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  1. Idk why I still come around here...I don't recognize half of the new faces here..

  2. Mr Underhill

    General Liberal or Conservative?

    I consider myself as a moderate, neither socialist nor republican. I'm pro-choice, pro-gun, and pro U.S. Constitution. Idc what gender you identify as, because it ain't any of my business. I'm against illegal immigration, and guess what? So are LEGAL immigrants. I am not anti-muslim, I am anti-quran. I am not, nor have I ever been a "privileged white male", nor have I ever received any benefits for this "status". I am a divorced, white male American navy veteran and father of 2 boys.(yes, I raised them ) One of which has grown and joined the Marines! (f*ck yeah!)
  3. Not your best work, Hasbro..I know you can do better! C minus on this newest episode. *frown of disappointment*

  4. I finally worked up the nerve to buy some MLP merch at a public store. I was so anxious that people would be mean and judgemental. I think I was more surprised that I got absolutely no reaction at all.. Nobody really cares about what you do or like.

    1. Johnny1226


      The same happened to me when I bought my Mlp coffee mug not even a second glance 

  5. really bummed out atm... just got some BAD news..


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    2. Mr Underhill

      Mr Underhill

      from a few years back, it's sad that somepony so young should fall so far into despair like that..

    3. catnet


      Ahhhh, I see... even if it was that long since you've interacted with them, I can imagine it'd still be quite a something for you to take in, I'm sorry you had to face such terrible news like this. And it's tragic for sure, the world really is harsher than it should be... I hope that, in the end, she had found some peace or comfort in escaping her despair as such.

    4. A Jewel of Rarity

      A Jewel of Rarity

      Rinku used to be a very popular member here she was banned for reasons I wont get into, I got banned around the same time as her and thats when we ended up talking. 4 Years I had known her for. I think the scariest thing in life now after experiencing it is desperately trying to save someones life by talking them out of suicide and failing to help.

  6. aaand now my cable is acting up..might miss the S7 premier unless I get this fixed!

  7. I have posted about an issue with the ParcMC dyna-map, is there any other way I can get the Admins attention on this?

  8. Would somepony please wake a Moderator for the MC poniarcade server? We may have a troll issue.

  9. So far, we seem to be on the same page here. Tirek has no chance at redemption, which he doesn't want anyway. He's spiteful, vengeful and very manipulative. Mad with power and obsessed with domination of everything. Given the chance, He would steal Queen Chrysalis' power, as well as Sombras.
  10. Happy Birthday, Wayzer!

  11. I had a Paladin that got used as a croquet ball by a 20 foot tall demon, It smacked me with the flat side of a massive battle-ax. killed me instantly, if not for my Full-plate mail being magical I would have oozed out the seams as jelly. Took the priests a LONG time to put me back together.
  12. I can't really give specifics about how MLP:FIM has helped me, But I can say that I have had long moments of reflection on my past choices and how I could have handled a situation better. S6 Ep. 16 helped me to gather the courage apologize to somepony. ( I was not a very good friend to them)
  13. Would you say I'm a hero, glorious and brave?

  14. Good Episode today, I was in high spirits until I learned that a dear friend has passed from stage 4 cancer... :(

    1. Even Evil Has Standards

      Even Evil Has Standards

      That can definitely dampen things.


      Sorry to hear.

    2. Mr Underhill

      Mr Underhill

      Thank you *hug?*

  15. G'morning Pones! May y'all have a fantastic day!

  16. Dammit... I actually feel bad for Thorax, I'm an outcast too. *goes back to the Isle of Misfit toys*

  17. Go ahead and threaten Spike, in front of Rarity.... She'll rip you a new one! and then whine about bloodstains on her mane...
  18. feeling kinda overwhelmed atm.. My bff just offered to help pay for a critical car repair. even though he's saving up for an important trip.

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    2. Deae Rising Shine~
    3. Mr Underhill

      Mr Underhill

      *huggs* thank you!

    4. Monsoon


      You're so lucky I wish I had a Good friend

  19. Just watched "the Sweetie Bot Project".. somepone is making a robot pony! set phasers to Squee!
  20. Since I was the "baby brother" in my family all my sibs outshone me. I know what it's like to feel left out or forgotten. I was also born under the water sign Cancer, so it is only natural for me to gravitate towards the Moon. I feel like Luna and I could be best friends.
  21. Saddened tonight from the news in Dallas, TX. I want to live in Equestria as a pony...Humans suck.

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    2. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      Not even a month after Orlando...

    3. Midnight Scribbler

      Midnight Scribbler

      Things are looking scary in the USA, in more than one way.

    4. Mr Underhill

      Mr Underhill

      Tell me about it. Our Gov't is out of control, and soon the people will be..

  22. That feeling when you have to work on your birthday...

    1. J.T.


      Sorry bro :/

  23. while we wait for the MC server to reset, do you pones play anywhere else?

    1. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      You don't have to wait - you do get to bring a build across. :-)

    2. Mr Underhill

      Mr Underhill

      Oh I know! I just don't wish to trouble staff with a big move. I'll build my new home after my "survival shelter" is moved to the new game.



  24. Are there any Pones in the Portland Oregon area that like to play D&d or Yu-gi-oh?

    1. Cwanky


      I do play YGO to some extent, but I'm from SoCal unfortunately

    2. Mr Underhill
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