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  1. What really annoys me about these 2 was that they were blatant Trixie fans and almost got everypony killed trying to prove how "awesome" Trixie was. Then there is the fact that they are just so stupid its not even funny and got left alone when Derpy was removed for being "offensive" when its obvious they have some sort of mental defect.
  2. What happened to this RP guys? We were just getting good. If its because of me being gone, sorry. I've been really freakin busy. We need some more action from this story.
  3. Man guys...I've been gone for awhile. What have I missed?

    1. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      Honestly, nothing very interesting has happened lately...which is disappointing.

    2. DJ MUFF1N D3RP

      DJ MUFF1N D3RP

      well...that is sad.

    3. Prince Lightning Da Cute

      Prince Lightning Da Cute

      Depends on your point of view.

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    Open Derp Wars

    They kept walking and eventually saw a spaceport on the horizon.
  5. Thanks for volunteering, but this RP is pretty much dead. Sorry to have to tell you this. I made a new post, so if you would just try to pick up the story from there, it would be great.

    Ask Ninja Derpy!

    Could be...would you like to join if there is?

    Ask Ninja Derpy!

    I dunno...maybe.
  8. I totally have to say Discord! While he may not be a true villain, he just had this aura of undeniable swag that said "Hey, I could take over the world with a snap of my fingers...but I'll just screw with you for the hell of it." I can't deny that Queen Chrysalis was pretty awesome though. Even though I hated that she just wanted to take Shining Armor so Cadence couldn't have him, even though she didn't love him, I can't deny that her motives to feed her people were justified.

    Ask Ninja Derpy!

    They don't need to lock it! Ninja established me as co-owner way back when he started this thread. I can keep it running if one of the mods would be willing to give me control of the thread. Indeed they do, Zom. Teleportation is basic ninja knowledge.
  10. "So that's why you were around so much L...or should I say, Lotus. I was curious about that, I just didn't know how to bring it up because I wasn't sure if you remembered or were just keeping it a secret." Storm said to Enigma with contented look on his face. "Well Lotus Breeze...its nice to formally meet you and know that Enigma is at least ok with his past."
  11. "That's gooid that you've come to terms with your past Enigma...but who the hay are you talking to? Who is Lotus Breeze?" Storm said with a look of confusion.
  12. I have always thought Derpy was just a lovable klutz who was just a cute(and not to mention awesome) background pony who could teach us something about accepting those who are different then us and allowing them to help even though they may mess us.
  13. I go with Gummy and Angel. Gummy because of his just total lack of fucks for everything and his habit of trying to gum Pinkie to death and Angel just because he's a boss(even though he is mean to Fluttershy).
  14. Guys...I know I said I was going to welcome every new pony that joins here, but I just can't keep up anymore. There are just too many new members!

    1. Shadow Stallion

      Shadow Stallion

      That's why I stopped two months ago. xD

  15. DJ MUFF1N D3RP

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Shocker, isn't it? Most people say that I look older.
  16. The way I see it, Dash is going to be given the chance to join the Wonderbolts, but she's going to realize that she'll have to be away from Ponyville and her friends for long periods of time. She'll then decide to stay in Ponyville and remain loyal. Besides, as we all know, she's way better flyer than the Wonderbolts anyway. She just gets nervous around them and can't focus.
  17. DJ MUFF1N D3RP

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Here is me showing off some of my favorite pony swag:
  18. DJ MUFF1N D3RP

    Hi everypony...

    Welcome to this great forum! You're going to have a fantastic time here and make all kinds of new friends!
  19. DJ MUFF1N D3RP

    Hello, Everypony~!

    Welcome to this most awesome of forums and yes, you can definitely have a Pinkie Pie party! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYXtj6qzLuE
  20. DJ MUFF1N D3RP

    Hey I'm Daniel

    Welcome to this awesome forum! You're going to love it here and make a lot of new friends!
  21. DJ MUFF1N D3RP

    Hello, I'm Sne

    Welcome to this most awesome of forums! You're going to have a lot of fun and make a lot of new friends!
  22. DJ MUFF1N D3RP

    Hello there!

    Welcome to this fantastic place! You're going to have a great time here and make a lot of new friends!
  23. Welcome Jay-d! You're going to love this place and have all kinds of great fun and make a lot of new friends!
  24. DJ MUFF1N D3RP

    hi! im kylie

    Welcome Kylie! This place is great and you're going to love it here! Also, that Rainbow Dash plush you made is awesome! I wish I wasn't poor so I could buy it. But anyway, take this welcoming song and enjoy yourself!
  25. DJ MUFF1N D3RP

    Ello, name's Placid

    Welcome to this awesome forum! This place is all kinds of fun and you're going to love your time here, Placid! Come on guys, all this time and no welcoming son? I'm disappointed in you guys.
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