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  1. For next Friday... I will suggest Salt Lake City Punk again. It was a good movie, and was also quite ironic. It's an interesting look into the lives of hippie type people.
  2. WOO! I'm so down for the Doctor Who movie. Just gotta set my alarm to wake up for it... I'm stuck working overnight tonight, so I won't be home until like 6:30 AM. This means I have to go to sleep immediately to be awake in time. BUT I WILL SEE IT. I WILL.
  3. I'm suggesting the Doctor Who movie again. I would've liked to have seen that one. Shame I missed the movie night, though. I thought it was at six and ended up sleeping late due to my work schedule. Damn overnight work...
  4. Meh. I would've preferred Doctor Who over Lilo and Stitch. I'll watch the MLP movie but I'll be skipping Lilo and Stitch. ...and I'll probably just watch the Dr. Who movie while you guys watch Lilo and Stitch
  5. I'm willing to rescind my original request in favor of this. I love Doctor Who Although I wonder if I should keep watching the originals first...
  6. Salt Lake City Punk (also known as SLC Punk). I haven't seen it in a long time, and I don't recall it having TOO much foul language. There is some, but it's not every other word. It's a good movie, and something I'd recommend to those who've never seen it.