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  1. Do you people ever notice each other? Notice my posts, even? Or is this a forum where you can merely just speak your opinion and not even try to counterpoint a post like mine? =/ 'Cause it wouldn't really be a discussion forum if you treat it like a poll and that's it. No offense, btw.
  2. Yeah, reasons which, as much as I respect them and all, sound unfortunately stupid. So stupid that I had to counterpoint them: A lot of you, btw, act like this is going to be a permanent thing, regarding both transformations. They aren't, as this type of thing would only make sense in the season openers and finales when they're fighting these big threats such as Tirek and Discord. If these transformations would be used willy-nilly in the slice of life episodes, then yes, it would be unfitting. But the writers are much smarter than that, and I trust that they won't make this mistake. Even so, though, who's to say that having a super form doesn't come with its own lessons to learn? It does, And since you fear that Dash will be so arrogant, well, all the more reasons to make her be like that, since there's a bunch of topics on here asking, "Is ________ a Mary Sue?" It makes her more flawed and more realistic that way. Ah, but then again, a bunch of you are against adventure episodes anyway and only focus on the slice-of-life aspect. So yeah, I'm probably just wasting my time here. =/
  3. Still at it, I see. Even though it was since August that this thread was last bumped up. Welp. Even though you were against it, you still got it anyway, even though it's not exactly the white Super Dash that you were familiar with, but that of Rainbow Powered Dash. Despite your disagreements, Hasbro went with it anyway. I don't like the Rainbow Power designs myself, but they're there in the season 4 finale. And from the sounds of it, looks like they're hyping up season 5 to be more epic than before, so who knows? Maybe the white Super Dash could be canon for real this time. Either way, in regards to a super form in general for Dash, know that you guys are in the minority here, as there are a lot of people out there who are in support of both Dash transformations. Whether you acknowledge that or not is entirely up to you.
  4. So, say if Rainbow Dash recieved all of the Rainbow Power from her friends and becomes what you see in my sig to combat this more powerful antagonist... Would it still suffer, IYO? 'Cause it really wouldn't if season 5 turns out to be the final season. You never know. =/
  5. So all that, with their coat colors as normal? Perhaps I should've clarified my stance. For you see, the golden rule of designing a good Super form that wows everybody is this: change their coat colors or else. As you can see with Super Dash in my sig below. Oh, and btw, saying that MLP is not like Sonic/DBZ in opposition against Super Dash or Rainbow Power is, quite plainly, a poor reason, IMO. Especially when the season 4 finale goes against that reason in the first place.
  6. This forum seems to have a strong dislike for super forms in general. I should know, 'cause they've been against the idea for a year now. Isn't that right, guys?
  7. To those who say that the designs need to be fixed, tell me what would you do, then. I'd honestly like to know. Me? I think you already know my stance on this.
  8. As I've said earlier, I may have been the one that might have influenced Hasbro to come up with Rainbow Power. During the past two years, I've been pretty much endlessly promoting my concept of Super Rainbow Dash in the hopes that Hasbro would notice her and canonize her into the show in the same vein that that they've been taking our pony names and ideas and then making them official. For some reason, they didn't and came up with their own concept, that being Rainbow Power. IMHO, as a Super form enthusiast, I have to say that their designs are underwhelming. To me, they'e not really Super forms if their coats remain the same as normal. You can't just enlarge their manes, slap their cutie marks all over them, and call it a day. No, that is just really poor and lazy, IMO, and doesn't really make you go, "Wow." Frankly, I'm surprised that in a DBZ-inspired episode, they didn't really go the extra mile and change their colors... I dunno, maybe they will in the future. Maybe this is just "tier 1" of their power. Maybe Dash will go white. *shrug* Only time will tell, I guess.
  9. Shame they didn't change any of her colors to make her look more super, though. That's really the important rule in designing a compelling super form, IMO.
  10. *looks at the above responses* How typical. Rainbow Power WILL be back. Count on it.
  11. I was going to mention this, but you beat me to it. =P Really, we should be voting for these, instead. But other than a couple of in-store shots, seems like Hasbro is keeping the true form of these Rainbow Power transformations under wraps for now. We'll most likely see them in the season finale. Now if only their coats would change colors as well...
  12. Unfortunately, it most likely will. IIRC, Princess Cadence was being sold and advertised way before season 2's finale aired, and we got a smaller-scale leak of alicorn Twilight before they officially announced her. Ah yeah, and Sunset Shimmer was out in the open before EqG was announced. So while, IMO, the Rainbow Power designs are still underwhelming compared to my own Super Dash and even though I was disappointed, I have come to accept them as the "Super Sonic" of MLP FiM. That is, IF they are super transformations. So as much as some of you hated the idea of a super transformation last year, we're getting them. No offense, btw. Besides, having super forms is a nice needed change from the one-hit-and-your-down Harmony Blaster of old. It means that the ponies will actually struggle against the antagonists while staying powered up. Especially when you have Rainbow Powered Rainbow Dash's mane looking like a Super Saiyan 3. Now I admit, she does look cool like that. =P (But still pales in comparison to my own Super form design for her, really.)
  13. *sigh* Copypasta'd from the other brony forum I lurk on: Ahem. Guys, I may have been indirectly responsible for this, just as the masses of human fanart were responsible for Hasbro's decision to do Equestria Girls. For you see, since 2011, I've been pushing Super Rainbow Dash, a Super Sonic-inspired concept of mine, out there. You may have seen me posting about it here a long while back, btw, only to end up getting ridiculous responses that I didn't quite agree with. Well, at first, I originally intended for her to just be a Sonic crossover in which she uses the Chaos Emeralds, but after seeing numerous fan concepts such as Dr. Whooves going canon, well, I decided to test my luck and see if I could get Super Dash canon as well. In trying to do this, I had to commission and request a LOT of fanart of her from artists, I had to change her so she uses the Elements to transform instead, and building upon that, I had to begin writing this fic in the hopes of getting it on EqD, which I haven't achieved... yet. All that just to get Hasbro's attention. As a result of doing all of that, btw, Super Dash's popularity grew. I've seen a lot of fanart being done without my knowledge, a bunch of montage videos were posted on YouTube, and two animations of her were made. So while its not what I wanted, its likely that Hasbro saw all of that and were influenced to come up with their own transformation for all of the Mane Six. And to be frank, I'm underwhelmed by their designs (even with Dash's SSJ3 mane)... IF this is, indeed, their idea of a super form, that is, which we don't know yet for sure. So in the end, if there's anybody to blame for this, its (probably) me. =/
  14. ...Well, darn. If this is Hasbro's idea of a higher transformation, then it looks pretty underwhelming. =/ Not to mention that it makes them look more girly than before, which is what Faust was against. As was sort of said, I hope this isn't in the season 4 finale.
  15. I got a PS4 on launch day, but due to the overwhelming demand, only two of my friends on PSN got a PS4. Let's change that, shall we? My ID is Super_Klonoa. The rest of my gaming info is in my sig below.