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  1. I'm moving from the Navy after 8 years to the Air Force Reserve, I got an Air Reserve Technician (ART) position at the 911th here in Pittsburgh. A ART is a civilian employee for the Air Force that is required to maintain active reserve status while in the ART position. Anyone on here drill or work for the 911th or have anything I need to know about the Air Force that I might not know about?
  2. @Clover Heart Its all personal speculation and interpretation. I did say that if the cake was two dimensional (2D) then counting the candles would make her 21. Being over legal drinking age myself I don't usually think non-alcoholic cider but I know it exists. Just my 2 cents, I like hearing others perspectives though.
  3. I hum "Winter Wrap Up" when I'm shopping.
  4. Here are the ones I've had made so far by Adam (adamlhumphreys.deviantart.com).
  5. If you watch the episode again and got further into the scene, the horn is actually one of the spikes on Spike's dragon costume. It took me a second to figure it out. If you look closely Spike is actually on the other side of Twilight's cape in the picture, you can see his green belly.
  6. In reality if there is a demand for a product or service there is a market for it. If fans aren't pleased with licensed products then historically they make their own from scratch. With the advances in technology homemade things are easier to produce, still hard, but somewhat easier. I don't think most plushie makers hand make cutie marks or eyes, I could be wrong. I've got to give it up to the men and women who put in the time and effort to make these available to the fandom. I know Twilight would give you her approval, I mean they are "hoof-stitched."
  7. Blah, I've had my wisdom teeth removed, a permanent tooth cut out, a urology surgery and stitches when I cut myself when I was doing the dishes.
  8. I won't say how much I've spent on the plushies I own but IMO I feel that I have them not only because I'm a fan but to appreciate the hard work and artistic value they represent within our community. Yes, custom plushies are expensive, the brand name ones are getting better looking and more show accurate plus they are cheaper. To each their own, but I love the ones I had commissioned.
  9. sunset_sprint

    General Who's in a relationship?

    I waited until I was off active duty and done with school before I actively sought my "soul mate." We are actually getting married May 24th.
  10. I went through the posting and I don't think I noticed anyone mentioning this but if the cake were to be two dimensional the Rainbow Dash just turned 21 years old or it could've been for her 21st year in Ponyville meaning she could actually be older. If RD is actually now 21 then I can understand why she was never able to get an cider......underage.
  11. If the Mane Six where associated with a type of car related to their personalities what would it be? Twilight - Smart/Reliable AppleJack - American (i.e. Ford, Chevy, Dodge) Pinkie Pie - Transformer Fluttershy - Hybrid or bicycle (i.e. Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, Huffy) Rarity - Luxury (i.e. Rolls Royce) Rainbow Dash - FAST!!!! (i.e. Indy Car)
  12. Here is my RX7, my dream car that I actually imported from Japan and is legal here in the states from Japan. I'm looking for an MLP horn button for my steering wheel to replace the Hello Kitty one my fiancé put in.
  13. I think showing emotion and being emotional is just a level of self-awareness that most people should reach. If you are experiencing the "feels" let those emotions lead you, it doesn't make you weak or weird. If anything it allows you to be more vocal about yourself and your personal worldviews.
  14. I just got my BS in Applied Management and just started my MBA, but like the military, college isn't for everyone. I didn't go to college right out of high school because I wasn't "mature" enough. I joined the military and did some traveling and realized that most of the jobs I wanted required that little piece of parchment that stated that I had some higher education. So I finished my military requirements, took my educational benefits and buckled down. Honestly though depending on the field you want to be in will determine your path. Most of the things you learn on the job you can't really e
  15. I'm still working on my fiancé and I think I may have her hooked, I downloaded the S4 premiere cause I missed it and she was like you better not watch it without me, lol.
  16. Aw I'm really excited to see which branch I'm in!!!!
  17. They are so soft and cuddly. I'm hoping for either Fluttershy or Rarity next, but its up to Adam (the artist). I've "ordered the Mane six but he has other projects and gets around to it as he makes them.
  18. Rainbow Dash just got a new friend, Applejack has come to the house to live!!!
  19. Agreed, I check several times a day to see which faction my OC will end up. How often are the lists updated? Nevermind I'll just keep checking, lol.
  20. Apple for sure, actually if zap apples where real I'm sure they would be my favorite. Bananas come in a close second and I guess watermelon as a seasonal type favorite for summer
  21. I'm a huge Rainbow Dash fan and would date her without a second though, but the overuse of the word "awesome" in her script just kind of killed her character in my opinion.
  22. You guys can use my OC - Sunset Sprint. Just as a disclaimer he has no relation to Sunset Shimmer. http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/sunset-sprint-r4826 Let me know if you need any more information
  23. http://instagram.com/p/f3025VnGV0/# hookah+soap+toilet paper roll=confused kitty This provides hours and hours of entertainment in the evenings. Also, the shorter carpet helps it from not popping.
  24. Yes, that is awesome, great minds think alike, she was the Asuka I was alluding to when I first started this thread. She is Rainbow Dash Japanese personified.
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