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  1. I figure don't do much different form what am doing now. Only one different be no new episode to watch. When come show watching there plenty episodes still watch multiple times and i do. And Gauss i keep drawing ponies and 3d modeling. Just worried toh when show ends the fandom dies down. And that would be sad. But then again there we few of us that pretty set in your hehe brony ways. Like it here and probably stay on-till the end of time. :P
  2. Realm of Equestria Is very newly started up PonyRP/DarkRP the theme being MLP. We server with custom content for map. Fully ponyfied town for you run around in with your very own pony OC. Made in the player curator mod PPM2 and further customization with use of PAC3. Map is actvily being work on by Sig Hoovestrong and Jes. Jes being the owner and also guy in charge of most game addons being use on server. We are looking people just like to hang out mostly and have some casual chill RP ones in awhile. In style of every thing from Ponies just living there town live to conflict RP between the
  3. Hello was thinking of advertising gmod server am active contributor of. That do allot of custom stuff for. But before i go had do as advertising about it thought better check in first if as forum post is okey our not. If get an ok, i probably write up some basic information of game format we use on server what content we have and list your steam and discord group to gather with the addon list we have. And some of general rules we have on the server.
  4. Hoho Am alive. Our am i just a ghost? Boooo...

  5. Hmm didn't look like this when i was in edit mod. eegYcKM.png


    1. Snow Frostflame

      Snow Frostflame

      Yeah it does that. That's how mine looks too, though I don't bother with it.

  6. Just got Awarded. And am happy but at same time questions about what it means get reward on here. Never at lest it's nice. :3

  7. Doing blender modeling to day. Happy am slowly getting back into it after this dry strike not doing anything. 

  8. The Pony above gives you an apple. How do you respond?
  9. Bored. Don't know what to do with life.


  10. Good morning everypony.


  11. Not being active here for long while i have no idea what going on around the neighborhood. :derp:

    1. Moon Glow

      Moon Glow

      Same! Last time I had an account here it was 2012 :laugh:

  12. *blushes* Well you see i got stuck this way when somepony booped me on the nose.
  13. Too CoD for me. But i take kiss none at least.
  14. Ponies, always ponies.

  15. Going make me some good tasting chicken salad!

  16. Turing my OC into SFM model.
  17. Wonderful day out side sun is out and things looking up. Things are good to day. :3

    1. Malinter


      hi sig XD


    2. dreamstream


      *bird poos on you. Hands you a towel as you walk back inside.* Well, I guess you could say the bird crapped on your day. >W< teehee

  18. Sig Hoovestrong

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    As of this moment the song "This Is Our Time" by Miles Malone. A nice tune.
  19. Buck! 500 Notfactions. Sure know that been away for a while.

    1. The_Gobo


      Oh my.

      Even on a forgetful time I only ever get like 20-30

      Can't imagine having 500!


  20. MLP fim break time. Now what do we do while we wait?

    1. Varrack


      Cry into our pillows

    2. Malinter
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