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  1. yeah i want to say this before i leave, people seem to have real issues here with knowing where people are and what they're doing. jdor you keep controlling characters that aren't yours and/or saying things that make them seem in places they're not (examples, what kingoficecream said above. i can list several times when people said i was in places i wasn't (i was in the bunk room one minute and then somehow in the hallway the next; i said i flopped onto the deck, that doesn't mean i'm unconcious). i didn't really like that my character was carried to the bunk room without my permission. what if there was something still to do on deck? or a specific reason i couldn't go to the bunk room? i don't know, i'm being hypothetical here. it can be a big problem. so for your own sakes read things carefully. read them twice if you have to. well have fun with the rest of your rp. imma go play skyrim
  2. Eilwen practically leaped off the gang plank as it hit the dock. finally, industrialist hoofington, she was safe. haha... safe... eilwen chuckled to herself as she walked down the street... ((bye bye))
  3. Eilwen took the paper from strikers hands. it's definitely time to leave she thought. "thanks I guess" she said as she walked away. up on deck she leaned on the rails impatiently for the ship to land.
  4. "what now?" Eilwen turned to striker a bit impatiently.
  5. i hope you're not trying to make up a backstory for me. it's still my character O_<
  6. "oh, um, not much. we defeated the ships, the other crew members have been cleaning up and repairing, and soon we're going to dock in hoofington." Eilwen pulled her hood over her head. "if you'll excuse me i have to gather my belongings.
  7. guys mareheim is on our map. near the edge over the mountains from the everfree forest.
  8. It's a smaller town... check your map if you don't believe me
  9. Eilwen scratched her head, "uh, just from... mareheim."
  10. "aagh!" Eilwen jumped as kyros came in. "oh, yeah i was just getting my stuff together."
  11. (( i wasn't unconscious, just exhausted but whatever.)) Eilwen sat up as soon as striker closed the door and took out her map. "am i close enough to hoofington to fly the rest of the way?' eilwen pondered. "i need to get out of here before they start asking too many questions"
  12. "i don't need this heavy thing, i'll just use these" motioning to her wings that had metal braces fitted onto the arches. they looked decorative but were sharpened to a deadly edge. the only method of self defence she had. but just as she finished talking striker was gone. She shrugged and tossed the hatchet away, aiming for the enemy ship. Eilwen briefly wondered if striker would get mad at her for losing the hatchet, but there was no time for doubt. Eilwen took a sharp turn and sliced through one of the supporting ropes, bullets still whizzing by her head, but the frequency of the attacks had slowed. Eilwen flew up close to the balloon and dragged her wing straight through the canvas. it was thick and strong, but Eilwen managed to rip a few thin holes in it. unfortunately, the sudden contact with something that was not... air, had disturbed her flight pattern and she plummeted down, past the ship. she managed to grab a rope dangling off the edge. The holes in the balloon were widening with the force of the air rushing out and the ship began descending. it was time to get out of there. Eilwen flew back to the antigone and flopped down on the deck.
  13. "i'm drawing the ships fire away, can't you tell by the way i'm getting shot at!?!?" Eilwen said impatiently. just then another volley of bullets whizzed by, one grazing her wing. "if you want to help, get back to the ship and shoot this thing down!"
  14. Eilwen peeked her head out of the hatch, her eyes and bright patches glowing softly from the stress of being fired at. it was quiet, too quiet. the sounds of gunfire and cannon shots were still whizzing over her head, but the crew members had all stopped shouting. Eilwen briefly worried they'd all perished, but there were no bodies on deck. then she spotted ratchet, kyros and striker on a quickly ascending balloon. there was only 1 ship left. Eilwen looked at the Antigone, it was in pretty bad shape. too many more shots and it might go down. Eilwen shuddered when she realized what she must do. running down to her bunk, she grabbed the tinted goggles she brought in case of an emergency. tying her cloak tight, she leapt off the ship and flew straight for the last balloon. if she'd been glowing softly before, she was shining like rudolph on christmas now. "just one more ship, just one more ship, just one more ship" the last ship turned and started firing straight at Eilwen's bright light. bullets whizzed by her head, a flaming shot of gas singed her hair. She couldn't keep this up much longer.
  15. geez the voyage is already a month along? *sigh* the rp's been dead so long not even sure i want to continue, but i don't feel like quitting and you guys don't have many characters as it is. besides i'm getting off at hoofington anyhow. i'll post occasionally although it might help if i weren't always talking to myself, not that my last conversation went that well >_O