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  1. I think 60 fps is great for video games and animation. However, I think 24/30 fps is much better suited for any type of "real life" filming. Whenever I watch a video on YouTube of any footage from a camera, it always looks off and unrealistic. I think it's something to do with the way our brain sees reality or something, lol, but 30 for camera recordings always look much better. So, I think we should adopt 60 fps for animated movies, but keep it at 24/30 for films.
  2. I've watched all the early releases of the episodes, except for the most recent leaks from the show bible. I don't plan to watch the most recent ones early though just because it's not a typical early release, and probably better off waiting for? Idk lol, but hopefully season 8 won't be this bad.
  3. If you want to make this game even harder, change it to "Count to 50 before a Pony or Anime avatar posts" (I kid) 0.
  4. There's a saying that goes, opinions are like a**holes, everyone's got one. lol, but to be honest, I loved the movie. I agree with everyone else, you should go check it out for yourself. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  5. It was such great movie!!!!!! I loved it so much (Not a spoiler) My only complaint was the theater was empty except for two other families of mothers and daughters, and me, so it was really awkward being the only guy and the only brony there, lol. But that didn't make me enjoy it less, I'll probably buy the dvd/iTunes version or whatever too.
  6. I just came back from the movie in theaters. It was practically empty, other than two other families of their mother and their daughter. I was the only guy, lol (awkward situation was awkward). But I did hear some laughs from the adults (who I assume are non-fans just watching the movie because their kids want to watch it). Some laughs were a bit more than a chuckle. I don't want to say anything to spoil the movie, but I would overall say that I think it would "win over" some people who were curious about the show. It was such a great movie. But maybe I'm biased. lol
  7. shy0wl

    General Do you wear a watch?

    I wear a fitbit, I know it's not a watch, but it does tell the time as well lol
  8. I love minimalism and I love this wallpaper... really like the concept and the feel of it
  9. I can't even put into words how beautiful this episode was. My heart is mush. So many tears, lol.
  10. It's a shame that politics in general can cause us to think differently about someone, solely on their standings. I'm guilty of it for sure, but I am trying to be more open minded about it. We should really treat everyone with respect no matter their views. With all that being said, I dislike seeing political posts on MLP writer's twitter as well. They can and should be able to post what they want (and they do), but I completely agree with you, OP. I have the same feelings you have towards those posts.
  11. shy0wl

    Musical tastes

    I love ambient/post-rock music. It's really all I listen to, but I know a huge variety of ambient artists.
  12. I wish that Canada wasn't releasing episodes early as well. I've been watching the early release episodes so I don't stumble upon spoilers, although I wish I didn't have to watch them. I know it's my choice to watch the double episode weekends, but it is hard to avoid spoilers. If even the smallest details get released to me, it's hard to forget about it, so it ends up ruining the episode for me; therefore I just watch the episode. A recent Equestria Daily poll showed that the fandom (at least, from people who visit EqD) is pretty much 50/50 on watching early releases vs. watching them
  13. I think if anything she doesn't have any more problems other than regular daily stress. When we first saw her she was so involved in only herself and reading books. Now she has opened up and has friends and even became the princess of friendship. If you ask me, it sounds like she's doing pretty good
  14. I enjoyed the episode. There were a lot of cringeworthy parts and I was physically cringing. However I thought it was really cute too. I hope that they do something with Sugar Belle and Big Mac. In MLP there seems to be a recurring theme of having something like this happen but then it's completely dropped in later episodes, which is odd. I'd like to see Big Mac invite Sugar Belle to Ponyville or just see her more often while Big Mac is around in general.
  15. That's true, I don't know how I didn't catch that. But I feel the same way.
  16. I was looking for exactly this. I completely agree. I get that the writers want Fluttershy to show that she has progressed as a character and is definitely more confident than she used to be in the beginning of the show, but I felt like she was too harsh on this episode, especially after the first conflict with the builders not building what Flutters had in mind. She immediately got mad and told the workers they weren't needed. I would have expected something more along the lines of a gentle "I asked for this, not that, but I appreciate it" or something. It upsets me a bit because I
  17. Meh. I'm still not much of a fan of Flurry Heart. I didn't really care for the episode. The scene at Sugarcube Corner was pretty funny though I thought.
  18. I'm not sure honestly. But I would say that we are not as vocal anymore, and nobody talks about bronies nearly as much as they used to. We've kind of stepped into the shadows.
  19. Tbh, MLP is the only thing I would consider that I'm in a fandom for. Everything else is just an interest.
  20. I live in the Northeastern US and this snow storm we're getting tomorrow sounds like an early April Fool's joke to me. I don't really do April Fool's jokes, I'm not really a big fan of the holiday. It is harder to trust people that day though.
  21. I used to not like English in high school, but now I'm taking English 101 online for college and it is a lot of work but I honestly don't really mind it. I really hate Math a lot. I failed my Trigonometry Regents with like a 38 or something, I didn't even finish it because I just literally had no idea what to do for some of the questions.
  22. It's interesting because the teaser seems like something that would be a clip from the season finale. I wonder where they're taking the show this season?
  23. I'm southern Adirondacks in Upstate New York and we got 2 feet of snow. My school that rarely ever cancels actually cancelled two days in a row. The only thing that sucks about that, is that I'm currently on spring break. What a joke!
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