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  1. OK I have a question do you "confront" the problem at the main phase or during the scoring phase. and if you do "confront during the scoring phase what is the point of giving your cards + power except to be able to bring other friends to play?
  2. the Mlp writing staff I am shure will come up with stories for a while the question really which way will they go! aside from a few loose ends that if get tied up might take some of the main six out of the picture its pretty much a clean slate to start with. so pretty much anything is possible. and I am very glad one possible ending didn't come to pass! ( I would say in a spoiler box but I keep forgetting out to make the darn things. to end this post I am hopeful for season 5 and beyond. O one last scary thought what if the entire season 4 had a secondary Discord redemption story line going?
  3. it is also a common mistake made by greedy villains.
  4. the real question is what are they going to do with season 5? it seems to me that twilight has yet again completed a story ark. how do you suppose they will handle some of the others getting their dream come true or will they the cmc getting their cutie marks would not cause to may problems, but rarity's and Rainbow dash's dreams it would seem would take them mostly out of the show. applejack' and pinkie are kind of living their dream as far as I can tell. and what would fluttershy's dream be? something to do with animals no doubt.
  5. did you not see the fight twilight had with the boss? and the fact that the boss was her key challenge? to keep the video game analogy going its more akin to coming to the end boss and fining out you cant beat it unless you just the right item or quick time event. what did you want a dragon ball z like ending? and story telling is very different than then video game endings. on a story the main point is the journey to the destination and how the people or pony's develop and grow.
  6. I have posted on this before but ill repeat myself as a direct response. the challenged was in making the hard choices involving their elements. and if you don't think that making the hard choices in life is not a challenge than you have been lucky and have not had to make any. making the right choice especially when there is no real downside to getting what you want as in the case with rainbow dash she could have Joined the wonderbolts team and Not hurt her friends that is a hard choice not to do so simply because it was the right thing to do.
  7. Each "lesson" as you call it was in fact a test to see if they were worthy of the powers. just because you don't go marching of into a castle deathtrap dose not mean you were not challenged. this were Personal moral challenges and sometimes they are far harder to do than any beast or trap to overcome! and its not a Deus ex Machina if it was planned from the very beginning.
  8. what kind of ending were you really expecting? it was going to be a magic duel in the end with twilight at the head. and if you paid attention to the series this pull powerful magic out of the box is not a Deus Ex Machina ending as it was built up ocver the entire season.
  9. I read the situation as she did know she cast part of a spell but had no clue as to what happened. probably assumed that the spell did nothing as she didn't notice the elements being messed up! I can see your point. and come to think of it why cast an unknown spell in proximity of powerful artifact level items? I do agree that safe casting of unknown spells should have ben covered in her training. and this is all way to deep for the intended target audience! (I don't use this to excuse poor quality or other way more obvious issues that come up)
  10. that's a valid point just cause she knew it was an unfinished spell she didn't know what the spell could have done! is your point she should have known something really bad could happen from "casting" and unknown incomplete spell. ok that way yes she should have. my point is the twilight we all know and love would that stop her from casting it or even slow her down? if I still have it wrong please try to rephrase your point please!
  11. besides really think we are going way to deep for this kind of show!
  12. excitement over a new book and spell. um lame I know but yes she should have known better. by the way how many people that commonly use shortcuts on safety that should know better even acknowledge that what they are doing and the steps they did not take are an amazingly dangerous or bad idea? she was told what the book was! a great unfinished spell of starswirl the bearded! key word here unfinished! she could easily assumed that an unfinished spell would have no effect! about it being dangerously reckless I do agree on that point! but this is the same pony who knows the need it want it spell and uses a dubiously effective mind control spell a second time! (swarm of the century for the spell and bats for the second casting of the spell) I think you may be missing my point in the fact that Twilight is that reckless with her magic! she Should not be but she is! shocking that Celestia didn't each or instill proper respect of magical experimental procedures!
  13. in the MMC she was trying to figure out what the spell was suppose to do. kind of like test running a program to see where it went wrong. and that is the kind of disastrous short cuts she is known to take from time to time! and that lesson seem to be still unlearned. as for the book in the latest episode Rarity was a bit desperate and twilight only found out about the book after the damage was done.
  14. how dose your theory explain half day and half night as seen in the beginning if season 4 I think. the episode when the sisters disappeared?
  15. what book are you referring to so I have a point of reference. as for the pollen itself think if it as Oil or a resource that is highly sought after but very dangerous to get. and think of the stop at Fluttershy's place as a vacation! sometimes you don't think straight when your on one. as for why the pollen itself didn't go bad I haven't the foggiest!
  16. I think it has been shown in that "day" and "night" are more concepts and do not work like they do in our world. My primary evidence is when the Royal sisters got kidnaped and the sun and moon were in the sky at the same time and it was half day and half night. in our world it would be day with the moon visible. but in Equestriea the sun brings the day and the moon brings the Night! that's why when they went missing it was half day and half night!
  17. um no all Knowledge is good Knowledge and she has been shown to be a bit reckless with her use of magic. the Breezies are more of a taste thing. I personally don't care one way or the other. they commit the sin of being forgettable except the one that just wanted to get home!
  18. or she was kidnaped by Molestiea? Celestia was always much more of ill direct efforts from here kind of ruler!
  19. how about AJ in the episode she insists on bucking all the apples herself? sleep depravation not count as crazy mode?
  20. Nightmare fuel! spike was not out of character this episode and did not behave anything like spike at your service. he acted like is loveable love stick dragon we all know and love!
  21. Don't think so only Twilight is being groomed to be the next ruler.
  22. Last episode Hmm Twilight sparkle takes over for Sunbutt and luna Rarity gets a nice shop in canterlot Pinkie Hmm becomes a famous party planner?? Rainbow dash takes over teaching new recruits for the wonder bolts. Apple jack and family get that farm finally profitable year round. Fluttershy goes on a singing tour of equestria to raise money for another even bigger animal shelter. the cmc have already gotten their cutie marks help other blank flanks.
  23. some times the truth is just cruel! its up to the wise pony to figure out the difference! on the rest of it I have to agree! Flim and Flam not lie not going to happen!
  24. Sorry its not linking directly to this page. ok not quite on topic but a few songs rarity's theme song Trixie's Theme song and the last and most controversial discord to fluttershy
  25. I liked this episode. as to why ponies listen to them well the residence of Ponyvill have ben known to be a bit gullible in the past. as for the episode its a key episode and a slice of life combined well the key episodes have gotten past the poor framing of the reason for the key in the first place. ie Rarity's and Dasies episode. were the framing of the conflict was a bit off or in the case of Rainbow Dash's went way off the rails. nice to see them getting back on track!