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  1. To be honest with you, It seems like 75% of you are ready and you all probably know what the plot is , so what that means I'll probably start it by today. Well I finally did it and started it here's the link: http://mlpforums.com/topic/74619-sunrise-in-kemaret-a-pony-ancient-egypt-rp/# Well here's the link to the RP Lets see who starts first http://mlpforums.com/topic/74619-sunrise-in-kemaret-a-pony-ancient-egypt-rp/#
  2. Link to OOC thread: http://mlpforums.com/topic/74318-sunrise-in-kemaret-a-pony-ancient-egypt-rp-ooc/#entry1885198 A long time ago, in a land of barren wasteland with the lifeline being a single river where everypony happens to live flourishes as much as the kingdom of this unified nation. There is a revolt going on this land due to a long "drought" as the prized river hasn't flooded in this year as it usually has done for ages and a phenomenon that usually is a rare occurrence in this kingdom by the river. Starvation is now all over the kingdom as foals which usually are euphoric, running across the streets of the city now are condemned to their houses made out of adobe and rock. Due to this the peasant's revolt is now spreading across the whole nation. You will see the stories of the struggle and fight of the peasants against the mighty aristocracy and they might actually be able to "triumph" against them . Well will just to wait and "find out".
  3. I just need people's approval before I start this RP. Because not everybody knows the story so thats why.
  4. Hello there, if you're reading this you've probably have stumbled upon this RP thread. Well anyway I'd better get on to the plot . The plot and setting basically take place in Ancient Egypt but with ponies and a twist. This isn't canon at all all so the countries in this universe are Ponyfied version's of the Middle East, Hence no "Canterlot" or " Mainland Equestria". In this RP the vast majority of the theocratic kingdom is made up of desert but there will be a river going through named the "Hile "( Until I can come up with a better name). The river is going to be the life and soul of the country and from above the banks of the river will flourish with green plants. At the top of the country will be the river delta ( If you don't know what that means look it up) and it will be a "Jungle" and it will be very fertile, much like the Nile delta in real life. The river floods annually every year and is one of the biggest celebration's in the region. Anyway let's get down to the good stuff. The old Pharoah of the kingdom dies and a new Pharoah ( an Alicorn) will become leader and there is a peasant revolt due to the river not flooding for a mysterious reason and that's is just the starter plot. Let's get down the rules and they are not THAT difficult to follow. 1. No Alicorns UNLESS I approve of it 2. NO godmodding at all and no exceptions to that rule 3. You aren't expected to talk like Shakespeare but at least have some decent grammar and no text speak. 4. You're not expected to have an Ancient Egyptian OC but do some minor "tweaks" to fit with the story. 5. This is going to be the " hardest" rule to follow but here it is. You have to have an Ancient Egyptian sounding name. IT DOES not have to be authentic it just has to sound like it. There is a user that you can talk to that find you a name. Also the name change ONLY APPLIES to THIS PARTICULAR RP DON'T change it PERNAMENTLY. 6. Follow all rules from above. Now that you've read the plot and rules let's go down to the player list. 1. -- Thunder Bolt-- 2. Brain Drain 3. Shaymin 4. Epic Harmony I will not be participating in this RP due to my bad grammar ( you've seen it above) but nevertheless I will be the leader of this RP. So to finalize this whole thing, please join it will be fun and we have cupcakes. Hope to see you guy's . I hope none of the participants got "lost" trying to find this particular thread. If anybody cares I am going to create the actual roleplay thread very soon. Probably about Friday. It's weird that I'm practically talking to my self . Link to RP thread: http://mlpforums.com/topic/74619-sunrise-in-kemaret-a-pony-ancient-egypt-rp/
  5. Well with @Thunder Bolt's help I've picked out the name and figured out the start of the plot. The name will be Sunrise in Kemare't: A Pony Ancient Egypt RP instead of the other stupid name . The start of the plot will be that the a new monarch( Thunder Bolt's Alicorn) will replace the old one and that a revolt is occurring because a long drought and that the river running across Equestria hasn't flooded like in the past and people are starving but the plot isn't going to be completely negative in nature. Anyway I am going to create the OOC thread ALMOST immediately after writing this post so see you there . Well there I made the OOC thread here is the link . http://mlpforums.com/topic/74318-sunrise-in-kemaret-a-pony-ancient-egypt-rp-ooc/#entry1874513 So if you have any concerns regarding this RP go post over there.
  6. Actually can you do me a favor and help me pick another name for this RP because as you said "Hile" is what Greek ponies would say and we are not having Greek ponies in this RP. Anyway as soon as we get the new name , we are going to start this RP and one final question do you have everything set up and ready to go? and since I'm not really going to participate ( you know why) you will be " second in command" ( If that's okay with you that is) since you seem the most " interested" in this particular RP.
  7. I'll let you use an iron sword if that is okay with you. Maybe we could use minecraft style and make some out of diamond etc. We will start this RP pretty soon ( a few days ahead) so be "Ready"
  8. I think I'm going to start this roleplay already because I'm feeling bored and simply feel like it. However if anybody needs more time ( like working on an OC or etc.) just let me know . Yeah there will be "rich" antagonist's your OC can steal from because most of the antagonist's in this story will be rich or powerful ( socially) so yeah.
  9. Well in my opinion your OC should start out as an antagonist but as the RP progresses he becomes "Good".
  10. Yeah you can be a thief but a good thief or an evil one?. Is your OC generally good or evil ( Just wondering). I hate it when I reply to someone and they don't reply back. I wonder what's going on with the notification system it seems screwed up. I'm talking in general I'm NOT talking about a SPECIFIC user , I don't want to offend someone Oh yeah and Brain Drain this second part of the post got put together with my reply to you so I'm not talking about you .
  11. A delta is the mouth of the river flowing into an ocean or lake. They're usually green and fertile because in this Roleplay the setting takes place in the desert but that area is going to be like a "Jungle". Anyway yeah I'll let you use a sword because simply that makes the roleplay more fun because the Ancient Egyptians didn't have swords ( I think). So do you want to be one of the protagonist's or one the background characters because you can be any of the roles I just mentioned if you wish.
  12. I'm thinking you can be the main guard of the entrance to the Equestrian delta. Your can use spells but they CAN''T be TOO powerful to the point of looking like is a godmod that just wouldn't be fun now wouldn't it -_- . You're picked don't worry . Anyway what role do you want in this RP because what I'm going getting is that you wanna be their "ancestors" if I'm correct.
  13. Honestly you can be what you want except the MAIN villain but you can be a side villain or one of the protagonist's if you like .
  14. The roleplay's story or your character's story is what I would like to know.
  15. Sure you can be the Alicorn since I'm probably just going to play some minor role in this. It's really cool that you can do all of that (like creating hieroglyphics and naming OC's). If only we could find more players :okiedokielokie: . I wonder if more people are going to join well I hope so because you can't do a roleplay with two people. So if you find it in your heart join .