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  1. I meant that the whole human thing is not canon. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have included some random scene about her not being able to fly if that wasn't going to be in season 4.
  2. You can use Midnight Sky, but you can't play two ponies. Welcome in Sure you can! But I don't know what the villain is yet. Welcome in
  3. Well actually I think Equestria Girls does count, even though it's not canon. I think that was supposed to be a setup for season 4. Also in this video: they also indicate that she can fly. To me it looked like she was just gliding in season 3 finale.
  4. Thanks! However your OC does have to be a unicorn to join Welcome in!
  5. Ok, the title was a bit dumb... But anyway I have this idea of starting a roleplay of Unicorns! Yay! I think it will be about learning new powers and possibly saving the world if the time comes. If it all comes down to saving the world then I think it would be sort of like a "You have one chance to save the entire world" type thing. The decisions that we would make would greatly affect what the outcome is. And since this is my first roleplay that I will be starting I may not know how to do certain things, and you may need to correct me on some things. I don't really have that much planned since I kind of want our actions to build the story. Only five members will be accepted into the roleplay (likely the first five that post) because I wan't it to be sort of like the mane 6. I don't know... Post with your OC and tell me it's name. (Obviously it has to be a unicorn.) And you will likely be accepted. So... One quick question... What is the difference between a "Planning Topic" and a "Searching Topic"? I will update this post with further information when I get some. Slots: Unicorn/Taken Unicorn/Taken Unicorn/Taken Unicorn/Taken Unicorn/Taken Unicorn/Open Villain/Taken
  6. zavasant


  7. Please add my OC! His name is Backspace just in case you need to know. I've always wanted my OC in anything whether it be an animation or just a picture!
  8. Animation... If there was a gun put to my head and I was told to animate, I would definitely be dead... about 300 times. I mean just look at JanAnimations! I don't even see how that's possible!
  9. Hello! I would simply like to know if there is anyway to delete a certain topic that you have started. If you can then how? Or if not is there anyway to lock it where users can no longer post there? Thanks