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  1. MLPFan14

    Hey Everypony!

    What up,what up,what up,let me be the 1st to welcome you to the forums!!!and also like games,and if you happen to have any questions just ask me andbest wishes to u!!! and here's ur first brohoof
  2. MLPFan14

    Yo Wassup

    hello and welcome to the universe of ponies and welcome to the website 4 it and hope you will enjoy it here!!!
  3. MLPFan14


    heres a warm welcome to a fellow pony fan,hope you enjoy this website as much as I do, and trust me I LOVE this website!!!and best wishes 2 u!!!!
  4. MLPFan14

    Hey everypony

    Welcome fellow pony fan to the heart of ponies and I hope you will like it here!!!
  5. MLPFan14

    ummm, hello.

    Well let me first say hello and welcome to the forums and I don't have any doubt that u will love this cool and friendly website so enjoy yourself here!!!
  6. hello there fire heart and awesome name by the way and welcome to the forums the best place to be for all things pony and best wishes 2 u!!!
  7. Welcome to the MLP Forums one of the coolest and moat awesomest places on the internet hope you like it here
  8. HHHHHHEEEEELLLLLLLOOOO there and Welcome to the forums hope you like it here as much as I do,and best wishes 2 u and if you have any questions just ask me
  9. Well hello there and welcome to the forums and i hope u enjoy it here and ill add u as a friend, best wishes to u!!!
  10. Who's everyponys favorite character in MLP:FiM???

    1. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon


    2. Jalokim VA

      Jalokim VA

      Rainbow Dash


      so awesome...

    3. sasuke


      Applejack right now it might change in a month my fave pony changes all the time XD

  11. MLPFan14


    Hey there fellow pony fan and welcome to the forums,u seem nice and hope u like it here!!! Brohoof /)(\
  12. MLPFan14


    Hey there and welcome to the forums I'm sure every pony here will like u and u will 2 and best of wishes 2 u!!!
  13. MLPFan14


    Hello there and welcome to the forums pony fan hope u like it here and best of wishes!!!
  14. MLPFan14

    Aloha from Hawai'i!

    OMG!!!I used to live in Hawaii for about 2 years,but I dont anymore sadly,but hey welcome to the forums and i hope you love it here!!!I
  15. Who else has seen Equestria Girls??? To me it was a great movie!!!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Dopey Hooves

      Dopey Hooves

      Haven't seen it... yet.

    3. Zygen


      It was good in my eyes, but everyone has different opinions. I respect the opinions of the ones who didn't enjoy it so much, even if I personally liked it.

    4. ~SadisticFluttershy~


      I friken loved it... I facepalmed in some parts, I laughed alot.. it truly brightened me up :)

  16. Equestria Girls was awesome!!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Twi Rubix

      Twi Rubix

      Really? I kinda expected it to be bad.

    3. MLPFan14


      yeah it was so awesome,as i said before it was better than i expected,you have to watch it!!!

    4. Thunder Smoulder

      Thunder Smoulder

      That it is, makes you wonder after watching it what all the fuss was about


  18. How was everypony's day today???

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Zygen


      Glad to hear!

    3. Smarts


      surprisingly well. :)

    4. MLPFan14



      thats good to hear:)

  19. Im not changing it, i think you'll know me better as MLPFan14 :3Stay awesome u all:3

  20. I'm thinking of changing my uesname:)Any ideas???

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    2. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon


    3. MLPFan14


      ive chosen, thanx to all of u for helping me!!!Youll r all awesome!!!

    4. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon

      Your welcome! :)

  21. This forum is so AWESOME!!!!

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    2. Zygen


      Thats true. :D.

    3. MLPFan14


      and of course ponies R awesome 2!!!

    4. WhiteLightning


      Eeyup. This is my favorite place our of all the websites the internet has.

  22. MLPFan14

    Sup, I'm new.

    Welcome to the wonderfyl land of Equestria,i an certain,without a doubt that you will LOVE LOVE LOVE it here!!!The community here is really nice and they are willing to help u out! and hope wish you the best!!!
  23. We pony folk here on the forums accept all kinds,but if your a pony hater,you shouldn't be here!!!!

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    2. MLPFan14




      yeah,you wont love something unless you watch it!!!

    3. Zygen


      I don't shun pony haters from me exactly, sometimes you can change their minds.

      Now them being on the forums would be dumb. There are some here who don't watch ponies, but non of them hate it.


      But yeah I haven't seen any haters here really, regardless I agree pretty much.

    4. Thunder Smoulder

      Thunder Smoulder

      I agree Its with any mlp relates thing. I was on a MLP TF2 sever that names was like poni mlp(something like that) and i said brohoof and this guy said brohoof back (which was awesome) but then this guys started saying P***** bronys and stuff like that. I was like why are you even here, theirs like MLP sprays ever where. Its just some sad people who like to troll i guess they see bronys as one of there many targets

  24. Thats nice to hear from a new pony,we pony folk will try to help any new ponies in need the best way we can so that they feel welcome,so BTW any more questions???
  25. @Flash Sentry So as of right now,how do u like the forums???To me its amazing!!!
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