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  1. I agree, we need some sea ponies introduced into Equestria - think of all the possible plots, new characters, underwater towns and we'd have to see the Mane 6 as sea ponies! That would be the cutest thing ever. and obviously we need some humans as well. Also, The Flim Flam Brothers, Trixie and Discord.
  2. Singing and writing! I'm not a brilliant singer but I still love to do it! And writing is just my passion. I love it. I'd say that's more my down and out talent.
  3. GCSE revision cuts into my MLP forum time like you wouldn't believe. Only 5 more exams to go.

  4. I don't think kids would find adults liking MLP weird. Kids are, hopefully, non-judgmental and accepting. Hopefully. I think bronies and cloppers are under the same category; cloppers generally like the show and are bronies, they just have extra interest in a particular area of the fandom. But I've never met anyone who is purely interested in the toys to be honest. It sounds like an interesting hobby though. I loved the toys and I wish I had some.
  5. I love the first one. The cascading layers on the back are so pretty and I love her hair!
  6. It was happy, sad, tense, touching, scary and basically, just a massive roller coaster up until the end. I was captivated for the entire time I was watching, I never looked away once and it barely even felt like an hour had passed - in a good way! I didn't guess what the twist was and I loved all of the new characters. The humor was used really well and I was laughing out loud at every moment. The songs were great, especially the duet between Cadence and The Queen, it felt like a classic Disney movie! The ending was a bit rushed, but they did the best with the time they had, and it didn't both
  7. Episode: Hurricane Fluttershy or A Canterlot Wedding part 1&2. So...many.. Pegasus ponies.... and the finale was just brilliant. Period. Pony: Princess Cadence! I was going to go for Discord, but then I remembered Cadence's voice and how much it melted my brain from gorgeousness.
  8. I... I really, really want. For reasons that aren't at all clear to me, I think they're one of the cutest things ever and I hope I can get them in England.
  9. I've had the opportunity to buy anything, unfortunately, but I imagine it would go something like this...
  10. The sound of rain is so soothing, It's just a shame that it's rubbish in every other way.

  11. Anyone and everyone, if they put they effort in and make a significant contribution! It's hard to think of anyone off the top of my head because there's so many people that I love! Me, personally, I don't post nearly enough but I don't really mind not being well-known! I'm bad at forum posts most of time and I'm too much of a lurker. Haha! *shrinks into lurking mode* :3
  12. Esme - "beloved". It's French but, I'm not sure when it was first used. My parents got it from "For Esme - With Love and Squalor." Frances - "from France". It's derived from Francesco, which was a name that was basically created to celebrate France after an enthusiastic tradesmen began trading with them! Cope - It was the given name to someone who made capes or cloaks. My name has a lot of links with France, it's just a shame that I don't!
  13. I admire each and every MLP forum member for being able to express their love for something that's considered "out of the ordinary" for them to like and especially since, most of the time, they do it in a respectful, creative and fun way. Wow, that stunk of cheese, but it's so true. You all deserve to be appreciated in your own special ways!
  14. On my side, in underwear - I would sleep naked, but I always think "what if there's a fire?" and I don't want to have to evacuate in the nude - and I have about a billion, soft medium height pillows all splayed around on my bed.
  15. I love Sweetie Belle's colour scheme; it really suits her and it looks so, so pretty. Also, Apple Blooms is really simple and stylish and Rainbow Dash's has to get an honorable mention!
  16. All of them, but in different situations! Pinkie Pie to party with, Rainbow Dash to race with, Applejack to work with, Rarity to help me design clothes, Twilight Sparkle to help me revise and Fluttershy when I need a cuddle!
  17. I love Mexcian food and there's this amazing restaurant called 'Wahaca.' It's very trendy, has amazing interior design and the tastiest tacos, drinks and churros ever! It's also very reasonably priced. http://www.wahaca.co.uk/ Also, there's a cute American themed restaurant called 'Sloppy Joe's' where I live. It's one of a kind and the food is great! http://www.sloppyjoesrestaurant.co.uk/ So hungry...
  18. You know you're cool when you can't wait for it to be morning, just so you can have Coco Rocks for breakfast.

    1. Typhoid Libby

      Typhoid Libby

      "Brain freeze" cool?

  19. You know you're cool when you can't wait for it to be morning, just so you can have Coco Rocks for breakfast.

  20. Watching the second Austin Powers movie! Oh, I love it.
  21. The spicier the better in my opinion! Thai food is my favorite type and that can be absolutely ferocious; but I just gulp it down with no problems! We don't have these sort of challenges in the UK but I'd love to do one. Good try on your one! At least it made for an entertaining video!
  22. Esmeshy

    Music RHCP Fan Club.

    Ah, I love them! "Scar Tissue" is probably my favorite though. My Dad's seen them play live twice and this is back when they used to preform naked except for a sock covering their *ahems*. Pretty cool!
  23. Esmeshy


    Seafood paella is my downright favorite! It's so tasty and fun to make. Mexican food is great too and Thai food is delicious! The spicier the better!
  24. Esmeshy


    I've been scared of the dark since I was 5 and I still sleep with a night light. It doesn't embarrass me though, even when people make a point of it and insult me for it. Yeah, it happens. Also, clowns scare the hell out of me too. I just don't like the way they have painted on smiles, so you can never tell what's actually hiding underneath.
  25. Megalodon. Just because sharks aren't scary enough these days.
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