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  1. If you're thinking that, no. I'm not a Nostalgiafag, hater, troll or anything else. I admit there are excellent movies such as Maleficent and How to train your dragon 1 and 2, master pieces undoubteldy (At least, for me). I really didn't think there were going to be an outstanding production among lots and lots of shitty remakes or non-original movies. There was no reason for producing Transformers 4, in fact I don't wanna talk about that. Really, I'm losing my hopes on cinema because most of the feature films are cliché, stereotyped and with nothing new. They almost destroyed my childhoo
  2. I found this quiz and considering MLP has fantastic elements I decided to apply it. Here's the link: http://www.gotoquiz.com/which_fantasy_archetype_are_you My result was "anti-hero", so in MLP FiM universe I'd be Discord. Yes, if you didn't know it, Discord is now an anti-hero: "The reformed villain". Try it.
  3. I never said globalization was something bad. I'm a supporter of it. Flight takes a lot of energy. And that energy would requiere natural sources. So, that means over-exploitation of oil, coal, etc. Imagine a Germany with high developed airships who can cross the Atlantic Ocean just as Hindenburg blimp did 17 times and it has bombs and turrets inside it with which could destroy half New York or Washington.
  4. The very first time I saw the pegasi in the series I recovered an old childhood's thought: How would be the world if we could fly? I'm still trying to construct that thought of mine being as realistic as possible, but I can expose some points. If we could fly: -The "New World" could be discovered before 1492. Maybe in 900 or 1100. -Globalization would be like the nowadays situation by the 19th century. -Navigation and automotive industries would be non-existent. There would be only aviation industry. -We would exploit resources twice that we'd do it without wings. -The world would
  5. I liked the first MLP's three seasons, but the last one nor the movie. In one of my threads I said it (in a subjective way): http://mlpforums.com/topic/103058-season-4-was-not-good/ . As far as I could see it was a sin unto death I didn't like the aforesaid season; for most of the users who threw shit at me I became a Hitler+Stalin+Mao Zedong+Ivan the Terrble+Atile the Hun's mixture. Now I've figured out that if I don't like one episode/season I'm a criminal, a genocid...

  6. First let see what's a patriarchy. We can resume patriarchy as a system in which the male is the center of every political, economic and social issues. Now, its counterpart, the matriarchy is a system where the same things above-mentioned apply to the female being this the head of everything. Thus, we can say the Equestria's government is logic for the equines are a species where there's a lead mare, not a stallion. This could be logic as well if the series had the name of "My Little Hyena" (applied to spotted hyenas). Throughout the human history we could appreciate most of leaders w
  7. 1. I didn't say I wanted gore. I said I wanted it to have more intrigue now that Twilicorn is princess/mandatary with topics that (I liked Twilicorn, by the way). 2.Yeah, parents sue...but sue for everything. They sue GTA, Final Fantasy, etc. 3. No thanks, I'd prefer to write a book rather writing a fanfic.
  8. Well, Avatar the last airbender had a war as the main topic of its plot, there were scenes of violence, destruction (villages burning up) and, obviously, there were deaths without showing them in screen. Besides, King Sombra was killed with the crystal heart, we saw him exploding in pieces and that's violent.
  9. No, I'm not a troll. Would you please leave that extremism? I just wanna discuss with all of you. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I don't wanna troll anybody.
  10. When I said "If you agree good, if you don't I don't care" I wasn't trying to troll anybody. I just wanted to express my standpoint. I was saying this:"If you disagree it's OK, dude. No problem. Excellent if you liked it. Relax, no problem."
  11. I'm glad some of you tolerate my standpoint. It seems you got me wrong. I liked the Twilicorns idea, but not the way like Hasbro developed it. I mean, if you are one of the few who rule Equestria then you have to treat topics like poverty, war, political tensions, etc. Even if you think this is for kids it doesn't mean you can't take it to new horizons. The chid is innocent, but that doesn't mean he's stupid for not understanding real life problems; and those problems could be shown and exploted in this show. No, I don't like writing fanfics. Moreover, I'd prefer writi
  12. When I though the series couldn't be get worse with Equestria Girls, appeared a mediocre season 4. Let me explain myself: I didn't care the Twilicorn issue, because if it was hasty it could be used to increase series' potential. How? Well, now that Twilight is another mandatary her first work as a princess could be trying to negotiate with another country, who could be the hypothetical Equestria's archnemesis (Like the relation USA-USSR). In the first two episodes could be schemed an scenario like this: an extremist colonel/general from that Equestria's archnemesis country sends spie
  13. Space travel is one of the mankind's greatest ambitions. Many of us have dreamed on traveling thorugh the vaccum of space and meet other sapient species (you know: aliens with advenced technology). But, what would happen if mankind meet a sapient species who's, let's see, in its 15th or 17th century? I saw the James Cameron's movie: Avatar. 'Twas a cool movie with an interesting plot, but with the great flaw of "love story". The human falls in love with alien princess and subsequent stuff (this is my standpoint, by the way). Since I saw that film I though in the question previously written
  14. Constructed world or real world? Anthro or human inhabitants? Which one you'd stick with in a story?: http://mlpforums.com/topic/95964-constructed-world-or-real-world-anthro-or-human-inhabitants/?mode=show

  15. Many of us have different likes when it comes to reading a story or watching series/movie, ones stick with imagination, others stick with reality. Of course, I'm referring to the issue Constructed world vs. Real world, from whose also the Anthro inhabitants vs. Human inhabitants. Contructed world: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ConstructedWorld Anthros: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FurryConfusion Some say real story based stories are better than those which take place on an invented world created by a "person with a lot of free time" and others say that cons
  16. Many of us know Equestria is a magical land (it's said in the beginning), but due gadgets' presence throughtout the series we've been wondering about MLP's rightful epoch. For a good exposing of my theory, I need you to check out on these links: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MagicalLand http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MedievalEuropeanFantasy (In this one, click on Western Animation only) According to this link, ponykind is still in its Renaissance time. Now, considering this and the fact we're on 21st century, I can suppose the time they reach to their
  17. Since we were kids and tuned in our favourite TV program we've heard things like: "Bwahahahahaha...!" Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was boring. Yes, I'm talking about the evil laugh: the stereotypical villain's trait. Mayhap some of you find it funny, but in my case I loathe it. I mean, it's as stupid as a villain revealing his/her evil plan to the hero/ines. I really can't get why in any story, the writers have to include the evil laugh. And the excuse: "It's a show meant to children" is worthless. Since I know, every child mocks at any show, foremost, because of the evil l
  18. When we're creating a story of any genre (for some schoolwork or just for mere fun) the names of our characters are one of the main issues on it. I mean, no one wants to give a weird or stupid name to its main character(s). Therefore, we have two options: 1. To turn to any random words of any language and use it as name and surname. Ex: Rainbow Dash (obviously) or Rarity. 2. To use real names for our characters depending on its nationality. Ex: Afonso (from Portuguese), Abe (from English), Adolfo (from Spanish) or Aldric (from French). If you were writing a fictitious/fantastic story
  19. Yes, I know a mythological being is only that: a myth. But let's suppose one day the media report that (any mythic creature you'd like to imagine) is real, and there's besides scientific proofs that support it. What would be your reaction?
  20. Many of us know that Celestia and Luna had lived more than thousand years. But I wonder myself: What would be the reason for their supposed inmortality? Well, I came up with a mini-theory that could explain that. And I did it by using Gregg the Grim Reaper from Conker: Live and Reloaded. It starts like this: Possibly, in their teenager years, both future princesses had a mortal accident while they were flying falling on the floor and supposedly died. So, like Conker, thay finished in afterlife dimenson and dialogue between them would be like this: Gregg: "Celestia, Luna, you
  21. In MLP, Harry Potter, and even anime series like Sailor Moon we've got characters with magical powers and stuff. In DC Comics, Marvel and others we've got a bunch of dudes with superpowers saving the day because "yes" and without asking some cash in exchange. And in movies like 007 we've got heroes like James Bond: an spy with a conservative thinking but prtty awesome when kicking butts time arrive. Yeah, the hero is the good guy who always save the day from the world's doom, an evil organization, or even going through an wardrobe-like portal for getting to an alternate world to beat a w
  22. Conker's Bad Fur Day along with its remake Conker: Live & Reloaded were, undoubtedly, excellent and funny games. Its black humour never turns ridiculous and it always fit into every level's context. But, what would happen if your favourite character(s) end(s) up in this gross, but comic world? What kind of scenarios would take place? And, in what place or what Conker's character? If you don't know about the game I left you these links: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: An example: "I could imagine AppleJack getting in the barn on "Barn Boys" level
  23. Romance languages are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian. If you're a person who loves languages maybe you'd like to share what's your favourite(s) language(s) from Vulgar Latin and which one you'd recommend the most. So, what's your favorite Romance Language? Why?.
  24. You're bored, pretty bored, and nothing better pass through your mind than walking to movie theater, turn on your TV or read a book. After you read the book or saw the movie/TV series you're thinking: "Whoa, this is incredible. I'll remember this story for a long time". But now imagine other outcome: "No, what the heck was this thing? It's pretty stupid and every character just talk twaddle." Do you ever felt this way? Well, the good-bad story issue obviously depends on each individual's standpoint, but that doesn't mean there's no common denominators like: deep characters, intrigu
  25. Throughout the course of the series we've seen the next villains: - NightMare Moon - Discord - Queen Chrysalis - King Sombra - Sunset Shimmer - Dr. Caballeron - Suri Polomare We love them and hate them at the same time. They've been essential for the series and a headache for main or secondary characters. Now, I don't know if it's your case but in mine I think that series could get even cooler it is whether the correct type of villain is introduced. What kind of villain?: Creepy Child or Enfant terrible. That's right. A maniacal, evil, ruthless, mysterious and cunning child/ch
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