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  1. I do know about Scoots being nor orphan (she has a home as seen in Flight To The Finish), and related to Dashie was obvious, but I don't recall an official word from the staff that she's not disabled.
  2. Yeah, I finished it a week ago, it was amazing and I loved Nixy as a character and her relationships with the canon characters. It spot of one of the most well known and popular pony fics is well deserving Well, I actually fanboy over All American Girl instead
  3. The latest I usually sleep is 2 am, I only sleep past 3 am when I'm dragged to a party or something BY others
  4. I think Scootie is disabled and will never be able to fly, bat ponies are immigrants from another land
  5. I have the suspicion that he'll show up soon, as the Journal of the Two Sisters stated, he can travel trough time, and is implied that he might still be alive, and he knew who Twilight Sparkle is
  6. I see Brucie from GTA4 as a prideful brony, and Deadpool, because..... Deadpool Seriously? why he would want to be a brony, when he's already a pony? YAY, TWILY . Robin is also a Pretty Pretty Pegasus equivalent of brony, and his VA also voiced Danny, a boy from the G1 show
  7. I think we know her enough as a character, what we don't really know about her is her background
  8. They'll freak out, definitely. I mean, I wouldn't be comfortable if I met a group of people that knows EVERYTHING about me . Not to mention that big groups of people are hardly rational and respectful, just watch any fans of any concert . Not to mention the clop
  9. That reminds me, Faust wanted for the CMCs having their own spin-off series. I don't see that happening anymore, since they seem to be mentally more mature. Anyway, if a new G3 series would happen, I doubt I would watch it, but it would be fun for the rants of the fandom for it . I'm still curious why they are still making G3 merchandise during G4 , seems they can still make some profit out of it
  10. The comics also made a reference to action movies. Nightmare Rarity mentioned some "Sylvester Stallion". I don't think I need to mention whose pony parody is
  11. HAHAHAHAHAAA, I played the three Mother games straight 2 or 3 years ago, had a blast with them
  12. I'm not sure if they'll release volumes of special issues like that and the annuals, but yeah, it's far cheaper and easier to find whole volumes than individual issues. Barnes n' Nobles has all of them most of the time
  13. I started hating going out on trips EVERY FREAKING TIME THERE ARE NO ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES . Oh my God, I'm here, killing myself at my university, and the thing I want the most is chill out when I'm free, problem is, I still live with my parents, they ALWAYS, want to drag me around their trips. Why I started hating them? Got several reasons: 1-Beaches, always beaches 2-Poor touristic infrastructure 3-Making luggage, moving your things, making sure you don't forget anything AND making sure YOU DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING EACH STOP 4-spending a minimum of 4 hours on poor conditioned highways 5-
  14. Ugh, my worst experiences are of women overreacting.... specially my mom . Hell, she's the main reason I'm considering living single
  15. Crap, wish I actually had the time to watch it, I'm on exams, an essay, and I'll be out of home the whole December.... without internet
  16. OH MAI GAWD, WHY IS THIS TOPIC IS STILL BEING DISCUSSED? GET OVER IT GUYS Well, I don't see any reasons not to, I just hope I can find one when I go to the US next summer
  17. I don't really care what genre this game could be, as long as it is interesting, not pussy difficulty, not last less than 7 hours, and let me explore Equestria -_-
  18. Shipping, because, more often than not, is treated as serious business, and many unnecessary conflicts are made with it
  19. I would love a semi-rural settlement where I'm surrounded by mountains and rivers, but also close enough of civilization where I can get access of internet, tv, malls, movie theaters, etc. And people who mind their own business, and the crime rate is low enough to walk around without feeling a constant paranoia
  20. I've notice too, since here in Latinamerica, episodes re runs are inconsistent, so we can watch a S4 episode alongside a previous season episode, so, for me is easier for me to notice the change in dynamic each subsequent season. It's specially evident with CMCs episodes, as they started with silly mischief and attempts to get their cutie marks, to more grown-up problems like envy, serious insecurities, independence... now that I think of it, those plots sounds like more preteen problems instead of kid problems . That's being the main reason I made this thread http://mlpforums.com/topic/11
  21. Physical activities mainly, since I started getting in shape thanks to it
  22. Zekromic

    Minty fan club!

    I read All American Girl fic, and since then, I've been curious about her, she loathes her missing older sister for choosing her adoptive human family, over her biological one (which Rarity happens to be their mother). I can see why the author choose her as one of Rarity's children, of all the characters Tabitha ever voiced, Minty is the one who sounds most like Rarity
  23. I'm more curious about is how they were banished in ancient Equestria, but ended in modern day human world
  24. HAHAHAHAAAA, XDXDXDDDDDDD, I saw EG3 coming miles away
  25. I can say this is a very overlooked 8-bit piece. Understandable, not many played the MSX Metal Gear games, instead, most of us stick with the lame-ass NES version
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