite how Liam knew this is still unknown.)
    <I've always had respect for them. I'm a furry myself.>
    "Cool. What's your name?"
    So there was another huge jump. Someone who, at the time, was an utter stranger found out alongside Liam who was sitting next to me. My first time I told someone without planning a few hours before. Thankfully, my Silver Tongue helped me from getting worked up for no reason. After that, there was a pause. Until yesterday. That's right, Jump 4 was incredibly recent. This one though was all set up for me.
    I had gone over my friend's house for a day to have some fun. He knew full well how bad I was at FPS games online. Just for fun, he set me up a game of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It's safe to say that I died. A lot. However, in the game was a player called "MLP:FiM King of the Sombrero Republic". Jump 4 was imminent but split into two.
    Jump 4: Turning up the Difficulty:
    "Hey look. Someone here likes My Little Pony. I'll message him."
    <Bit late, they just left.>
    "Aaron, can you keep a secret?" (Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.)
    "The only reason I knew that person earlier liked My Little Pony was because I watch it.
    <Haha. Wow (My name withheld.), seriously?>
    That jump was not the easiest but could have been worse. Aaron isn't always the most understanding and I can only hope the secret stays with him. If you started with us for the entire entry then great! Otherwise, here's a summary.
    "It may some hard at first but you don't know till you've attempted it. It may go wrong at first or you may be scared of the outcomes but every experience is learning experience, teaching you what to do and what to avoid the time you try."
    Thank you for taking the time to read this wall of text and who knows, maybe soon I'll tell my first family member about the magic of Friendship.
  8. qqq
    So then, where to start.
    Doing a short course GCSE in Philosophy requires me to think of many questions which lead to many debates. Every week I will post a question so you can debate, discuss and decide on eachothers opinions.
    Question 1: Is Religion still necessary or needed now we have science?
    (If you want suggest other questions and make your point!)
  9. qqq
    Have you got a situation? Tell me and receive help! Or just give me a situation and I'll give my top 5 what to do and what not to do in said situation!
    Really good ones will feed into the Tumblr!
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