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  1. Anyone else getting the nagging feeling that things are wrapping up for the main six and the CMC? Like this is the last season of Mlp Fim? Cause I am. I really hope not tho.
  2. I disagree because having everyone reduced to the lowest ability of everyone else is a good recipe for stagnation and slowly building resentment of what you once were.
  3. I do not have a vendetta against the episode it had its flaws but was very fun to watch.
  4. ?!? just stating my view that's all not shure and apology was necessary to begin with.
  5. I don't think Celestia did apologize to Twilight.
  6. ok fine all Pinkie pie is good for is a battery every thing else about her is completely useless. dose not matter how or what she can do its all completely and utterly useless! she is just a one note joke and that's it. all you need to do is ignore the constant and repeatable abilities because you want to. a power or ability must be completely controllable in every aspect of its use or its useless. god your really stuck on this and unable to reason on this single slightly off topic post. why is Fluttershy just under twilight? you think her intimidation power is that good?
  7. again who cares. not saying pinke would win just saying she is not as useless as you claim!
  8. who fucking cares the point is all charictors have inconstant power levels. and she teleported just fine before that episode.
  9. RD saved one life pinky saved 6 hmm who used their abilities better? and the point is she used her pinky sense deliberately and effectively.
  10. yet in feeling pinky keen she could not even teleport a relatively short distance! (because the plot forced her to make a leap of faith)
  11. answered already she did see it but was trapped ie could not move out of the way. you have forced me to bring up mysterious mare to well in the fact she used her pinky sense to dodge a falling building and save several lives (so much for useless) and that was not done simply as a joke.
  12. pinky sence is not unpridable what the episodes they where in again. or by extention what twilight can cast as spells changed and is not pridctable. hell her ability to teleport isn't even consistant if you want to realy pull that line of reasoning. (I hate my spelling)
  13. deal with the fact that she is not just a gag pony. that what gets people upset when she is treated by the show as a one note joke.
  14. at the start of the show I would say most of her friends could have beat her in a fight. fluttershy well if she was running over her to get away perhaps.
  15. she was the main in season 1 and 2 that changed by the time she got her wings.
  16. mostly mindless clones that were just sitting around waiting to be zapped by a spell designed to beat them. my issue is not that twilight would win or not but you disregarding what little is consistent about Pinkie. pinkie would not be an element bearer if she was as useless as you claim she is.
  17. first her ability to change her "flight path" is limited at best. and on that land slide your talking about she had her hoof stuck or did you forget that. being able to sence things before thay fall is kind of useless if you cant move out of the way. as seen in the show she could alter her path falling from a hight that wasn't that great perhaps no more than she could stand falling normally the point I was tying to make is she dose have the ability to use some of the "random joke powers" in use full ways.
  18. you sir want to ignore everything about pinkie aside from throwing parties because you wish to. altering her falling path has happened on more than one occasion establishing it as a know pinkie pie power. and that's not even taking about the pinkie sense that's been in at least 2 episodes one of witch centered on it. and would be handy in a fight. I don't think it would be as easy as everyone thinks but twi would win. but its been show a few I do mean a FEW she can. I issue is ignoring all her abilities is the wrong thing to do.
  19. behold the awesome power of GREED!!!! LOL By your logic pinky pie has no talent at all and should not have a cutie mark. Pinkie pie is the one with the most undefinable power out there. and if you want to carry things to far as well how do we know their rocks are not has hard as earth rocks. in dragon shy they shattered a rock by being blown into it. and one rock shattered by the effects of the sonic boom!(that one can not be ignored as a joke as it was key to rarity getting her cutie mark) .
  20. I am talking about the times when her "just joking" had a real impact on the show or was actively noticed and commented on! I actively disregard 90% of what pinky do to the joke factor. but you cant disregard things like odd knowledge her using Twilight as a crimson magic machine gun. or other things that is seen and commented on by the rest of the ponies. I ignored the episode where she keep finding rainbow dash for example.
  21. the point o am trying to make is plainly some folks are having fun with this topic and that is the point. please stop trying to be a wet blanket and just go away if you are convinced this topic has zero merit.
  22. Umm, they can own Twilight at base base yes I did say because she had her powered up magic. Also what Pinkie Pie has done should not be treat as a gag or joke, she has done that which would send most ponies reeling in confusion and uncertainty. He speed, ability to appear anywhere without reason, and her Pinkie Sense that can seemingly allow her to predict the future would give her a huge edge in battle. you clealy mean besides her minor reality bending ability and strange eclectic knowledge? O and the proven ability to alter other ponies talents for reference Minor reality bending two many pinkie pies rainbow dash noticed and commented on how she showed down in mid air before hitting the pond. dam the episode with the parasprites she know what they where and how do deal with them as for altering another pony's talents see the wedding episode part 2. just because some writers don't now what to do with a character you cant dismiss her know abbilites.
  23. If you are the one who said this is all pointless I need to call you on that one. inherently it assumes they for what ever reason did fight so saying its pointless is kind of out of the scope of the topic. if you said AJ would win that is a valid option. saying they would not fight in the first place is clearly not a valid answer do to the fact that that is one of the author of the topic.
  24. er se could fight Tirek because of her extra magic and she was fighting for her friends. discord group effort. sombra and demon Shimmer definite group effort. for aj being stronger than twi see winter wrap up.