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  1. Bronies, With Season Six resuming, this is a good time to remind you that there are still two Pointless Ponies surveys active. The next playing of the game is at BronyCAN on Friday, August 19th, at 2:45pm Pacific time. Once again, here are the links to the surveys: Survey 3: Survey 4A: And a bonus, I am reopening Survey 2 since there is at least one question where there was a new answer! Survey 2: These surveys will remain open until Saturday, August 13th. Here are some tips to answering the questions. If a survey question calls for an episode, I don't need "Part 1" or "Part 2" attached to it. The title of the episode for two-parters will be fine. For example, "A Canterlot Wedding" will suffice while you don't need to put in both "A Canterlot Wedding, Part 1" or "A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2". Also, any episode that airs up to and including August 13th, can be considered for the survey questions. It would be much appreciated if you can take time for these surveys as the more respondents, the better! That's all for now. More later. StatManDan
  2. Bronies, I had to make a change on one of the surveys. Not only did I notice that I worded one of the questions incorrectly, I also forgot to mark some of the questions as required. Because of that and the fact that there has been a low response to that survey, Survey #4 has been scrapped. With that, I have created a new survey named 4A that should be a bit easier for you and hopefully will generate a lot of responses in quick time like Survey #2 did. Here is Survey #4A which will be active until Saturday, August 13th: Don't forget that Survey #3 is still active until Saturday, August 13th, as well: Apologies for the missteps with Survey #4 and I hope as many of you can respond to the new Survey #4A; That's all for now. More later. StatManDan
  3. Bronies, I still need your help with these surveys. The more responses to these surveys, the better the game. There are still two surveys that are open for another four weeks. My goal is to get at least 100 respondents to each survey. The game will be played at BronyCAN next month and hopefully at Ponyville Ciderfest in October. Here are the surveys once again: Survey #3: Survey #4: Please feel free to open up a new tab in your browser to help you with the questions. This is like an open-book test. Again, these surveys will remain open until Saturday, August 13th. StatManDan
  4. Welcome to another Pointless Ponies Update. There are still two live surveys which will be active until August 13th. I am going to run the show at BronyCAN tentatively set for Friday, August 19th. In this update, I am going to drop some helpful hints to the survey questions to help you along. Survey #3: Question 1 is self-explanatory. The best place to find the answers is Again, I'm looking for US States or Canadian provinces that have hosted a Brony convention since 2011. This excludes My Little Pony Fair since that is officially sponsored by Hasbro. Question 2 is about the Bronies React videos by AC Racebest. Simply go to YouTube and search the Bronies React videos. Watch "Luna Eclipsed" for Question 3 and "Scare Master" for Question 4. Question 5 deals with the Chapter Books by GM Berrow. Just looking to fill in the blanks for the titles. Question 6 deals with episodes in which at least four of the Mane Six do not appear in the episode. The MLP Wiki ( is the best place to search character appearances. The MLP Wiki can also be your guide for Question 7 as well. Question 8 is any show or comic book staff that has ever appeared at a BronyCon. has a tab for guests and their convention appearances. Survey #4: Question 1 is like the first question in Survey #3, but it deals with those staged outside the US and Canada. Again, go to Question 2 requires using this map: Go to or Wikipedia to look up the parts to Question 3. Please note the dates if mentioned. Answers for Questions 4, 5, and 6 can be found in the episodes mentioned or on the MLP Wiki. I understand that these surveys are challenging, but then again, that's the point. There are no opinion-based questions on Pointless, all the questions are fact-based. The reason for the time limit is that I don't want you spending all day digging for the answers. The challenge is to try to come up with as many as you can think of in a given amount of time. Once time expires on a question, it automatically sends you to the next question, so please continue on. With new episodes airing between now and August 13th, they could add answers to any question in Surveys 3 or 4. The reason there are two surveys live is that I can mix and match questions from either survey, or from the two past surveys. The questions used at BronyCAN and hopefully for Ponyville Ciderfest in October won't be known until the time of the game. Hope the hints help and good luck with the surveys. StatManDan
  5. Greetings, I hope everyone in the USA is having a good 4th of July Weekend and those in Canada are having a great Canada Day Weekend. Survey #3 is still active: However, I have launched a brand new survey that will also be active until August 13th, 2016. Of course, the purpose for two active surveys at once is so I can mix and match the questions that I shall use when I host the game at BronyCAN a week later. Again, I am hoping for at least 100 respondents for each of these surveys. The more the merrier. Here is Survey #4: I have made one adjustment to the surveys. For the questions that have multiple parts to it, I've increased the time limit to five minutes for all six or seven parts of those questions. The remaining questions are still timed at 100 seconds. To repeat, both Surveys #3 and #4 will close on Saturday, August 13th, 2016. Thank you.
  6. Bronies, My panel application for “Pointless Ponies” has been approved for BronyCAN on August 19-21. Tentatively, the game is set for Friday, August 19th, but date and time will be finalized in the weeks to come. I still have a live survey out and it would be appreciated if you could participate: Please read each question carefully as some questions require you to come up with as many answers as you can in 100 seconds. You may also look up answers to questions on sites such as the MLP Wiki or the IMDb. Again, the goal is to get at least 100 respondents to this survey. Please feel free to share this survey with someone who might be interested in taking part. The survey will remain open until Saturday, August 13th. Thank you, StatManDan
  7. So I'm nearly halfway towards a 100 respondents for my new Pointless Ponies survey. This is a reminder that the survey will continue to be open until August 13th. I hope to run this game at BronyCAN on August 19th-21st in Richmond, BC. Again, these are general knowledge questions and it's sort of an open book survey in which you can look up the answers online through places like the MLP Wiki or the IMDb. The reason I give 100 seconds for each question is that if I didn't have a time limit, then people would take their time to get all the answers and that defeats the purpose a bit. Once again, the survey is open until August 13th: Thank you, StatManDan
  8. Well, my first ever panel has come and gone and apart from a few hiccups early on, I feel it was a success. The hiccups came when I wasn't given a laptop to operate my game board. I ultimately had to go back to my room to get my Mac and run the game from that. Since this is on PowerPoint, I prefer to use it on PCs since the board runs quicker. As it was, the board ran fine on Friday night. There was also a hiccup during play when I found out I hyperlinked to the wrong slide on one question. Fortunately, it didn't ruin the game and I continued on. Friday night was mostly about persistence as panels do have their problems from time to time. Still, people did give the game and panel positive reviews and for that I'm thankful. I'm also thankful to the crew at MLP-MSP for giving me the opportunity to run this panel (my 1st in the 15 cons I've been to). I hope to do this again at BronyCAN and/or Ponyville Ciderfest later this year. With that in mind, I have created a new survey with new questions: This one will run until Saturday, August 13th. Again, I'm hoping for at least 100 respondents for these surveys. It's challenging, but then that's the point for these "Pointless Surveys". Enjoy, StatManDan
  9. Bronies, My panel application for my game, "Pointless Ponies”, has been accepted at MLP-MSP! It’s based on a British game show on the BBC called “Pointless” which is like “Family Feud,” except the object is to find the most obscure answer to survey questions. In other words, the fewer the number of people said an answer, the better. Now, I really need your assistance in taking one of two surveys for the game. The first one is still in play: ( There's also a second one that may be a little easier: ( You may take either or both surveys. Please read each question carefully as some questions have multiple answers. Also, please feel free to look up websites such as or the IMDB for the answers. My goal is to get at least 100 respondents to both surveys. Please feel free to share this with someone who might be interested in taking part. The game will be Friday night (June 10th) at 7:30pm. Thank you, StatManDan
  10. Bronies, I'm working on a survey for a "Family Feud"-type game show that I hope to present at future conventions. The name of the game is called "Pointless" which is a British game show like Family Feud, but the object is to find the most obscure answer. With that in mind, I'm dropping hints at where you might find answers to the questions on the survey. Please do keep in mind that the survey is timed. My aim is to get 100 respondents and I would appreciate it if you could complete the survey:… 1. is the place to go here. Click on spreadsheet and then go to the Guest Appearances tab. Remember I'm just looking those guests who have appeared at two specific conventions (including for this year). (…/1smBLl_b-QLSrsiM-O9EMkXaXHH…/edit…). 2. In addition to the Mane Six and Spike; Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, Tabitha St. Germain, and Cathy Weseluck have voiced other characters on the show. I'm looking for those characters in particular. Best places to look here are the show's IMDb site or…). 3. These are episode descriptions in haiku format. Again will help here. Also, two of the haikus have part of the episode title in them! 4. A lot of MLP VA's have voices on "Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Adventures". Here's that show's IMDb entry (…). In fact, if ever you heard Sweet Grapes on the show, then it should be obvious who voices her. Ditto for Plum Pudding. 5. Go back to's spreadsheet for this one. That's all I'm going to say here. 6. This is self-explanatory: Any song from "Magical Mystery Cure," "Pinkie Pride," "Crusaders of the Lost Mark," or "A Hearth's Warming Tail". ( 7. We've seen parents for at least two of the Mane Six on the show. We've also seen characters become parents. We've even seen a grandparent on the show. It's those characters I'm after there. 8. M.A. Larson has written or co-written 16 episodes on the show. Again, IMDb and will help here. Hope this all helps! StatManDan
  11. This will be my first BABSCon, but 14th convention overall.
  12. I recently bought a Patron badge and VIP dinner ticket (total: $300 CDN), but I just found out that I am unable to attend. Therefore, my badge is up for sale. If you are interested, please DM me for details. @StatManDan UPDATE (2016-04-05): Please disregard this post as I can go after all.
  13. Hi orangearithmetic, You don't have to dress up in costume (I'm not), but do expect to have lots of fun. This will also be my first convention of this type as well.
  14. Hi Bronies, I have created a English Premier League Fantasy League open to all Bronies and Pegasisters. The start of the EPL season is the Saturday of Everfree. Site: Name: Equestria Premier League Code: 475844-134622