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  1. I hate them. They're flat out rude and crude, and they remind me of the people who bully me and push me around just because of my size and weakness. It's pathetic, and I hope they get what's coming to them. Seriously, as someone who regularly gets pushed around, I absolutely cannot sympathize with them. All I want is for them to get put in their place.
  2. I have two computers, actually. One's a 15" Macbook Pro with retina display running OS X, while the other is an HP Pavilion G6 running Ubuntu 14.04. The HP is the one I used before I started working for my current company, when my boss bought me the Mac as a gift. Specs incoming! Mac OS X Mavericks operating system Quad-core 2.2GHz i7 processor with 8 virtual cores Built-in Iris Pro graphics with 1536 VRAM 16GB RAM 15" Retina LCD display with 2880 x 1800 resolution max 256GB SSD ^This would be the beast HP Ubuntu 14.04 operating system AMD A4-3305M Processor Built-in Radeon HD Graphics 3.5GB RAM 1366 x 768 pixel LCD display 256GB HDD ^And this is an old yet hardy machine. And running Ubuntu as opposed to the standard Windows 7 has extended its life greatly. I use the Mac for most things, but I'll occasionally break out the HP so I can multi-task, since I have no monitors to hook into. Oh yeah, and when I first got the Mac, I installed Ubuntu 14.04, but upgrading the firmware by doing the Yosemite upgrade broke the boot loader so I wasn't able to boot Ubuntu anymore. I did a bunch of tweaking and successfully bricked the computer, leading to me having OS X Mavericks reinstalled and just flat out not bothering with the pain anymore. I've grudgingly come to accept OS X, though, and TBH it isn't as bad as I thought, despite it obviously being designed for those who literally have never used a computer before. Oh yeah, and the SSD is lightning quick. Much better than the old HDDs.
  3. Now a full time employee of Squareknot, working from home as a server admin. No more shitty nights at McDonald's for me! I couldn't be happier with life right now!

    1. SCS


      that's awesome man :D

    2. Justin ZW

      Justin ZW

      Hell yeah it is. Life rox.

  4. I miss you guys :( I hate that I'm so busy. I promise I'll be posting again when I have some free time!

    1. SCS


      I miss you too bro. Still sad to see you gone from the staff honestly but it's always great to see you around here and on skype.

    2. Justin ZW

      Justin ZW

      I try :3


      You know I love you guys :P

    3. SCS


      :D love you too man
  5. Resigning from Poniverse officially. Tis a sad day, but it was a decision I didn't make lightly.

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    2. Rascal~


      *Puts down briefcase* I rest my case.

      But anyways, hopefully with this new found time you'll be able to enjoy life a little better. Got any plans with this new found freedom?

    3. Justin ZW

      Justin ZW

      PFFT what freedom? I haven't had any time to do stuff here. I'll still be just as busy.

    4. Rascal~
  6. Just want to say that if you misuse "there," "they're," or "their" or make any kind of grammatical mistake, I will immediately label you as ignorant and uneducated. PLEASE learn proper English rules, people!

  7. Wow. I'm really disappointed in the Rainbow & Rooted "One Last Shot" album. This BLOWS.

  8. Careful, there. I personally don't appreciate sexualized ponies, and I know that quite a few others don't, as well. Let's try not to get into "suggestive" themes, shall we?
  9. I have an idea for something... and that's not always a good thing.

    1. SCS


      what's the idea

    2. Justin ZW

      Justin ZW

      I don't even remember. That was two days ago :P

    3. SCS
  10. There's also the dragon gang from G1, an episode which was pretty much taken bit for bit and redone into Dragon Quest. Spike goes out to learn how to act like a dragon and such, meets a bunch of douchebag dragons, they start being douchebags, and Spike ultimately leaves and goes back to the ponies. Redone for G4 into the Dragon Quest episode.
  11. Well, the whole point is that they're rebooting the show. Applejack was in G1, as well, you know, as well as Spike. Even Twilight was a character in gen 1, which heavily inspired Twilight Sparkle as we know her. In addition, Twilight's gen 1 appearance was an influence for the design of Twilight's mother. Long story short, things from G1 aren't "starting to appear," they've already been there and actually influenced Lauren Faust heavily in her creation of G4.
  12. FINALLY caught up with Doctor Who. Was definitely not expecting anything I saw today.

  13. Finally got the rechargeable Blu e-cig kit. It's pretty decent, and I have to admit that I like being able to smoke inside.

  14. Because I've been there. I suffered from crippling depression during high school, which escalated to the point where I attempted suicide. I just made my plans, went somewhere secluded, and then tried to cut my wrists. Obviously, I failed, but I can tell you for sure that the last thing on my mind was telling anyone my plans before I carried them out. I went out of my way to keep it a secret, as a matter of fact. They don't need you to try to talk to them. They need psychological help. In fact, what many people don't realize is that you can actually make the situation a LOT worse just by talking. Something as simple as "I did it so you can, too" can actually have a negative impact. Human psychology is not black and white, and those who are not well-versed in it have no place trying to help someone with a serious mental condition. This leads back to my initial point: These things need to be reported so they can receive the proper help. It's not a vindictive thing to do; it's finding them help immediately to prevent needless loss of life.
  15. No, that's just feeding into it. No one really seems to understand that when you say something like this, you better damn well mean it. That's why I don't think ANYONE should be responding. It should be reported to the authorities and nothing more. Even trying to convince them otherwise is usually just giving these people the attention they want. If they ask for help, give it. If they just say they're killing themselves and not asking for help, tell the police and move on.
  16. I'm so absolutely done with these posts saying "This is it, I'm killing myself, goodbye." If you were really going to kill yourself, you wouldn't go around telling people. You'd just do it. Of course, I never reply to these myself because I am well aware that people are usually just fishing for compliments and validation in life. This is pointless, and none of you should really be responding either. What you SHOULD be doing is reporting all instances like this to local authorities. Find out where they live and call the police department in their area, providing information on the post. It's quite likely that they will then contact the owner of the site requesting IP address information so they can locate the individual and provide help. Some of you may find that excessive. I do not. If you're making a post saying you're going to kill yourself but have absolutely no intention of doing so, methinks there's a lesson that needs to be learned. And I promise you, it won't be fun. Just some clarification: For those who are depressed and contemplating suicide, I don't condemn posts stating this and asking for help. What I DO condemn are posts that say little more than "Goodbye friends I'm killing myself." Asking for help is one thing; telling people you're going to go kill yourself is another. And this is just a mini-rant that came to me after reading through multiple discussion boards that had been reported to me on a different site. I think it needed to be said, one way or the other.
  17. ^IE: Wrap it in a center tag. That's just the shortcut. Try checking out the actual code view sometime.
  18. If you're looking to center your image, just wrap it in a [ center ][ /center ] tag (no spaces).
  19. Well, looks like no work for the weekend. Which gives me time to work on my other job.

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      Oh...good for you then! Does it pay well?

    3. Justin ZW

      Justin ZW

      I'm just an intern for now, so it doesn't pay at all. I just love doing the job :P



      Well, that's the important thing, I suppose. Have fun with that! :D

  20. Up up down down left right left right select start

    1. XrosOver


      Congrats. You received 30 lives.

  21. Am I the only one who's fairly disappointed over the rushed feeling of the Equestria Games episode?

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    2. Justin ZW

      Justin ZW

      Still, I feel like they built up to it with all the talk about it, and then it was just... shitty.

    3. Thrashy



      I hear ya on that. Seems "rushed" equates to "bad" when it comes to MLP episodes, but I've rarely heard anyone complain about the Simpsons Movie...which might as well be a how-to guide for cramming as much as possible into one screening.

    4. ~C. Discord~

      ~C. Discord~

      People seem to forget there are time constraints which do not and will not always allow the writers to wrap things up with a neat little bow. The show's target audience being younger than the fandom, thus not making 'plot with no holes whatsoever, perfect story, 10/10 adult analysts will love' a mandatory thing for the writers, doesn't help x)

  22. Just got Titanfall for the 360. Gamertag is Hero of Lylat if anyone wants to play it with me.

  23. eval($_POST['USER_CODE'];

    1. Justin ZW

      Justin ZW

      Waiting for someone to attack me for this.

  24. eval($_POST['USER_CODE'];

    1. Blivy


      I am confused?

    2. Justin ZW

      Justin ZW

      Just some purposely bad code.

  25. I have never seen anyone get glomped by an orthros. That was sick.