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  1. This is an acapella arrangement of the Mega Man 2 Wily Castle theme (I'm sure you've all heard it before). I do acapella harmonies like this all the time and share them with my friends. However, the main difference here is that I did nearly the entire thing while most of my arrangements last about 10 seconds. I sometimes make my own harmonies, but here I stuck with the song, except I also did each part an octave lower as well as in the correct octave. I do not think this is Smooth McGroove quality by any stretch of the imagination; The audio balance is terrible It's laughably obvious t
  2. I can beat Battletoads, warpless, with only 6 deaths. I just want to get that deathless run! I'm so close!

    1. SCS
    2. TheLuigiLightning


      The thing that I'm absolutely frightened of is I'll make to the Dark Queen deathless and die to her...

  3. I am bored out of my mind, someone please get into a Skype call with me. If you don't have me, please add me, it's the same as my username.

  4. I can't believe what just happened at school today; I walked into the lounge where everyone hangs out in between classes, and about 10 girls tried to tell me that there was a rat behind me, and when I looked away they all screamed at the top of their lungs in unison. I tried to tell them that I didn't appreciate it, but they just got pissed off for calling them out on it, and said it was just a joke. They were also giving me a hard time about leaving me in piece afterwards. Just, w...

    1. TheLuigiLightning


      What the fuck, I meant to say, but it got cut off.

  5. I've been playing Battletoads way too much lately. I'm now officially capable of beating the entire game with 10 deaths. Also, apparently I can still one life the Turbo Tunnel in Battlemaniacs after not playing the game in soooooo long. Is that sad?

  6. I've been making a lot of acapellas in my spare time lately. Some good, some utter crap. But this one turned out pretty good... for the most part. You may remember I released a Pokemon acapella not to long ago. You can find it here; http://mlpforums.com/topic/96614-pokemon-theme-song-acapella-sample-custom-chords/ I don't know if you guys find the top part adds to it or just sounds plain annoying. But it is what it is. But anyways, enjoy it, it's yours to keep. Harry Potter Theme 2 (Custom Chords).mp3
  7. TheLuigiLightning

    Hi I'm New Here;

    Hello. Rarity is a great pony, and I agree she's amazing about friendship; she's more realistic in the sense where she doesn't always feel pressured to be nice, and that's how friends are sometimes. Welcome to the herd. I seemed to have gone on a tangent XD. This isn't about Rarity, this is about you! I hope you have an amazing time.
  8. TheLuigiLightning


    Well, not only do we have a Pinkie Pie fan, but we have Pinkie Pie herself! I think we'll get along very well! Welcome to the herd, Sugar Truss!
  9. For those who want to check out my YouTube channel... for some reason... I've linked it on my profile. Don't even bother subscribing to my other channels. I don't really use them anymore.

  10. I spent a good portion of last night playing the first case of My Little Investigations. It was absolutely amazing! I need to make a section on the forums to write a review.

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    2. TheLuigiLightning


      Phoenix Wright'ish

    3. TheLuigiLightning


      Interactive novel type of game where you go around investigating crime

    4. GamingGryffindor


      Ah. Might need some help playing.

  11. This is an acapella sample of the original Pokemon Indigo League theme song in D Minor! I put in custom chords to make it 20% cooler! (No, not really. I don't pretend to be a more skilled composer than any of the Pokemon theme song composers by any stretch of the imagination. They deserve gold metals, but I still think I did a decent job on this). Pokemon Theme Test in D Minor (Custom Chords).mp3
  12. Battletoads is probably my favourite NES game. It's infamous for being incredibly difficult. Some people hate it for that. I think those people are stupid!

  13. Battletoads... what a game.

  14. Versus FINALLY uploaded a video after an entire age of time since their last upload!

  15. .........................................

    1. TheLuigiLightning


      I'm really excited for MLP FIM Curse of the Lost Kingdom to come out, but Super Writer's been very busy lately, so it's definitely not coming out on May 1st as planned :(

  16. I have officially finished writing my new, original short story. I put a lot of work and editing into writing this. I know that there are tons of ways that I could have made this better, but it is what it is. One thing that I must admit though, Rarrian (one of the characters in the story) is heavily inspired from Rarity's personality, so this is, I guess, somewhat MLP related, but completely original. Enjoy. The Rarr Event of a Life Time I sat down on the large, red couch in the school lounge with Rarrian. Her eyelids were covering half of her beautiful, cyan eyes. I could emp
  17. When there's nothing to do... you're bored.

    1. Malinter


      people say that but there'll be something to do... you just won't like whatever that is. :P

  18. Oye, my patients is wearing thin with Littlest Pet Shop. I thought that the first season was fantastic, but it's already starting to get old, while MLP stayed fresh. My main issue with the show (which I thought was its strength) is the guys. It's clear the show favours the girls, because there's more of them, and the guys are just a bunch of cowards! I'm getting tired of hearing them scream over everything in every episode, and they just act like a bunch of idiots the...

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    2. Skullbuster


      i remember seeing one episode where twilight dog fell in love with a mime and i was like "wow this is just a little stupid" XD

    3. TheLuigiLightning


      I feel like it just gets really old after a while. You're just seeing the same stuff over and over again. I gave it a try, but I take back what I said in my previous post. Brony for life.

    4. TheLuigiLightning


      MLP is still number 1!

  19. Two days ago I got hooked on Littlest Pet Shop, and I have officially watched the entire first season! I thought it was phenomenal! Even better than MLP. I mean, sure, MLP has better animation, and overall more depth, but it just doesn't have any humor to it. But LPS makes me laugh every episode! I'm not turning in my Brony license or anything, no way! But there's just another show that I like better, that's all! I hope you're having a phenomenal...

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    2. TheLuigiLightning


      I really appreciate the comedic style that they take for it. And best of all... it has MALE CHARACTERS!!!

    3. Peter Pancreas

      Peter Pancreas

      Yeah,I've seen a couple episodes.


      I would watch it.


      But the problem is,I would only watch it,if I was home alone.

    4. TheLuigiLightning


      My parents are pretty accepting of it. I've gotten quite a bit of crap from my brother about MLP, but I've gotten him to watch a few episodes of LPS, and I didn't even have to tie him to a chair! He was surprisingly willing... (of course, relative to his level of stubbornness XD) but he actually enjoyed it!

  20. The new episode was amazing! They addressed a point they should have made back in A Friend Indeed! Not everyone can be - your - friend!!! I was so mad when they just made everything work out in the end! They finally addressed it! Woo-hoo!

    1. Rainblow H. Ash

      Rainblow H. Ash

      I think these two episodes actually work together nicely now. One shows you that sometimes people just have gruff personalities and take a little time to get along with, and another shows that some people you just can't be friends with, but that doesn't mean you don't have something in common that can bring you together every once in a while. Good stuff! Plus, Maud pounding that boulder was legit!

    2. TheLuigiLightning


      I loved Maud as a character. I felt like her personality was very believable, because some people are just like that.

    3. Rainblow H. Ash

      Rainblow H. Ash

      True, and it's pretty awesome that Maud does love Pinkie. She obviously enjoys Pinkie's antics, even if that's not how she acts. They work awesome together. I hope she at least shows up one more time in the future.

  21. For those who actually want to hear me talk about an episode with my voice... here you go. Here's a voiced version of my review for this episode I made last week. You can find it if you go back far enough, in case you want to read along. My Audio Opinion of STWOM.wav Audio File for my Review.wav
  22. Oye... what can I really say about this episode that's good... besides the ending...? The episode had Applejack excruciatingly out of character, and just really obnoxious to listen to. I don't even think the most over the top soccer mom in the world would go as far as she did! And it was just after making a family decision (that she was involved in, BTW) that Applebloom was ready to stay home alone, and then she comes back to make sure everything was alright, and then decides to never leave her again, and starts babying her in every way imaginable, from adding safety cushions to apple trees
  23. I just don't understand why everyone I've talked to doesn't like the episode! I thought it was fantastic! The moral was great, it shows a real life problem, Sea Breeze was a lovable character, and an understandable issue, and... no offense, but if you don't like it, I'm sorry, you're just stupid.
  24. I just don't understand why everyone I've talked to doesn't like the episode! I thought it was fantastic! The moral was great, it shows a real life problem, Sea Breeze was a lovable character, and an understandable issue, and... no offense, but if you don't like it, I'm sorry, you're just stupid.

  25. I'm so bored at the moment, someone unborify me with their not boringness, please!

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    2. Charcoal Embers

      Charcoal Embers

      You can PM me if you are bored.

    3. TheLuigiLightning


      I could race you on SpeedRunsLive.com if you want to play NES games.

    4. Floris


      I didn't even know there was a website for that..



      But I'll pass.

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