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  1. Credit or not, she's hypnotic, lol! We've never boarded at the PetsHotel, but we're in Petsmart all the time (It's in Petsmart, right? Or am I totally confused...) . Unfortunately they don't carry a lot of the staples we need for our parrots and bunnies, but I always have to look and can always get a few little treats for my rat. Now that we have a small bird, I'm gonna stock up on the little ActiToys, which Petsmart has a pretty good selection of.
  2. Where do you work in Woodinville? (If you don't mind me asking, that is) I wonder if we've bumped into each other before! And OMG your Fluttershy/Angelbunny almost put me in a sugar coma.
  3. Hi there! I'm Allys (Like Alice, but with "creative" parents) and I am over the moon that I managed to snag tickets! Eee! I'll hopefully be able to drag my husband with me, he's one of those *secret* Bronies. Either way, I'm so excited to be able to attend! I live in Woodinville with my husband and a bunch of pets (sadly no ponies) and am studying Comparative Literature and Film Theory in the hopes of being a film critic one day. That's the short version, lol. Anyway, thought I'd raise my hoof and say hi, looking forward to all of the art, entertainment and people so very, very much!