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  1. Acnologia

    Private Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Yuki felt a light smile spread across her lips at Ryu’s words, though she also found herself a bit more curious about the boy as well. “I take it you didn’t grow up in the city, then?” The raven sort of made it obvious, but she didn’t really want to assume anything at the time. “Isn’t that a bit dangerous?”
  2. Acnologia

    Private Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Yuki watched as the raven flew ahead of the two, her ears flattening a little. “I can’t tell if that was her proving you wrong or completely normal.” It was honestly a bit weird,though she tried not to automatically assume the worst. Turning her attention to her surroundings, it didn’t take long for the fox Faunus to notice the sign, though it would probably be alright if they took a more sedate pace.
  3. Acnologia

    Private Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Yuki was rather surprised by the sudden movement and rubbed Albin’s back with a free hand. “Right, we should probably get you off this thing before you flood the compartment.” Hopefully, they wouldn’t have to pay the school for the cost of the cleanup. Either way, the fox faunus then guided him forward towards the now open door, figuring that his stomach would no longer be an issue once he was on more stable ground.
  4. @Drago Ryder So, what changes did you have in mind for the rp? Just from the intro, magic might still exist, at least outside of the maidens, and the brother gods are also worshipped.
  5. Acnologia

    Private Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Yuki gave a light nod as she looked out the window. “You shouldn’t really sell yourself short. If you can take down what we’ll be training to kill with just that, then you’re skills are probably pretty good.” She honestly relied on more of a hit and run style of fighting, and if she could keep her opponent at range, then that was all the better for her. “Heck, I can’t even use my semblance in a live combat situation without leaving myself open.”
  6. Acnologia

    Private Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Yuki nodded slightly as her ears perked upward. “I see, so she’s required for you to be an effective combatant? That is a bit strange, though I’ll be looking forward to see how that works out. I’m just stuck with a boring old spear that turns into a rifle.” It probably had something to do with his semblance, though she didn’t know if he would consider her questioning him about such a thing rude. “Either way, she is quite beautiful, though I assume that she is not what you will be using as a weapon?” She was honestly a bit surprised when Eva moved to Albin’s shoulder, though the other teen was
  7. Acnologia

    Private Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    The girl tilted her head, unsure of how to react from the sight of the boy and his bird interacting with each other, though she was brought out of that train of thought when he spoke to her. “Well, I would certainly hope I was, otherwise I’d be horribly lost.” A light giggle then escaped her lips as her ears flattened against her hair. “Either way, it is a pleasure to meet the both of you, though I suppose it would be rude for me to not provide my own name. I’m Yuki Ryuzaki, though my friends just call me Yuki.” The fact that Albin was standing now gave her a bit more to look at, and his
  8. Acnologia

    Private Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Yuki felt a light smile grace her lips as she watched the world move below her from behind the glass pane. While most would have second thoughts about traveling halfway around the world to become to learn how to fight the monsters of the world, she found the prospect to be rather interesting. She couldn’t really describe it, but something about the decision had just felt right to the fox faunus, and meeting new people that she could potentially call friends was just the icing on the proverbial cake. Her parents might not have fully approved of the decision, but she could cross that bridge when
  9. Nice, Now we just need at least one more person to start. Also, what are we going to be doing for villians?
  10. Might as well see where this goes. Hopefully, we get enough people in here for it to work. Name: Yuki Ryuzaki Age: 17 Gender: Female Personality: Overall, Yuki tends to be a rather outgoing individual with a good eye for detail. Granted, this can lead her to miss larger aspects of whatever she might be observing, though such things can be mitigated with help. She’s also a bit of an idealist, trying her best to help those who need it and see the good in people at her own expense. Whether or not such behavior is a mask can only be determined through prolonged interaction.
  11. Fair enough. Just didn’t want to step on any toes.
  12. That is true, though she would probably be a bit skeptical at first. Also, will we be able to control any NPCs generated to interact with our characters, or will that be up to you?
  13. Right. I’ll probably use Kyubi for this. I might throw in another later. Either way, here’s the link.
  14. I’d be up for throwing an OC or two into this.
  15. “It’s real, Draco. Our teammate is friends with a dinosaur.” She might have been wrong in that assumption, but that didn’t stop the wolf from giving a light smile. The creature itself was rather beautiful, though she was a bit concerned with its inital interaction with Ghalan. The last thing either of the two faunus needed was to lose another teammate. “I don’t suppose this is one of the reasons why we came out here?”
  16. Considering the lack of activity from either teams, Yuki simply followed after Ghalan. “We probably should get moving. The last thing we need is to be traveling at dark.” If no grimm would attack them, it would be any bandits that might be nearby. After all, even if they were training to kill monsters, the eight were only students at this point, “I guess we kind of just got lost in all of this.” The fox faunus then gestured to the surrounding area as her tail flicked slightly.
  17. Yuki gave a light nod directed towards Calbian, figuring that enough secrects had been spilled that day. Still, there was the matter of getting home, and it didn’t take her long to follow after Asgore and the rest of her team. “Well, things keep on getting interesting, I suppose.” A light smile then spread across her lips as she looked out towards the city of Vale. It looked a lot smaller, even if the lights from the city still made it stand out in the night.
  18. Yuki gave a light sigh as Ghalan asked his question and was rather surprises that their new teammate had offered to do something like this in the first place. While it may help build some form of trust between the four, it wouldn’t exactly be that easy. Granted, it did help distract the wolf faunus from teasing her. “To be honest, I don’t really have anything I want to ask you at the moment, Would it be ok if I saved it for later.”
  19. “You mean aside frm the grunts around it, or the fact that any one is here at all?” Honestly, he didn’t know what else they should’ve been expecting aside from what was blatantly obvious. Granted, he was relativle new to this sort of thing, so he figured it would be best to just let the more experianced personnel handle this. “Hopefully no one was here when they came.”
  20. @silvermoon15000 @Drago Ryder @Skylord Nexus @rolle @dragon4111 “Well, someone’s being a bit forward. You haven’t even met my parents yet.” Yeah, that would most certainly be a nightmare in of itself, both for her and her male partners. For all she knew, they’d assume that all three were pining for her, and that woud only cause more problems, and that may have been true, sans the additions of the newest member of theit team. Granted, she wasn’t exactly complaining about having another human, especially when he seemed cordial enough. “Still, it is rather sweet. I doubt most other girls wou
  21. Yuki gave a light nod as the two walked. “That’s understandable. Let’s just hope that nothing unexpected happens during our travel.” The fox faunus then noticd the blush Ghalan had on his cheeks and figured a bit of payback for all the times he had teased her was in order. “Still, I didn’t know you had someone that close to you. Maybe you should introduce your teammates to them.” The smile on her lips then turned cheeky as a light giggle escaped her lips.
  22. Yuki felt a light smile take her lips as she looked over the armor while she put it on with the assistance of her partner. It felt comfortable to be in, despite the material it was made out of, and a light blush took her cheeks at the compliment he provided. “You don’t look too bad yourself.” The fox faunus then felt the mood of the conversation grow somber as Ghalan all but destroyed the forge. It was a rather unexpected turn of events, but it felt right in a way. “If you need to talk to anyone, you have teammates you can count on, I can assure you of that.” As the two walked out, Yuki n
  23. Yuki nodded slightly and knew that she and Ghalan had messed up, but they’d own up to it if that secret ever got out. For now, they would just had to see where the future took them. “Either way, I think my teammate may be done with whatever he’s making. I’ll try to see what he had in mind woth bringing us here, aside from the new equipment.” It was her way of polietly ending the conversation, and the fox faunus didn’t waste any time with heading over to the forge, Thankfully, having the powers of a maiden didn’t come with a increased sensitivity to temperature. “How’s it going?”
  24. “I’ll be sure to not inform him you said that.” Yuki was a bit surprised by the fact that Draco had worked with Rei in the past, among other things, but she tried to remain neutral. If her team leader had indeed improved in terms of mental health, then there was nothing to worry about. “It would certainly explain the journal. Are these instances of amnesia triggered by anything that we need to worry about?” The thought of having Draco suffer through all of that didn’t sit well with her, and she wanted to be there to help when it was needed. Granted, there was little doubt the other members of
  25. Yuki honestly couldn’t stop the blush that rushed to her cheeks as a result of Rei’s words even if she had tried. Was it really that obvious? Granted, she doubted the approval of the snake faunus meant anything, being a part the rather successful attempt at teasing her. “What do ou mean? I don’t have anything for my team leader, and I doubt he does either.” It honestly hurt a bit ti say that, but it was probably the truth, They weren’t exactly in a committed relationship yet, at least not one that she could recall. Of course, he did act strange around her at tmes, but that could’ve been due t
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