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  1. What up Puzzle Plate lucky your at Everfree NW.... lololol
  2. Yeah Im heading to EQLA. But Everfree is 3 days and packed with all-stars. Best for them because they all live in Vancouver and its a better location for them to travel to Seattle, wish the VA's can head to EQLA. :/ Maybe I should put out a contract to acquire autographs at Everfree......
  3. I like your story didn't start as a hater but curious what the commotion was about. LOLZ. At least your up there have fun at Everfree I'm down here in Los Angeles
  4. My name is Dexter Sayas, what brought me into the "Herd" was a well placed HUB billboard near Hollywood's Universal Studio , everyday going to school wondering what MLP was all about, I even contemplated is MLP an adult's show? (Pinkie Pie Parody the Ring Movie). I'm a Registered Nurse for California. I plan on heading back to school for my Bachelor's degree to head join the Army's Nurses and jump to 2nd Lieutenant Rank. I want to do this all young hahaha being 23 is young right? lolz. I love and respect the MLP fandom, everyone has many talents from art, music and animation. Keep it strong!!!