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  1. I like Luna for all the reasons you mentioned in your post, Dismajo, but I also think she's just really cute. Also, I love all the awesome and cute fan art that there is floating around the internet. You can't deny that the Royal Canterlot Voice is awesome either.
  2. Something tells me that she was the same way she is now. She was spoiled rotten by her father, so she felt that she was better then all the other ponies of her age group. All that happened when she got her cutie mark was that she had more she felt she could be special about and rub in the face of ponies her age.
  3. After like a month of no rain, its finally raining where I live! CELESTIA AND LUNA BE PRAISED!!!

  4. I have to say Pumpkin. Just the way she kept trying to chew on things and the adorable nomming noises she made while doing so melted my heart. I just wanted to hug her so many times!
  5. Rainbow Dash and Derpy share my top spot for favorite pony with Pinkie Pie, so of course I'm gonna vote for them. Then there is Daring Do who is basically a ponified Indiana Jones. You just can't beat that for awesome factor And Cloud Chaser you just can't beat her awesome mane.
  6. Dancing won't be her cutie mark. The way I see it, she's going to get one related to her scooter because she is always showing off how good she is on it. She may even find a way to incorporate her wings into doing even better tricks when she finally learns to fly.
  7. Even though Derpy is my favorite pony, I think that an episode entirely about her would take away what makes her special to us. Maybe just have her play an important part in the episode though. Like for example, she could help the Mane 6 fix a problem in Ponyville that no one else knows how to solve and then Twilight could write a letter about how even the ponies that are a bit off have something to offer to the world and their friends.

    Ask Braeburn

    You made a good choice namin yourself after our nice little town! It's the friendliest little settlement in all of Equestria. Anyway, I think AJ's friend Fluttershy is pretty durn cute! She could charm the core right out of a Zap Apple just by asking.
  9. I love Adventure Time. It just makes me laugh so much more then any show currently on TV. Its just so MATHEMATICAL!
  10. I'd say in the Ponyville Library(aka her house) she probably has something like 500 or so books and the chances are good that she's read most of, if not all of them. And from what I've gathered(I can't remember what episode I heard it in) she has multiple copies of some books.
  11. I'd have to say that out of the whole cast, I'm most like Derpy because I'm pretty clutzy and am just trying my best to fit in, but have a hard time of doing so. If we're going from the Mane 6, I'd be most like a combination of Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, since once I do form friendships, I'm really loyal to those friends and hate to see my friends sad so I'll do whatever it takes to make them smile.
  12. I'm sure Fluttershy had a pleasant home life, but was bullied like crazy when she came out in public. I'm sure she at least wondered about what existed below the clouds, but had no way to go down there and see it for herself since she wasn't a very good flyer. So when she fell down there and saw what the ground had to offer, she decided to stay there, but not after first flying back up to Cloudsdale and telling her parents about her decision and getting some things to take to her new house(after she had built it that is).
  13. I don't think that Luna from season 1 was her daytime form. As somepony else above said, she looked like that because that was how she looked when sealed into the moon and once she transformed into Nightmare Moon...her true self went dormant but after being reawakened by the Elements, her magic eventually restored her to the proper age she should be.
  14. I do like Big Mac and agree that he could use some more screen time. An episode dedicated to him would be pretty cool to see.
  15. You have no idea how much I've missed this place...I'm way behind. And also, I would like to welcome all the new ponies who joined in my month long absence.

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    2. DJ MUFF1N D3RP

      DJ MUFF1N D3RP

      I've just been really busy and haven't had a lot of time to get on, Scoot. Things are going pretty well, just a bit boring, and thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

    3. Flicker Sweet

      Flicker Sweet

      how many notifications do you have now? :P

    4. DJ MUFF1N D3RP

      DJ MUFF1N D3RP

      When I got back Red, I had like 130...most of them from one thread.

  16. DJ MUFF1N D3RP

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    I am Lord Sprixx...fear my incredible powers!
  17. Sorry I've been gone so long guys....are you guys still up to keeping this going? I've missed this RP.
  18. Dude...I wish my bank offered that option. But as others have said, go with either one the Mane 6 silhouettes or a solid background with a cutie mark.
  19. I've always called it purple. To me, pink is the color of Pinkie's mane and body.
  20. You have no idea how many friends I've made because of this fandom! Sure most of them are online, but I can't go a day without talking to them and am always willing to make more! I consider every brony and pegasister my friend...but I love getting to know them better!
  21. I think it may be when the reach puberty and that maybe their size has something to do with it. We saw Dash fly as a filly, but her body was tiny so her wings could pick her up. In Scootaloo's case, her wings are kind of small while her body is a bit more developed then Dash's was in that flashback...which may add just enough weight that she can't lift herself.
  22. In my mind...its a tie between Spike and Crackle. But moreso Spike...one does not deny his swag.
  23. I'm sure there are male Alicorns, but I won't make any huge conclusions until we see more alicorns.
  24. From what we know...Celestia is probably at least 1500 years old and Luna is maybe a few years younger then that. I just don't really question it. If they want us to know, they will confirm actual ages at some point.
  25. Man...I really need to catch back up here. I haven't been active in almost a month.

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